Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate to Offer PlayStation 3 Gamers Hidden Bonus

The forthcoming Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate is set to launch on Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita alongside the home console and PC editions of Batman: Arkham Origins next month, and is being met with considerable enthusiasm from fans of the franchise. And these fans looking to adopt the PlayStation versions of the videogamesare set to be in for a special surprise.

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fsfsxii1638d ago

This guy deserves a medal

Agent_00_Revan1638d ago

Maybe you unlock the Batman & Robin Nipple Suit

Lubu1638d ago

AC3 also did something like this where you unlocked content between AC3 and AC Liberation. Didn't amount to anything mind blowing, but it was a nice little bonus.
That said, I hope there is more to it than that for Batman Origins.

typikal821638d ago

I liked the thought of it but the way to access everything in AC: Liberation was not very clear.

I really liked the way AC2 / Bloodlines did things.

Either way it's a nice perk for owners of both.