Three Speech: Warhawk Operation: Broken Mirror Hands On Preview

"It's almost two years since Incognito Entertainment's Dylan Jobe revealed the PlayStation 3 version of Warhawk to the world as a demonstration of the Sixaxis motion sensing controller. Since then, it's undertaken substantial change, going from a standard game with a single player component, to an online multiplayer only frag fest. Now we're getting ready for its second batch of premium downloadable content and Tom Eccles, Three Speech's young hot-shot, has been putting it through its paces. Here's what he thought."

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LiquifiedArt3893d ago

I've acutally been playing quite a bit lately. I'm up to wingman rank now. WOooOT. i'll be picking this up. Omega + BrokenMirror = Awesome.

akaFullMetal3893d ago

its sweet, but in the begining with the ranking being all screwed up, i was up to commander and then went back to playing warhawk after a month break and my rank was gone, i had to start over, now im up past wingman, so hope to level up again, i need more points. What is the easiest way to get points???

LiquifiedArt3893d ago

I'll tell you. Dont even worry about your points. Just play the game and have a crapload of fun, and the points will come. AND THEN you'll feel like you have an accomplishment because its what your rank is w/o being dedicated to just raising it.

I do this method in all games, and it prolongs the games life and really adds to the oeverall experience of the game. Nowadays The younger kids are too consumed with "level, Rank, Status" etc... They eventually burn out of a game, because thats all they care about. Play the game have fun, and use the cool options to customize your avatar as you get better.

~Words from a Gamer

mithril3893d ago

strategy from warhawk web site can help you

and for level up, always look request for next level and focus on that.
request example: kill with jeep, try to use jeep many time to obtain your medal

and for easy point if you look best players on warhawk, look leaderboards on website and you see a constant : many flags or zones games ;)

best players:

Deathmatch Score 8031
Team Deathmatch Score 4843
Capture the Flag Score 379943
Zones Score 5693