Konami ID Registration Walkthrough

Here are some tips to get your Konami ID registered.

Get ready to do some speed typing because anything less will get you the inactivity error. I recommend using Firefox as your browser, as I also tried with Internet Explorer and it didn't work as well.

Go to

Click Register

The next page asks you to enter your country (which is already at United States), your language (already set at English), and your Date of Birth. Click Next

The following page requires you to agree to the Terms and Conditions, so without reading anything click agree.

This next page is where you need to do your speed typing. I suggest using the tab button to get to each line as fast as possible. The process (only the required info) will look something like this:

Konami ID (must be 8 characters or over using letters, numbers, and underscores. Must be lower case letters)

Password (must be 8 characters or over using letters, numbers)

Re-enter password

Mothers Maiden Name

GAME ID (cannot be the same as Konami ID, must be 8 characters or over, must use lower case letters)

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UnblessedSoul3810d ago

I can't even download the patch let alone get on that stupid site, Konami are crap with anything online just like PES

Drekken3810d ago

Can you wait a sec then say that again... I am going to get my violin to play along with your sad sad story. lol

I d/led the beta and update last night. The update took a while, but I survived!

CrazyMystical3810d ago

come on konami next let sony handle the distribution & just stick to making the good games you guys are known for.

JimmyHACK3810d ago


thank goodness some of us listened Monday and signed up when told... don't just blame Konami blame all the people that made the fraudulent ID's as well. I love how many of the fraudulent ID people that now have to make a legit one can't and b1tch... heh

gamesR4fun3810d ago

yep took me bout 5 hours to dl the beta and patch lol now I cant get an id cause the sites borked...
lets hope they get their act together soon so i can get in on the beta b4 monday sigh.

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M0KILLaU3810d ago

stated that you need a ID on the beta invite card that came with the dvd, now we have to suffer with all these free-bees.

Sev3810d ago

I agree they should have noted this in the insert that had the beta code.

Fishy Fingers3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Sorry, am I missing something.

What exactly is this all about?

I just DL the beta, I can watch the video, or try and connect to a game but obviously no luck there. All I get is a "network problem" message then I have to quit back to XMB and load it up again. Shows V1.0

No where does it ask me about a patch or a Konami ID? (I'm UK BTW)

Help = Bubbles.
Bribery = Quicker Reply :)

Sev3810d ago

Not sure how it works for the UK.
US and Japan need to sign up for a Konami ID.

When you go to log into a game it doesnt ask you to enter a GAME ID to login?

If it doesnt then it probably isnt needed for you guys in the UK or Europe.

I will take a pic of what I mean by GAME ID and post it back here to maybe clear some things up for you.

Fishy Fingers3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )


Dude scratch that. Now its asking me for the update. Does it ask for your ID after that?

Sev3810d ago

Here is a pic of the need to log in with a GAME ID...

Do you get this when you go to log in?

Sev3810d ago

When you get to the title screen, click start game, then accept the terms. That should bring you to the update/patch everyone is talking about.

You should have MGO version 1.01

Once you are done downloading the patch, quit game, and restart.
Then click start game, accept the terms, and you should be prompted to log in.
See if you need a GAME ID to log in.

Fishy Fingers3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Right I'm totally with you know. Sorry for being a complete noob there. Bubbles as promised. Thanks for your time, really appreciate it.

Sev3810d ago

No problem, I wasnt helping for the bubbles. I was helping just to help.

I know the frustration everyone is having. I spent almost all day trying to sign up for a Konami ID. Its really a terrible process, and Konami should have just let it go by PSN ID.

I made this walkthrough to ease everyones frustration. I just hope everyone gets through and gets their ID

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Hellsvacancy3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

so i can download the mgo beta but cant play it unless ive got a pre order key or if i sign up 4 a konami iD, is that correct, thanks

machete squad steve3810d ago

to participate in the beta has to have a konami ID.

cr33ping_death3810d ago

im trying to download the update right now. but i keep getting an error blah blah blah and have to exit the game and restart. good thing is that im at 40 something precent and it saves where i left off.

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