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Submitted by rivithed 2854d ago | news

Gran Turismo 5 Prologue Download VS. Blu-ray Disc

The GT5 Prologue download will take 1.9GB of your hard drive space. If you're thinking of getting the GT5 Prologue retail Blu-ray disc to save yourself some hard drive space, it won't be the case. PLAYSTATION 3 gamers that purchased the Blu-ray disc of GT 5 Prologue are reporting about 5.3GB of hard drive space is taken by the game (which includes the HD video). See more details and pros & cons here. (Gran Turismo 5: Prologue, PS3)

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sonarus  +   2854d ago
i already decided by downloadable fate. I don't go around recommending titles but this game is truly stunning only played for 2hrs but can't wait to play some more
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Crazyglues  +   2854d ago
oh now you got my mouth watering...
I'm still waiting for the mail man to drop off my copy... Can't wait..
Bleucrunch  +   2854d ago
All I could say during my playing time was wooooow.....wooow.....woooow.. ...woooow. Please every get this game its out of this world.
MikeGdaGod  +   2854d ago
i'm downloading it
murkster-dubez  +   2854d ago
Everyone give it a try
I recommend that everyone buys it, seriously I have now completed it and have the f1 ferrari it's worth the £17.99 i paid for the Blu-ray Version for that car alone. plus when you unlock "quick tune" you will be amazed at how you can feel the changes you make. also please, everyone BUY A DRIVING FORCE PRO or the GT when it comes out. It triples the fun factor.
Genesis5  +   2854d ago
I don't usually play racing games but I picked up the disc last night because I have heard so much about it. All I can say is like the person up above. Wow,wow,wow and wow. What a fantastic game.
Electricear  +   2854d ago
I always get disc versions when possible...
I often visit my brother, and it's much easier to lug a blu-ray disc to try and tempt him with than to drag my ps3. I almost bought the DL version of Warhawk till I found out it was node locked. The blu-ray version is what convinced my brother and and associate of mine to both buy the game them selves.
Crazyglues  +   2854d ago
Here's what I don't understand...
How in the world does the disc version take up more space then the download version... WTH.. Sony come on' why why?

I already got to make room for GTA IV now you want 5 gig's for GT5p, jesus that 160 gig drive I was going to buy is starting to look really sweet right now.
Sev  +   2854d ago
I highly recommend you save up for a larger HDD.

At launch I bought a 160GB HDD, and upgraded.

I only have 43GB left, and am thinking of using Linux soon, so that will eat 10GB of my remaining 43GB.

Trust me you will eventually need it if you like to have a lot of media on your PS3.
Sev  +   2854d ago
Glad I read this article
I am going to buy the DL version RIGHT NOW. Was debating on holding out for the retail version.
pandabear  +   2854d ago
I have the retail Blu Ray version - cos it was actually cheper than downloading it.

If I knew it would take up more than twice the space as the downloadable one then I would have downloaded, no question!
Stray_Wulf  +   2854d ago
Yeah but...
You gotta remember that the PSN Version is basically completely on a server. You can't play the game at all if your internet is out or if the servers crash so theres always a risk. With the blu-ray version you don't have to worry about any of that, you just play when you want even without signing in.
sonarus  +   2854d ago
Took me 4hrs to download but at the end of the day it is still loads better than a disc version. I don't mind waiting for installs but i hate wasted hard drive space.
kewlkat007  +   2854d ago
How much is this? I'm not a big sim fanatic
but I wanna see what this game is about...

I wish there was a DEMO..but not paying for one.
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jkoz  +   2854d ago
There is... it's called Gran Turismo HD and it's been available for many, many months now. For free.
kewlkat007  +   2854d ago
I didn't think it was the same
this one?

I'll try that one if it's really the same game..
power091999  +   2854d ago
There actually was a Japanese Demo that you could download.

There are a few tutorials on how to set up a Japanese account.

I am not sure if it's still available though.
BLuKhaos  +   2854d ago
they took off the demo a few months ago.
Genesis5  +   2854d ago
Well try renting it first. You won't be disappointed.
Fux4Bux  +   2854d ago
Poor design choice.
Makes no sense why they would have the HD video as part of the install. What a waste of space.
jkoz  +   2854d ago
This is getting to be too much...
I want to know WHY it has to install the behind the scenes video to my hard drive. Why can't it play off the disc like a Bluray movie does... by reading the data from the disc. I don't have to copy I Am Legend to my harddrive before I can watch it on my PS3... I am thoroughly disappointed. This is one instance where the HD install is getting on my nerves. Why do I even need to put the disc in now?

By the way, the box advertised about 5000 KB needed for install, not 5000 MB.
power091999  +   2854d ago
Load times
My guess would be load times for the different tracks.

This is just a guess, but from the point of selecting the event to racing takes less than a minute.

I don't mind one bit since you are given the option to upgrade your hard drive, or add an external unit.

If I was forced into a limited drive space, I might have an issue with it though. (Not a hit at 360, just my opinion)
jkoz  +   2854d ago
Yes, we can upgrade our drives, but if installation is going to be the trend for every game now, we'll need to purchase 300 GB hard drives, another cost of $100 I don't want to spend. Some games have files that will decrease loading times, yeah, but installing HD video seems a bit unnecessary, especially when there's no option to exclude it from the installation.
pp  +   2854d ago
luckly for me i don't have to worry about that i sold my ps3 for a better console xbox360
JIN KAZAMA  +   2854d ago
Yet, you are still in the PS3 section, checking up on our games. I guess you must have some free time, since your 360 must be getting repaired. Good luck, and thnaks for leaving the PS3 community.
Superiorrior  +   2854d ago
Luckily your also a retard but hey, no ones counting right?
DarkSniper  +   2854d ago
Dark Sniper strongly suggests that everyone purchase the Blu-Ray retail version of Gran Turismo 5:Prologue. There are several risks involved with downloading from the Playstation store. Retaining the game if you upgrade your hard drive can be very strenuous and frustrating. With the Blu-Ray disc, you're guranteed to have your product at all times.

Another factor is if you purchase the PSN version over the Blu-Ray, you're indirectly supporting Microsoft's prediction of digital downloads being the future of gaming. Purchasing a movie online over the disc is the exact same when related to games and has the same risks.

Altis1  +   2854d ago
I partially agree with this moron, get the Disc version so you can sell it when you get tired of it or when GT5 comes out.
Palodios  +   2854d ago
Is this confirmed?
The article only mentions that the manual says it. It seems like it would be unreasonable for the download to be 1.9 gb and the installed blu-ray to be 5.9. Maybe its a typo? Anyone know for sure?
jkoz  +   2854d ago
Yes, I got this yesterday. The bluray has an extra HD video the download doesn't have, but for some reason that gets installed too.
Stray_Wulf  +   2854d ago
it seems...
yeah it seems like a confusing thing to take in. why would the disk version take up more HDD space... well basically the PSN Version is almost completely stored on a server. If your internet is ever out or for some reason you can't sign in to your PSN account then you cant play the game at all. you HAVE to be signed in to play the downloaded version. Then comes the disk version, this has nothing to do with servers or anything, everything is stored on your PS3 so you can play without having to be signed in.
king1990  +   2854d ago
out off the topic ... avira antivir 8 found virus in the link " HTML script virus HTML/Infected.WebPage.Gen" ;
so beware .
ToastyMcNibbles  +   2854d ago
i bought the blu-ray disc mostly because i dig having the actual hard copy so that i may feel the hottness that oozes out of it...and i dont mind the memory usage
DARK WITNESS  +   2854d ago
i am supprised to even read that there are still people who have not got this game yet.

i mean i am not a GT fan, but even i got it on day one.
bumnut  +   2854d ago
maybe it is a download of 1.9gb but when it is installed, it is 5gb.

i have the disc version and it definatley does install 5.3gb onto the drive.
rivithed  +   2854d ago
Download is 1.9GB
Hi! I can confirm that the download version only takes 1.9GB to play. I would have gone for the Blu-ray disc, but seeing that I have 10GB free, I went for the DLC rather than the required install of all the HD videos on the Blu-ray disc. The links to the Playstation forums in US and EU confirm from various Blu-ray owners that the Blu-ray install takes 5.3GB of hard drive space. The extra is for all the GT TV videos.
Stray_Wulf  +   2854d ago
oh man...
lol a lot of people dont even bother to read the full article... please read it so you actually Understand why it takes up more space...

man whats up with people doing that
GroovyMcCool  +   2854d ago
there is one feature which the download version lacks - you can't sell it on once you're bored with it.
BigKev45  +   2854d ago
Hellsvacancy  +   2854d ago
i wouldnt bother at all (sarcasm)
i bought it (disk) and it screwed my ps3 up (as ive written 100 times b4) the install didnt go very well 4me it kept crashin over and over and now theres corrupt data on my system, because of that i cant save any game data, mp3's and video files on the hdd and i cant even get the new firmware 2.30 nether all thanks 2 gt5p, im gettin a replacement console 2moz and ill start again fingers crossed, is it any good online?
stennexxx  +   2854d ago
Abracadabra space available.
GT5pro is a pretty awesome game. to save on sapce you can simply delete data of games that you are no longer playing from the PS3s Game Data Utility folder and as its Save Data utility folder as well. A lot of games accumulate data on the PS3s hdd over time i have seen up to 5gigs being stored for one game. You will have extra space after deleting the ones that you no longer want to play. Also try not to keep too many video clips maybe get an external hdd for storing things like those and music and pictures. Anyway enjoy GT5pro see you online.

PSN ID:stennex
wolfehound22  +   2854d ago
I'm not sure but I thought I saw that you could go into GTTV and deleate stuff from there. I haven't tried and I'm at work but I swear I seen a delete button in there. Not sure if you can delete the video or not but if you can that may clear up space. Also I thought GTTV was supposed to have videos and TV shows. I did not see any unless I'm looking in the wrong area
DrWan  +   2854d ago
get the disc version guys, it has resale value. that's all there is to it.
king1990  +   2854d ago
why no one listen to me .. the link contains a virus ...
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Mr_Bun  +   2854d ago
I'm downloading it...
If I buy the blu-ray, I might have to interact with actual natural sunlight scares me!
Hellsvacancy  +   2854d ago
but how much would u get if u seel it
i payed £20 4 it and in my local second hand game shop they were selling it 4 £12 they would of only payed £4 4 it so wots the point
PimpHandHappy  +   2854d ago
yea just got the disk
Dark Sniper has a point


downloading some patch. It didnt work the first time so i just did a race but then i went to look at GT TV and it promted me to get the patch again so thats what im doing...

i got the Golf 05 and smoked the going to play till i have the F40....i want to hear that thing scream

JoelR  +   2854d ago
they missed the single most important difference
If you DL the game it is only playable on that account
If you buy the disc it is accessible to all accounts.
Enigma_2099  +   2854d ago
Wow... glad I haven't filled my 60GB with things like music and porno vids...
... otherwise I wouldn't be able to install this game... on my PS3... that I use to play games... not download music and porno vids...
level 360  +   2854d ago
If you have a very good and fast ( also pricier... ) broadband provider, downloading the game will be of no problem.
But for most of us whose only got pretty much the average speed connections, Blu-Ray is the way to go.
myke6699  +   2854d ago
i have the Japanese PSN download form a few months back and yesterday bought the BD version. even before the actual GT5, i've already paid $80+. no i don't mind at all.

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