Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Download VS. Blu-ray Disc

The GT5 Prologue download will take 1.9GB of your hard drive space. If you're thinking of getting the GT5 Prologue retail Blu-ray disc to save yourself some hard drive space, it won't be the case. PLAYSTATION 3 gamers that purchased the Blu-ray disc of GT 5 Prologue are reporting about 5.3GB of hard drive space is taken by the game (which includes the HD video). See more details and pros & cons here.

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sonarus3870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

i already decided by downloadable fate. I don't go around recommending titles but this game is truly stunning only played for 2hrs but can't wait to play some more

Crazyglues3870d ago

I'm still waiting for the mail man to drop off my copy... Can't wait..

Bleucrunch3870d ago

All I could say during my playing time was wooooow.....wooow.....woooow.. ...woooow. Please every get this game its out of this world.

murkster-dubez3869d ago

I recommend that everyone buys it, seriously I have now completed it and have the f1 ferrari it's worth the £17.99 i paid for the Blu-ray Version for that car alone. plus when you unlock "quick tune" you will be amazed at how you can feel the changes you make. also please, everyone BUY A DRIVING FORCE PRO or the GT when it comes out. It triples the fun factor.

Genesis53869d ago

I don't usually play racing games but I picked up the disc last night because I have heard so much about it. All I can say is like the person up above. Wow,wow,wow and wow. What a fantastic game.

Electricear3869d ago

I often visit my brother, and it's much easier to lug a blu-ray disc to try and tempt him with than to drag my ps3. I almost bought the DL version of Warhawk till I found out it was node locked. The blu-ray version is what convinced my brother and and associate of mine to both buy the game them selves.

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Crazyglues3870d ago

How in the world does the disc version take up more space then the download version... WTH.. Sony come on' why why?

I already got to make room for GTA IV now you want 5 gig's for GT5p, jesus that 160 gig drive I was going to buy is starting to look really sweet right now.

Sev3870d ago

I highly recommend you save up for a larger HDD.

At launch I bought a 160GB HDD, and upgraded.

I only have 43GB left, and am thinking of using Linux soon, so that will eat 10GB of my remaining 43GB.

Trust me you will eventually need it if you like to have a lot of media on your PS3.

Sev3870d ago

I am going to buy the DL version RIGHT NOW. Was debating on holding out for the retail version.

pandabear3870d ago

I have the retail Blu Ray version - cos it was actually cheper than downloading it.

If I knew it would take up more than twice the space as the downloadable one then I would have downloaded, no question!

Stray_Wulf3869d ago

You gotta remember that the PSN Version is basically completely on a server. You can't play the game at all if your internet is out or if the servers crash so theres always a risk. With the blu-ray version you don't have to worry about any of that, you just play when you want even without signing in.

sonarus3869d ago

Took me 4hrs to download but at the end of the day it is still loads better than a disc version. I don't mind waiting for installs but i hate wasted hard drive space.

kewlkat0073870d ago (Edited 3870d ago )

but I wanna see what this game is about...

I wish there was a DEMO..but not paying for one.

jkoz3870d ago

There is... it's called Gran Turismo HD and it's been available for many, many months now. For free.

kewlkat0073870d ago

this one?

I'll try that one if it's really the same game..

power0919993870d ago

There actually was a Japanese Demo that you could download.

There are a few tutorials on how to set up a Japanese account.

I am not sure if it's still available though.

BLuKhaos3869d ago

they took off the demo a few months ago.

Genesis53869d ago

Well try renting it first. You won't be disappointed.

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Fux4Bux3870d ago

Makes no sense why they would have the HD video as part of the install. What a waste of space.

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