Battlefield 4 beta was detailed

GameSpace: EA has published the new video, in which Patrick Bach - the executive producer of Battlefield 4 - is talking about the details of the game's beta.

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Infamous2981705d ago

Battlefield 4: The new COD killer.

venom061705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

there will NOT be CoD killer as long as that pathetic CoD fanboy site IGN is around... that is the ultimate marketing ace in the hole that CoD has... IGN will NEVER EVER EVER say antyhing bad about CoD and will post stupid, meaningless videos about it for views. BF4 will probably be a better quality than CoD (most BF has been since MW3), but it will NEVER outsell CoD with IGN suckin that CoD meat..

skept3k1705d ago

Right, one gaming website is the sole reason COD is still dominating the FPS genre.

3-4-51705d ago

COD has this next game, after that, they NEED to change things up otherwise people will start drifting to the better games with more content.

sAVAge_bEaST1705d ago

I'm stoked... Lars Gustavsson did map design again,.. BF3 maps sucked...

3-4-51705d ago

BF3 maps did suck, the game is awesome though.

Kharg Island was really fun though.

sAVAge_bEaST1705d ago (Edited 1705d ago )

There were a few good ones,. not many, and I've been a long time battlefield player, so I know what to expect. BF3 tried a new map designer, from COD fame, for some maps.. and that's why they did not have the battlefield feel..
Lars is the OG map designer, and will give us back that Classic Battlefield Feel.

7sEvEn1705d ago

BF3 maps sucked? =-O Gosh guess I was the only 1 that liked most maps.. the BtK, End Game were the best Dlc map packs.

7sEvEn1705d ago

Big BF3 fan right here can't wait. I had to build me a new PC for this BF4 and Total War: Rome!

3-4-51705d ago

same here kind of.

Mostly for Rome 2, but yea other games as well.