How we stopped creating and learned to love the cash-in

From the article: "It seems to me, or to anyone with half an ounce of intelligence, that the computer games industry is still putting far too many sequels out on the market. Take the most recognised video game whore of them all. Mario (if we are to believe Wikipedia) has been flashing his portly Plumber money-maker in over 200 titles alone. Mario Kart on its own is soon to be on its 8th title. Are we really going to see anything that's going to set it apart from racers before it? Well it's a racing game, so no prizes for what the aim of the game is there, it's got Mario who is sure to be followed by every Mario game character there has been and his/her mate, with lazy variations of new characters like baby peach, Skeletal Bowser, inside-out Luigi… yawn! It's just the same sh*t, except you play against other suckers like you, who also shelled out loads of money for the privilege of being beaten by someone that's not in the same room in the same predictable situation. But enough Mario bashing (even though if I could I'd strangle the fucker with the hymen of Princess Peach… come on as if she touched that fat f*ck's stubby torque wrench).

I really think, like in the films industry, that original ideas are far and few between these days. My taste in films has also gone back to a time when computer games had more original concepts."

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