Battlefield 4 Beta to Include Single Map, Playable Conquest and Domination Modes

GR - "Two modes and one map are waiting for Battlefield 4 fans next month."

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Goro1492d ago

Do i get early Beta access because i'm BF3 premium? or is that just MOHWF LTD ED. owners?

HS831492d ago

Both Premium and MOHWF LTD ED owners get early access.

Adexus1492d ago

If you don't have either of those then beta access opens to everyone 3 days later I believe.

zeksta1492d ago

That's it? 3 Days earlier of beta acess? That is so pointless it's not even funny, da fua EA!

sandman2241492d ago

I have battlefield 3 premium for ps3. Will I be able to get into the beta, and if so when?

Gamesgbkiller1492d ago

Yup. On 1 October.

And 4 October for non premium or MOHWF or BF4 pre-order.

qzp1492d ago

imagine how many people bought that shitty game warfighter just for 3 days early beta of bf4..

leogets1491d ago

not being funny but to buy a game just for a beta is pretty sad thing to do.. more money than sence some people

TemplarDante1492d ago

Battlefield vet here, Hope to see you all on the Battlefield! :)
After the terrible (deliberate) IGN video that wanted to paint the PS4 ver in bad light (it was intentional, uploaded in low def, camera man stood many metres back and zoomed in), I do want to see what the current gen game looks like.

Supermax1491d ago

Will see you there looking forward to bf4 on X1 stable servers better matchmaking.

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