First Forza Motorsport 5 Japanese Preview from TGS Laments Severe Visual Degradation from E3 Build

Forza Motorsport 5 was exhibited at Tokyo Game Show, exposed to the Japanese press, and it's known that the Japanese are big petrolheads. They love their car games.

Unfortunately the first Japanese preview ran by popular site Game Watch lamented a severe visual degradation from the E3 build of the game.


Update: According to Microsoft's Albert Penello there was "no issue with the build" as he stated on Twitter, his statement has been added to the article to include both sides of the issue.

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s8anicslayer1427d ago that's why Yosh was spotted by the Forza booth.

Abriael1427d ago

messing with the cables?

s8anicslayer1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Lmao ;). Or maybe they plugged an Xbox One into an Xbox One Hdmi In Port? Kidding, I will still get F5.

FamilyGuy1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Lmao Abriel

I could see this getting hot.
That's a REALLY eye-catching title, I literally said "Whaaaaaa!?" out loud when I read it.
DualShockers really knows how to get N4G readers attention, it's starting to remind me of all those old HipHopGsmer articles. Hopefully they don't go too far and get down-voted off the site like his site did.

That said, please don't get me wrong, this is a legitimate story. Maybe they were finally REALLY showing the game on X1 hardware and had been using "similarly spec'd PC hardware" in an X1 case up until this point? Or it could just be some small technical problem with the new build that will be ironed out before launch. Not a good thing to hear about MS flagship launch title but I doubt it's a deal breaker for fans either way. He still praises the technical specs in the end.

It'd be nice to know more about what was wrong.

ZodTheRipper1427d ago

Or it may have been running on an actual Xbox One this time.

WarThunder1427d ago

Oh my look at the collision physics lol!

"Forza 5 the definitive bumper car racing!"

Skips1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

"In the Forza 5 press room the situation was even worse, with the picture quality defined as “rough” like what you’d see if the output was 720p, with a definite visual degradation from the E3 version."


First Titanfall...

then Killer Instinct...

then Ryse...

And now this... : / Are there people out there who still think MS has some "secret sauce" left to reveal... lol

Conzul1427d ago

We do not denigrate Titanfall! No! Bad Dog!
Whatever else may be wrong with M$, Titanfall is awesome.

Eonjay1427d ago

Damn this sucks... I would be pissed if I was spending more money and getting less performance. It all seems like a bad scam. Also, the project manager says the Microsoft is aware of the issue...what? Maybe these issues will be addressed by the day one patch.

NewMonday1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )


also note that texturs on DR3 were scaled down.

this confirms the #truthfact revealed by CBOAT, that XBone games will get a 20% downgrade across the board.

also explains why we hardly see any 3rd party game running on the XB1.

FamilyGuy1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

In penellos update he states:

"No issues. It was the same build from Gamescom. I've heard the final game is looking even better."

The comparison was with the E3 build and the TGS build though, not Gamescon.

"severe visual downgrade from what he experienced at E3"

Were Gamescon and E3 using the same build and if so why didn't Penello just say E3? He needs to be more clear when he knows we're following his statements closely. I wonder if he even asked around before answering or just blurted that out, Aaron Greenburg style, with no investigation.

If it was just a bad tv setup that's good but if that was the case why did the problem also exist in the press room on a different tv?

"The gist of the problem is that in the Forza 5 corner of the Microsoft booth things looked so bad that the monitors seemed badly adjusted. Aliasing and jaggies were standing out"

"In the Forza 5 press room the situation was even worse, with the picture quality defined as “rough” like what you’d see if the output was 720p, with a definite visual degradation from the E3 version"

With all the tech guys used to do the setting up and preparation for the TGS booths it seems ridiculous that they even let a problem like that exist.

I'll take Penellos word on it for now, but it's still a little suspicious.

LetoAtreides821427d ago

FamilyGuy, Penello's been caught lying and flat out making stuff up so many times how can you take his word at all? It's time for MS to replace him with the next victim.

Walker1427d ago

I guess, Forza 5 needed to be balanced.

malol1427d ago

typical form MS to use fakes

abzdine1427d ago

i hope the damage control fanboys realize what this means..
this is no more than an insult to the future owners. MS using scum practice to lure in some sheep.

i remember GT6 looked already better than F5 at E3.

pixelsword1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )


If true, I kinda called it without even realizing this article existed...!

dantesparda1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

The game does have a lot of aliasing on the cars, the cars are the best looking thing about the game cuz the brackgrounds/tracks look low poly, the game looks like a high res current gen game to me. Seen at a MS event recently

MWong1426d ago

LOL bumping is racing, but I mean whoa. That was some serious bumper cars with a spotlight flashing in your eyes.

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The_Infected1427d ago

Forza 5 is downgrading and Driveclub is improving.

Insomnia_841427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

Driveclub > F5 Confirmed!
GT6 on PS3 > F5 on XBone Confirmed!


1427d ago
Gozer1427d ago Show
scott1821427d ago

Everyone who doesn't worship the Xbox needs to leave now!! I got your back Gozer.

dragon821427d ago


Not everyone with a negative opinion of Xbox One is a Sony fanboy. Some people are actually capable of forming opinions for themselves that don't match up with your own.

Haules1427d ago

The Driving physics are terrible! Car feels like its sliding on ice! And whats wrong with the lights at

Collision physics feels like bumper cars...

aceitman1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

is it me or does the e3 build look way better and more detailed perfect shots to compare these side by side
e3 build mark at 9:02 pause it and tgs build mark at 1:37 pause it
now look at the dashboard , e3 looks a lot better in detail . hell even the steering wheel looks different . tgs looks more bulky. e3 looks more thin and sleek.

aceitman1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

@gozer see that's the problem people who see whats going on like this f5 looking awful compared to e3 and gamescom is trolling or just some fanboys bashing it, did u stop to think that people see whats going on and cant stand to be lied too!! or be shown smoke and mirrors , so they express there opinion , that's what comments are for , if u except what there showing then so be it but don't call out people for expressing there thoughts or seeing 2 same but different games running .and im sure scott182 gots ur back just like this
so try to calm down on peoples opinion and remember where not all trolls so don't try to make your self look like one. hope the vid made u lol. game on

BOLO1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )



boing11427d ago

Maybe this time it's actually running on xone and not PC?

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Insomnia_841427d ago

Yeah he was spotted connecting an Xbox One to that tv and disconnecting a PC.

nosferatuzodd1427d ago

They finally stop showing the game on PC now I've seen this with Microsoft gears of war ring any bells but I guess Xbox fanboys are going to fight tooth and nail to deny it lol

bessy671427d ago

Wait, so why was this "severe visual degradation" only noticed by one person?

FamilyGuy1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

@ people trying to discredit this claim.

Please do not try and claim that there was no degradation. The MS rep acknowledged that something was wrong and being worked on. That is LITERALLY confirmation that something didn't look as good between the two builds.

Trying to discredit the claim makes no sense when the MS rep admitted to there being something wrong/a difference already.

Best to just hope that it gets back to its former glory before the game is shipped and move on.

Bigpappy1427d ago (Edited 1427d ago )

You seem to be playing the lines here. I agree that there seems to be some kind of degradation as this TGS demo and people should not be so quick to claim bias. That is just one side though.

This is also being played on the PS side as some kind of revelation of the Xbox being a flawed design that can not run Forza the way M$ said it could. This is the side you seem to have no problem with.

It could not have been a problem with a new build of the game that got sent to the show in error (happened before)? Could not have been a bad set of HDMI cable that do not fully support the output X1 is using or that were poorly made?

May be you might want to tell you boys to stop jumping to conclusions before they have a single fact as to what the problem was. If there is a problem withX1 running its games properly, that is not something that can be swept under the rug. I mean you can hide horrible graphics in a game, right? It will be seen day one and the X1 will be sitting on store shelves across the world. I would think M$ knows this. The would be nothing like RRD, if you want to say they knew about that before releasing 360. This would be much, much worst. I could put them out of the industry permanently if true.

FamilyGuy1427d ago

We have no idea what the problem was, unless MS responds to it in detail we will remain in the dark on the subject. I'm not going to act like I know what it was because it could have been any number of possibilities.

I'm not about to defend MS either, it could be "anything" as in something small or something big. That includes those claims of MS doing something underhanded as well as something as small as a technical problem with the tv display, HDMI, bringing the wrong game build, a new build that still needs refinement etc.

All I'm saying and all I've been saying on any topic like this that has no concrete details is to wait and see and hope for the best.