Competitive Battlefield - Is it possible?

Competitive gaming has taken a huge leap over the years. With the upcoming release of Battlefield 4 we wonder if it will have the needed dynamics for a competitive title.

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CustardTrout1545d ago

Guns, angry gamers, and lots of boom - yup.

DBLDeathDealer1545d ago

lol, great comment Custard! Thanks.

MeatheadMilitia1545d ago

The only way I see BF4 becoming a competitive game is if they have small comp maps right off the bat meant for 5v5 or 6v6 otherwise it would be hard to pull a team that is consistent at playing and get them all together at one time for an event.

dcj05241545d ago

Happened in BF2. Can happen to BF4.

TekoIie1545d ago (Edited 1545d ago )

I would assume it'd be harder because its a 60+ player game and not a 12 player game.

Would be awesome though :)

Supermax1545d ago

Twl team warfare league pulled it off ages ago you just need clans willing to make a commitment like guilds do in wow.

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