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Microsoft’s Albert Penello Explains That Xbox One Dev Kits and Retail Units are Exactly the Same

There have been rumors floating around that Xbox One dev kits may have specs and features different from those of the actual retail units. According to Microsoft's Director of Product Planning that simply isn't true, and the hardware on the dev kits and the retail boxes is identical. (Albert Penello, Xbox One)

Eonjay  +   679d ago

"Finally, as a bonus, he threw in a personal guess on why most third parties aren’t showing their games running on actual Xbox One hardware.

You know, I’m not sure. You’d have to ask the 3rd Parties. I was hoping to see more myself.

If I had to make a GUESS (please note the highlighted “guess” as the following statement is made by me personally and not as a representative of the Microsoft (R) corporation), and it’s probably because everyone is busy trying to ship in two months. Taking time off to make playable demos may be too time consuming. You’ve got two new console launches on top of likely 4+ existing platforms."
Abriael  +   679d ago
yeah, that makes quite a lot of sense, even if it's a personal guess.
thereapersson  +   679d ago
At least he is honest about the whole thing.
ZodTheRipper  +   679d ago
Yeah he honestly displays his incompetence. Somebody in his position should be able to answer such questitions... but he's just like "don't know 'em"
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FamilyGuy  +   679d ago
Not really a good guess in my opinion, Sony and multiplatform devs have had time to show off game demos running on PS4 hardware and it's also releasing in 2 months.

If anything that would just be proof that Sonys system has been the lead platform for most if not all of the multiplatform titles.

Regardless of the demos not being shown the system and its game will launch in november so I wouldn't be worried unless MS pushes back their launch date or reviewers make note of the titles as being unfinished when they get their review copies.
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theWB27  +   679d ago
PS4 being the lead platform means absolutely nothing when it comes to showing off demos. Don't you know some devs don't do demos because of the extra time it takes away from real development.

So it's perfectly understandable, in order to meet launch, they see no need to pull code for two systems when showing one will do just fine.

Sony isn't showing the games...the 3rd party devs are. Micro is clearly showing their exclusives running on their system.
nukeitall  +   679d ago
PS3 was lead for multiplatform games as well....
FamilyGuy  +   679d ago
"PS4 being the lead platform means absolutely nothing when it comes to showing off demos"

That statement is 100% false.
Having a game up and running on one system allows them the time to create a demo based off of that build. Lead platform gets a demo first EVERY TIME. If they're struggling to get the game running properly or in a timely manner they don't have time for demos.

A valid argument in that theme would be to say they already have a demo up (on the PS4) so why waste time making a second demo just for the other hardware when they're already on a tight development schedule?

Either way, like I said, it's not a cause for concern yet.
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meatysausage  +   679d ago
Wouldnt PC be the lead platform for multiplats? I understand that it would take time away from Dev time, we have seen some PS4 footage for most things but it would make sense to show xbox footage (even if there similar) as a means of promoting their game.
Most likely we will get very similar gameplay on both next gen platforms, launch titles generally are rushed and under heaps of pressure to learn the new systems as well as getting it released at a fast approaching games.
We can imagine what to expect in a years time with games
devwan  +   679d ago
PC is most likely lead platform for most multiplats and therefore the reason why we see more PC footage (that along with the impressive specs of the hardware they are always demonstrated on). ps4 is easy to port to, so the reason why we see some ps4 footage also. xbox one is harder to port to and probably the least powerful of the three - given that it's obvious why a multiplat is rarely seen on the One. Simple as that.

@theWB27 "some devs don't do demos because of the extra time it takes away from real development" - when you're making a game you're producing builds all the time, it doesn't usually take all that much effort to create a build that's fairly stable for demonstration purposes, but with the One's esoteric hardware it's understandable the devs need to spend every minute working hard on making the game if they're aiming for a day 1 release.
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meatysausage  +   679d ago
the way Ive always seen this power difference is to achieve the same graphics, devs can port faster and slacker to ps4 due to its simplciity while to achieve this on xbox, probably because of power difference and its more complex, need to be more effcient and need more time.
Probably explains lack of footage
theWB27  +   679d ago
"A valid argument in that theme would be to say they already have a demo up (on the PS4) so why waste time making a second demo just for the other hardware?"

Me- "So it's perfectly understandable, in order to meet launch, they see no need to pull code for two systems when showing one will do just fine.

Sony isn't showing the games...the 3rd party devs are. Micro is clearly showing their exclusives running on their system."

I answered that. Launching new systems..strict deadlines so why pull code for two systems when one will suffice.

The X1 isn't some mystery to develop for. It's harder than the PS4...but not any more complicated than the 360. Why are people acting like it's the second coming of the Cell?

The 360 was the easiest last gen...the X1 is an evolution of it.

I have no problem with that sentiment. Even though FamilyGuy changed his/her original statement...
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ABizzel1  +   679d ago
@FamilyGuy & theWB27

We can't conclude that since games are being shown on PS4 and not XB1 that PS4 is lead platform for most games. That being said devs. want to put their best foot forward, and if the PS4 is the version they're showing up and running them my "GUESS" is that the PS4 is indeed faster to program for, and possibly the more powerful console since developers like to show their games in the best form possible (BF4 showed off PC first, then PS4).
FamilyGuy  +   679d ago
@ eggnog
That's a pretty good point too, Destiny is probably the only multiplatform title that isn't releasing on PC so PC probably is the lead. There are 3rd party exclusives that aren't coming to PC though and they've been shown running on PS4.

@ theWB27

"The X1 isn't some mystery to develop for. It's harder than the PS4...but not any more complicated than the 360."

That isn't necessarily true. eSRAM and eDRAM are not the same thing and on top of that these are NEW consoles. It's not just as easy as developing for the 360 because devs have to learn both of these new systems.

@ ABizzel1

Yes that's also a very likely scenario.
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Gozer  +   679d ago
I cant say that its like we have seen a lot of 3rd parties showing off games for PS4. Someone name the games 3rd parties have been showing off for ps4. BF4 is the only game I can think of, and Dice showed SP of BF4 running on a X1 devkit at E3.It was SP, but still they showed it off. MS also showed BF4 running on the X1 at one of there events. Then you have MGS:GZ showed off for the X1 at TGS. I wouldn't be dumb enough to think that any 3rd party showing off a game on ps4 are not doing it on a PC used as a ps4 dev kit either.

MS has shown of plenty of 1st party stuff running on the X1. Including the best looking next-gen title Ryse.

I wouldn't be worried about what the X1 can produce. Nothing so far is as impressive as Ryse and its running on at X1.
GodGinrai  +   679d ago
Seeing as its all X86 this gen...It logical that the PC now become the lead platform for multiplats.
n4rc  +   679d ago
3rd parties don't get into the console war bs.

They need to show their game but Not for each platform.. Most are running on PCs Anyways.. Its just easier
svoulis  +   679d ago
I can't believe that even as a "GUESS" The console launches AFTER the PS4 and all footage we see is PS4 and PC. SO whats his excuse or "guess" for that?

Are they not showing it because its an inferior product? Or is it that the PS4 version was done before Xbox One because of Optimization issues?

I am going to go with the Latter as my personal guess honestly.

It doesn't make any sense that the game Titanfall and BF4 were both running on PC's that cost far more then Xbox One. No sense at all.

@The realness

Thats not completely true, While the easy way to assume is "well its x86 so its logical to make the PC version lead" It doesn't matter.

The way developers look at it is "whats easiest to get running best first" If they think that the Consoles are better because its one piece of hardware for each company they'll work there first and have another studio handle other versions of the game.

Thats not how it is with every game however, it is completely up to the publisher and developers doing the work.
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Goku781  +   679d ago
The MS guys are good though. I haven't seen spinning executed this well since Chung Li's upside down Spinning Bird Kick. I don't like it, but it is almost funny watching them spin something new everyday in the news. Spin little Micro men spin! Nov 22 is on its way, I'm sure you and your system will be ok though.
nukeitall  +   679d ago
You are doing plenty well spinning faster than Chun Li!

Goku781  +   679d ago
Weather anyone types or not, MS has already done most of the damage to themselves. People don't need to read an opinion block to see that in the headlines.
Sono421  +   678d ago
How did you get disagrees? It's well known Microsoft has been their own worst enemy so far.. anybody denying that is in FACT delusional.. but I have been noticing an increase in delusional Microsoft supporters.. so I can't say i'm suprised
christocolus  +   679d ago
you are doing a good job my good sir.thumbs up to the entire team.you have turned all the negativity and bad media surrounding the xbox 1 around in just few months.....im impressed..also d4 has caught my attention now..nov 22 still seems too far to have to wait. ( :( )
meatysausage  +   679d ago
I just wish they would stop getting sucked into the spec battle and keep promoting why the console and its features are different. Its obvious on paper that PS4 is more powerful, I want to hear more stuff about kinect, Live, and the UI, games etc.
I couldnt care less about spec talk
christocolus  +   679d ago
same here bro.
yewles1  +   679d ago
Uh, no... contradiction again...

"Every one of the Xbox One dev kits actually has 14 CUs on the silicon... And we actually saw on the launch titles... we found that going to 14 CUs wasn't as effective as the 6.6 per cent clock upgrade that we did."


Sorry, but 204.8 to 218.3GFLOP/s is not just "NOT exactly the same", but a pretty big difference overall.
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meatysausage  +   679d ago
you seem to be quite a bitter person, always have something negative to say. Move on, you could be doing something more interesting with your life
karl  +   679d ago
R u saying he is wrong? Pls let us know why..
GodGinrai  +   679d ago

He never said he was wrong...He said he always has something negative to say and should move on.
meatysausage  +   679d ago
@Karl, i tend to not give much credibility to people who just post crap all the time without taking a breath. He may be right, im not going to pretend i know the details about the hardware, but some people have their minds made up and want to spread hate. I respect different opinions, but what some people write is not constructive nor helpful.

Btw, this is coming from a sony fan that will also be getting XBO.
JimmyLmao  +   679d ago
I thought the Xbox One dev kits had 12gb of Ram
GodGinrai  +   679d ago
Panello debunked this rumour on the GAF.
Flutterby  +   679d ago
Didn't that douchebag MRXmedia say the new dev kits where the magical ones that would ick the ps4 specs arse ? I guess this is another rumor of his blown away by MS themselves lol.
Sadist3  +   679d ago
You guys sound like idiots. It's funny reading the comments you guys make, like you really think you know everything. You know all about the systems, you know why developers do what they do, you know how the systems will work....you guys are just pure geniuses. Or overly speculating fools.
IVanSpinal  +   679d ago
they are fanboys (that explain everything)
Belking  +   679d ago
Not worried one bit. I know the xbox versions of games will be good. It was with xbox360 and that won't change.

NDA ends in 1 week.

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