Has Nintendo Delivered On Promises Made In 2005 Wii Controller Trailer? (Shot-By-Shot Analysis)

Remember when you first saw the trailer below? It premiered online in September 2005 when Nintendo president Satoru Iwata revealed the Wii remote (then called the "Revolution" remote, of course) at the Tokyo Game Show.

Think about the possibilities it presented - the kinds of things that you would be able to do with the Wii controller!

There were twelve Wiimote movements shown in the trailer. So how many of them have actually been used in Wii games?

MTV Multiplayer decided to go through the dozen techniques, with a shot-by-shot analysis. Has Nintendo delivered on the hype?

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GutZ313891d ago

I can say half of those came true, but the rest, like sword fighting and fishing still need alot of tuning to make it a reality.

PS360WII3891d ago

Looks like only drumming hasn't happened

rosebowl233891d ago

No they havn't delievered. The controller doesn't work as well as it should and the mediocre graphics don't help either.

ItsDubC3891d ago

What were the graphics promises that Nintendo failed to deliver on?

ChickeyCantor3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

it does work as it should, the problem is interpretation.
Developers need to find a way to finetune the movements we make.

Ever tried Wiinmote?( or anything else that lets you use the Wii-mote on the pc?) with wiinmote you can see a line-graph of the Wii-motes X/Y/Z axes. when you move the Wii-mote, you can see how accurate it actually is.

so it does what its suppose to do, but its the developers who need to make a system that make good use of the wii-mote.

BrotherNick3891d ago

Fail. Nintendo didn't promise nothing but 480p. Anyways read the article before you spout nonsense.

ChickeyCantor3891d ago

=( X,Y was there i saw it !! why nintendo!!!

" Looks like only drumming hasn't happened "

actually they have, remember back in 2006( i think it was 2006) there was this video of people playing some pre-build games for the Wii ( i think in that time they emulated it with a modified GCN)...i do remember a DRum game.
the guy playing moved the wiimote back and forth to reach the back and front instruments of the drum set, like if he had a drumset right in front of him.

hope they actually did something with it.

anonymousAJA3890d ago

If you think Nintendo delivered on its promise of 3d coordinate recognition than you are terribly mistaken and fooled. NONE OF THE GAMES HAVE MANAGED TO INCORPORATE 3D COORDINATE MOVEMENT RECOGNITION. The only thing that did happen with the Wiimote was gesture recognition which doesn't even come close to actual 3D manipulation. Gesture recognition is the equivalent of a single button press. It does not add immersion to the experience but merely changes what triggers a single action. Like in cooking mama, if you move the Wiimote to the side to purposely miss the food it will still catch the food and continue flipping simply because of generic gesture recognition. Gesture recognition does not discriminate generic movement. Wii is a technological failure when it came to delivering on promises.

PS360WII3890d ago (Edited 3890d ago )

Elebits and Metriod have 3D motion spots and there are more so I guess you didn't deliver on your rant.

BrotherNick3890d ago

PS360WII is right, so you lose a bubble sir. Get a life and quit trolling.

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