Will Colin Farrell be starring in Warcraft movie?

Probably we all know that the famous game in the genre of RPG - World of Warcraft - will be immortalized in the film. Already now the Warcraft movie, the shooting of which is scheduled for January 2014, is in the satge of casting that causes a lot of rumors and speculation in the media about who will star in this masterwork.

Thus, according to Deadline site, the contenders for the principal roles in the Warcraft movie (for this moment) are Colin Farrell - the main male actor, and Paula Patton - the main female actress.

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SmokingMonkey1729d ago

I think Will Ferrell would do a better job.

blackmanone1729d ago

After In Bruges I'm a fan of most everything he's in. To anyone that hasn't seen "In Bruges" here's your chance. Fantastic movie.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1729d ago

No no no. The only ONLY people for the job are Seth Rogan and James Franco