Sony Considered TV Connectivity for the PS Vita, Then Scrapped the Idea and Made the PS Vita TV

Many asked for the possibility to connect their PS Vita to their TV, and that possibility almost became a reality but was ultimately discarded in favor of splitting the portable PS Vita 2000 and the Vita TV, as explained by Sony Director of the Second Division of Software Development Muneki Shimada and Hardware Planning Division Manager Kiyoto Shibuya.

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Eonjay1704d ago

This actually makes sense. They aren't just going to market the VTV as a games console, its also a Trojan Horse for their planned TVoIP service. Very Smart business move by them. Its just so happens that even the hardcore gamers want the device as well as casuals. VTV is so much win, I won't be surprised if it out sells the PS4 eventually.

TomShoe1704d ago

Yep. The VTV comes with a lot more features than just plugging in your Vita, so it makes sense.

Thehyph1704d ago

Maybe this was the planned use of the mystery port.

Could be, especially considering the new vita doesn't have it.

EximiusNebula1704d ago


The mystery slot is meant for a micro sim.

Thehyph1704d ago


The 3G versions have a sim tray on the side of them I believe.

I'm talking about the mystery port on the top of the system next to the game card slot.
As far as I know, the reason for it being there has never been revealed.

XisThatKid1704d ago

This is true, If the Vita had TV capability....."CRUSHED IT"

But I'm just glad they're giving it support and bringing the Vita home.

Salooh1704d ago

I love the idea of VTV but i think it will harm the vita. They should add VTV features to the vita. Or it will effect it's sales and therefore no AAA games.

Thehyph1704d ago

I prefer to think of it as encouraging for vita game development.

I'm assuming that people who buy this are interested in using it to play games. Otherwise, it's pretty much the same as Roku and other similar devices.

The more people who use it to play games, the more games will be made for it. At least, that's how I view it.

I don't know if I'm right or you're right, of course.

Gamefan121704d ago

or the VTV drives far more sales as people buy it and get vita games, as it plays vita games, and more games are made due to that

CBaoth1704d ago

Think of it this way though, if the Vita only sells 30 million lifetime because the VTV goes on to sell 50 million, that's still 80 million in the total pot to a software developer. That's good for everyone regardless of what device they actually own.

Eonjay1704d ago

I understand where you are coming from but its not going to hurt the Vita. The coming storm of VTV is going to do nothing but expand Vita base, which it desperately needs to secure content. I own a Vita and I can't wait for VTV.

Inception1704d ago

Technically, VitaTV IS still a PSVita. So every sales for VitaTV will counted as a sales for PSVita. Just like 3DSXL / 2DS that counted as a sales for 3DS.

fsfsxii1704d ago

Handheld gaming is better off without AAA garbage

Salooh1704d ago (Edited 1704d ago )

If they consider it a vita then i'm convinced of your talk and that will be a huge boost for the vita :) . But if it's a separate device then it will effect the vita . Did they show the specs of VTV ?. Is it the same as the vita ?. If not then developers won't bother making AAA games since it won't handle it .

Thehyph1704d ago

It is the same as vita. It has the same memory and game card slots. It has the insides of a vita.
It will play existing games, but features like touch and camera need to be patched out. Some games rely solely on touch so therefore they will never exist on it.

As for AAA games, who knows? The vita obviously suffers a lack of them now. Sure, more install base could lead to more of them, but AAA games usually want to show off good graphics. I'm not saying the vita can't do good graphics, but I do question how everything will look on HDTV resolutions.

All in all, I think it will be a good product.

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nevin11704d ago

Of course this move makes sense from a business perspective.

VitaTV came be viewed as its own home console vs Sony charging $20-$30 for a cord that allows Vita to connect to TV.

Agent_hitman1704d ago

Good job Sony. Now you made the TV version of Vita and is more cheaper.. Thanks

Now the next you have to do is to release it worldwide.

radecGaming1704d ago

so that's the purpose of the mystery port!

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