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4 Minutes of Deep Down, 5 of Killzone: Shadow Fall and One of Driveclub’s Gameplay in New Videos

Here are three videos from the PlayStation booth, showing respectively Deep Down, Killzone: Shadow Fall's single player, and giving a glimpse on Driveclub's visual damage and collisions. (Deep Down, Driveclub, Killzone: Shadow Fall, PS4)

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black0o  +   680d ago
I want one of this TVs
us_army  +   680d ago | Helpful
bought the 50 inch of this about a month back, originally were 1300$ but was on sale for 900. Check Sony.com as if it is still this price, sooo worth it moving into next-gen.
1080P LED, 120Hz, 3D, smart internet ready.... has it all
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us_army  +   680d ago | Helpful
has free shipping BTW yall-


Not trying to spam stuff, just helping fellow gamers out prepping for next gen with a great deal
black0o  +   680d ago
:( I live in the M.E and it cost around 1.5K $

anyway thx +up
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skept3k  +   680d ago
You must get at least a 120hz TV if you're upgrading. I just bought a new 27" 120hz computer monitor and believe me you won't be disappointed.
Kleptic  +   680d ago
I have a 46" Sony Z series from a few years back...its not LED, but is 120hz...

do you guys really like 120hz stuff...it just looks so weird to me...I've used it on some native 60 fps games, like wipeout HD, and it does seem better than using the 120hz stuff on movies...on film stuff, its just too creepy smooth...looks off to me because of it...however, using the 1080/24p mode on a blu ray, which handles the 120hz 'motionflow' a little differently...THAT is incredible...
Rhaigun  +   680d ago
I have a 55" 240hz Samsung. If you think 120hz is awesome, you have to see this.
vigilante_man  +   680d ago
I have a 200" 4,100hz TV and it is amazing. I had to do time travel to get it, though!
wishingW3L  +   680d ago
Are you guys choosing LED because of lower energy usage or what? Because you know, Plasmas are superior and cheaper! Plasma tech has evolved so much they have the same life-span as a LCD and almost the same rate of burn-ins.

Seriously, it makes no sense to buy LED/LCD if you're going over 40 inches, it's just stupid. Lower image quality, higher price? Come on....
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raytraceme  +   680d ago
You are best off getting a sony triluminos led tv. The w900a has one of the lowest latencies in the led industry and is the best tv on the market for gaming. The panasonic tf50pf50u is the top plasma you can get for the money and its latency is almost non existant. Samsung tv's have too much processing going on thus shitty latencies which sucks for gaming.
Lord_Frieza  +   680d ago
I bought a LG 47" 3D LED Smart TV for £300
TheKayle1  +   680d ago
120hz is just horrible
samsung cheap olt one have 800hz
new one 1000hz
XB1_PS4  +   680d ago
So, this game you just teleport from dungeon to dungeon fighting absolutely gorgeous monsters?
Underworld  +   680d ago
My TV is 100hz. Is that fine for the coming gen?
mikeslemonade  +   680d ago
You guys suck. Lets talk about the console war not TVs. I can get a decent TV for $300. Deep Down is so much better than Ryse.
InMyOpinion  +   680d ago
I have a Panasonic plasma TV that's better than all those listed above.

@wishingW3L - You are the only one who makes sense, and you're getting disagrees for it lol!
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IcarusOne  +   680d ago
Talk about off topic... lol

@wishingW3L: you're correct with everything you said except for one thing: 3D. I hate active 3D - it hurts my eyes while passive is much easier for me to watch, not to mention cheaper. Ggoing for 55", it made sense for me to go LED. With local dimming, the blacks are comparable to plasmas finally, the profile is razor thin, and it saves about $80/year over plasma on my energy bill. And at 240hz, it's super smooth when I need it to be, though I actually prefer game mode for the reduced latency.

I've got no complaints.
RyuCloudStrife  +   680d ago
I BEEN ready for next-gen since 2011, I'm probably ready for the NEXT Next-gen.

480hz, 1080p, Full HD3D,Full Array TRUELED 160 zones backlit etc. ect.
carmelo43  +   680d ago
Plasma tvs are better, I gotta Panasonic 3d 600mhz
Drekken  +   680d ago
I have the 55" version (3D) and I love it.
badboy776  +   680d ago
I have a Samsung PN51E8000 HDTV
IMightBeRetarded  +   680d ago
I have a c4a3p Tv.
Ps4Console  +   680d ago
I have a LCD 2011 flagship plasma 70 inch 3d with with THX looks great but cost me a lot of money games look great but will look great when the Ps4 comes out & they go together nicely .
GribbleGrunger  +   680d ago
Oh my God. Having seen many videos with this particular person playing games, I can only assume she's being picked just because of her looks. She's clearly a DS child with no skill what so ever. The curse of the casuals and the reason decent tech doesn't sell well in Japan.
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PrimeGrime  +   680d ago
Lol funny.
cleft5  +   680d ago
I need to pick up a 1080p ledtv to really enjoy the ps4, hopefully I can grab something nice on Black Friday.
Campy da Camper  +   680d ago
I have a Sammy 55" LED smart TV. Man it looks so good. Playing games on it with my Sony pulse 7.1 Bluetooth headphones late at night in the dark is awesome.

Bought Trine 2 on my wiiu and playing it on that TV is mind blowing.
WeAreLegion  +   680d ago
Dude. Samsung and Sony are at the top of their games right now. Buying a tv of either brand is a great choice for gamers.
FamilyGuy  +   680d ago
LOL @ the Deep Down video, that's the first time I've seen anyone die in that demo! She freakin blew herself up

It's really weird how good some games look in these offscreen shots. I don't get why some look better than direct feed shots, I'm really confused about it. Either way it looks great.
PrimeGrime  +   680d ago
Depth perception, to answer your question. The further you are away from a screen, the sharper it will appear but the closer you get the more detail is noticed.

Imagine a large box with checkered squares white and black. If you were to stand far away enough eventually it would blend together and become much more unnoticeable probably even look like all one color but if you stood closer to that box, you obviously would be able to see each square within the box in much greater detail and each squares color as well.

Not saying these games don't look amazing, they look stunning. I am just explaining why distance is important when getting the best viewing experience out of a screen.

All manuals to any screen recommend this. Not to be so close to the screen, as not only will it damage your eyes but you will not get the greatest visual quality out of it being so close either.
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gaminXphert  +   680d ago
The girl plays better than the Kotaku rep that tried to play Killzone SF. lol
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   680d ago
O_O for a second i mistook deep down for demons souls. But that was at the very beginning because of the armor. Ahhh memories of rage
Idba  +   680d ago
Deep Down actually looks pretty good, and its a F2P!!

EDIT; Looks like you can change the color of the light bar (ds4) too! Think i might even pick up both red and blue now ;P
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Sharius  +   680d ago
hmmm, i think they already confirm that the color of DS4 light bar will change depend on which player you are, the orange light bar mean the player 2 or something else like that
devwan  +   680d ago
IT can also be used to show you taking damage or what health you have, whatever they decide suits the game in question.
FamilyGuy  +   680d ago
In Deep Down the light bar color changes with your health, it was noticeable here because this chick blew herself up XD
webeblazing  +   680d ago
im not seeing what is so great about this game held back from saying something until next yr. the gameplay looks boring and quickly throw together all the fighting game experience and the couldn't manage a combo. the gfx looks good hopefully they fix the gameplay but knowing Capcom they wont. its starting to be apparent that they making this for a quick buck, attemping to be DS half heartedly.
Eonjay  +   680d ago
OMG you have to watch the Killzone gameplay... this chick is awesome. She doesn't know what she is doing buy she is having a blast!
jobboy   680d ago | Immature | show
FamilyGuy  +   680d ago
Man, I'm still in disbelief that Killzone is actually a launch title. The idea that we're going to be able to play a game that looks that good so soon is just awesome.

This chick is hilarious in all her videos.
Kuse   680d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
sigfredod  +   680d ago
I'ts amazing how good deep down looks, even on pre-alpha and on a offscreen video
meatysausage  +   680d ago
I thought this game was going to be dragons dogma 2 with the first trailer.
Can you be a Mage or archer in deep down. All I've seen so far is the Same spear weapon, looks slightly repetitive
Inception  +   680d ago
There's a knight that used sword & shield too. Also you can use magic like fireball. You can check it in the new trailer:

And Capcom already said that they will show another class besides the spear and sword. I'm sure there's a class that can use bow / magic as their primary weapon.
FamilyGuy  +   680d ago
Yeah there will be a mage. Sword and shield, Spear user and bow user as far as I'm aware so far.
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scott182  +   680d ago
Love it, she is funny. I just want to play those damn games, looking great!
mdluffy  +   680d ago
Killzone:sf really the best looking next gen game, can't freaking wait!
Ron_Danger  +   680d ago
While I agree, I'd say say Killzone: SF is the best looking post beta game.

Even at alpha or pre-alpha, I think Deep Down has the most potential to be the best looking next gen game. The way the musty fog in the dungeon slightly distorts and refracts the light on images in the distance really is amazing and the fact that it's already running at 60 FPS is incredible.

And then, of course, there's this example of particle/ elemental effects:

stuna1  +   680d ago
If people can't see how visually impressive Killzone SF, Deep Down, and Drive Club are..... They really should seriously consider seeing a Optomitrist!

The PS4 once again will prove that the Playstation Brand is the place to go for diversity, and that's not speculation, that's fact! Name one competitor that has as many different entries into gaming genre, not just catering to the very young, but also the very mature gamer!?
Lboogieskells  +   680d ago
Sony gets Capcom to createa an exclusive by helping them create a next gen engine. That's my story and im sticking to it.
Crystallis  +   680d ago
i have to learn Japanese. It sounds so awesome!
ZBlacktt  +   680d ago
Youtube video harvesting.
Der_Kommandant  +   680d ago
I want to marry her
Fishermenofwar  +   680d ago
Too late I proposed but she sprayed me with mace.....

Raven722  +   680d ago
No. You EXPOSED yourself. Big difference.
Sevir  +   680d ago
Very impressed With Killzone:SF, and I love Deep Down and I can't wait to play these 2 games. :-)
KEEPNITREAL  +   680d ago
@ Sevir
100% agree with you , something about Deep Down has me hooked like killzone ( favorite series on playstation ). Deep Down has potential , but we'll see , fingers crossed !
DEEBO  +   680d ago
wow! i know the t.v is helping DD look ao smooth but the ps4 games look so good!
wishingW3L  +   680d ago
the MGSV music in the background makes Deep Down's gameplay feel more epic.
JunioRS101  +   680d ago
Deep Down looks so good especially for a f2p... Still can't believe it's free.
Unlimax  +   680d ago
*Jaw-dropped* .. incredible !
Can't wait for this , honestly it looks better than i expect .. i love the atmosphere ~
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Shane Kim  +   680d ago
Seriously just look at KZ:SF...first f*cking day. It looks gorgeous and we allready know gameplay will be tons of fun.
xKugo  +   680d ago
Never head the word amazing so times.
Keko magai.....

Anyways, thinking about upgrading to a 240hz TV, as next-gen is going to require at least 120hz for games to trult enjoyed. It looks like a lot of developers are finally giving console players 60fps, so ultra smooth, low latency TVs are going to be at a premium now.

Probably pick a Sony Plasma 240hz, as I've never had any other TV brand in my house except for Sony.
stuna1  +   680d ago
I have a 47 in. Sony Bravia 240 htz 3d tv and let me tell you it's amazing with gaming as well as color reproduction while viewing blu ray movies! Plus it's a super thin LED display that weighs about 46 lbs at the most.

So xKugo to make a long story short, yes it's a good investment.
Shapeshifter75  +   680d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble man, but Sony purposely got out of the plasma business a while ago. They are heavily invested in pushing LED TVs and experimenting with others (OLED) to some degree. Plasmas use too much energy, are super heavy compared to LEDs and are like space heaters for your room. Plasma is a super heated gas and these are just some of the typical side effects that come with it. I have a 52" 240hz XBR HX900. The black levels are awesome. You can hardly tell the difference from where the bezel of the TV ends and the screen begins. White levels are really crisp and the motion processing is butter. Colors are very natural and not as over-saturated as you see with Samsungs. The HX929 came after that and now Sony's top dog is the 4K line of TVs. I'm with you though, I always bought Sony's and haven't been let down by their quality.
xKugo  +   680d ago
Oh really? I had no idea they didn't make plasma anymore. Oh well, I'll just get an LED then. I Plasma has a slightly better resolution when it comes to TV and films but that doesn't factor into gaming so I'll be Ok. Won't be gaming much on PS4 anyway other than those premier exclusives that Sony always seems to push out. Multi-plats are PC bound now. :D
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   680d ago
Like someone said earlier plasmas have come along way since the early 2000's. You need to check out some of the plasmas Panasonic makes....crazy nice. Their VT65 or 60 series was CNET's TV of the year.
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PrimeGrime  +   680d ago
hai, hai, hai, hai, hai, hai.. hai. OOOOOOO, hai... hai, hai... hai.. OOOOOO......


Lol that girl is freaking funny. Lol blew herself up within seconds of Deep Down. She is having too much fun. Then she just turned around and laughs at the people all dressed up standing there.. lol.. What a funny person.

Deep Down and Killzone look amazing cannot wait.
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Relientk77  +   680d ago
I want Deep Down and Killzone
bigtrucknd  +   680d ago
I was really hoping deep down was going to be dragon's dogma 2. That would be something to be excited for.
Hakoom  +   680d ago
those videos are torturing !!
stop posting them lol
its like putting food in front of me when iam hungry but i cant eat it :D
solid_snake3656  +   680d ago
If Killzone:SF Drive Club and Deep Down look this good. One can only imagine how the next gen Uncharted will look.
fyapitt  +   680d ago
Ryse is better and titanfall is better and forza is better
IronChefWong  +   680d ago
The lady playing sounds like an anime character. Everything she says is so exaggerated.
DaGR8JIBRALTAR  +   680d ago
I bought a 55'' LG 1080p 240hz 3D LED last august...it's pretty nice. The avatar,dredd and hobbit 3d blu-rays look incredible on it! Nothing like watching Dredd 3D when you're stoned outta your facking mind..lol!
#29 (Edited 680d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
UnagiMaster  +   680d ago
Game looks gorgeous.

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