Metal Gear Solid V Xbox One vs PlayStation 4 comparison and videos

GearNuke: Kojima was quite busy this TGS, where he got to demo Metal Gear Solid V on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4. While we haven’t gotten the direct feed of the demo yet, we do have the video footage taken from the live stream of both demos.

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black0o1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

Q: did they confirmed that it was running on X1?
since titanfall was on PC and we nvr saw any 3rd-party actually running on x1

u know before we do this comparison

aceitman1542d ago

@black0o that is a very good question , we have yet to see third party games running on x1 except dr3. hopefully there is enough time for launch games.

ShinMaster1541d ago

I just think we should wait until both versions of the game are finalized before comparing and not use gifs of low quality videos to do so either.

assdan1541d ago

I don't see how they can be compare in 720x480 resolution. I'm assuming it will be running in at least 900p on both consoles. So there is no way to compare them yet.

theWB271542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

It debuted on X1...Kojima stated he showed them running on both consoles. It isn't some mystery...devs choose what system to show.

8 years into this gen and GTA5 was still almost exclusively shown running on the PS3 all the way up till release...mystery?

The X1 is a real console and real devs are making games for it. Kojima has stated there won't be a difference between X1&PS4.

Both PS4 & X1 vidoes are there...he's at the Xbox stage event, xbox controller prompts are on the screen, Kojima stated it was the X1.

You can't do that. Even from the legend himself, Kojima, you still have to say he's lying when it comes to the X1. SAR -__- CASM

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FamilyGuy1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

In general I would just trust what Kojima says so I agree. He's not some underhanded dev that lies and does PR spin, he respects his quality of work.

If he wants these games to look the same on both platforms, that's pretty much what will happen.

This is a multigen game right?
I never knew that or heard that till today.
Given that being the case though I could see them being on par and both at 1080p 60fps because I don't really think multigen titles push the new gen hardware to its limits in the first place. MGS5 looks great already but I'm pretty sure it could be even better in some aspect if it were next gen only.

black0o1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

''Kojima's using the show to debut the next-gen version of Ground Zeroes via presentations on Sony's stage, with the demo he showed two weeks ago running on hardware equivalent to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One''

so what does ''running on hardware equivalent to ps4/x1'' means here

theWB271542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

"''Kojima's using the show to debut the next-gen version of Ground Zeroes via presentations on Sony's stage, with the demo he showed two weeks ago running on hardware equivalent to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One''

Kind of renders your original question and my response pretty pointless...good job. : )

"so what does ''running on hardware equivalent to ps4/x1'' means here"

What you see is what you'll expect from the game on next ge's just not actually running on the simple as I think it is.

FamilyGuy1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

"on hardware equivalent to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One"

I don't like the look of "equivalent hardware" in that statement. So far games running on the real systems haven't been the same as when devs say they're running on equivalently spec'd hardware. We've seen many cases of downgrades already from this. Though final optimizations won't be seen on any title till it ships so they could end up better.

Whatever, like I said it's Kojima, I'm just not worried.

black0o1542d ago

@theWB deja fu

''EA big wig Peter Moore assured us that the games it was showing off on stage at E3 were running on comparable dev kit specs to the actual home consoles''

GiggMan1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I seriously doubt that it was running on Xbox One hardware. Hell it may not have been running on PS4 hardware for all we know. If it was X1 (which I stated that I doubt) it would be the first 3rd party non exclusive software shown on the X1.

I guarantee that both version were from the same source just at two different booths. Could be wrong but I'm sticking with this until I hear otherwise from a credible source.

I think it would be hilarious if people are trying to find a difference in video from the same source lol.

theWB271542d ago

What deja vu?

The article you posted from eurogamer said neither the PS4 nor X1 was running MGS5.

I don't want to get into a pissing contest..but don't pretend PS4 games haven't been running on PC's themselves.

black0o1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

it could be running on dev kit -ps4 case-
and a PC in x1 case

P.S we know that MS didnt send that many dev kit like sony did
and that's why we only saw KI/DR3/FM5 and ryse running on x1

Hicken1541d ago

"It debuted on X1...Kojima stated he showed them running on both consoles. It isn't some mystery...devs choose what system to show."

So you say. Yet why is it that the links everybody's posting say "running on hardware equivalent?"

And then, rather than even admit you got it wrong, your response is "don't pretend PS4 games haven't been running on PC's themselves."

Isn't there a problem here?

skept3k1541d ago (Edited 1541d ago )

It is impossible for both the PS4 and X1 versions to be completely 100% identical. For there to be no differences, the two system would need to be running the same hardware, and using the same development tools.

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KwietStorm1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

I would consider the Xbox conference at E3 opening with MGSV to be confirmation enough.

Nevermind, confused what you asked.

thisismyaccount1541d ago

Yep, not even Forza 5 apparently was running on final kit. According to that jap. reviewer it looked worse than the e3 2013 build.

And i´m not goin to mention the poly/building/environment drops in the rear view at all (cockpit view).

TAURUS-5551541d ago

theres no doubt now that the PS4 version is superior.

once again..RIP xbox1

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jhoward5851542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

There's not much difference in graphics between the PS4 vs x1 in MGSV, but I did notice things look much bigger on the PS4 version.

I also noticed some skipping of frame rate.

wishingW3L1542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

it might be resolution differences what makes it look bigger or smaller. And about the frame-rate, remember that MGSV runs at 60 frames on next-gen console not 30 and Youtube is 30 frames capped, so it's not humanly possible to tell how good frame-rate is without software.

jhoward5851542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )


Not quite sure this method works...I ran both (x1 and ps4) demo at apox at same time and noticed one video moving a bit faster than the other one.

So, I guess if both you tube vidz are ruining at 30 fps, one vid shouldn't move faster than the other vid unless one of the vid is skipping frames.

thisismyaccount1541d ago

Common lowest dominator. I mean, this game was intended to be released on current gen. It just so happen to be, that we´re on this transition-path to a higher quality beach with better looking girls.

But this should not be shocking news at all, don´t expect this to be any diffrent with EA/Acti. and Co. :/

jeffgoldwin1541d ago

Lowest dominator is both next consoles. PC are far faster. Just the way it goes.

DarkLordMalik1542d ago

Why should they use a PC now that Xbox One is so close to release? The retail versions of Xbox One has already started to ship from factories so i doubt they are still using PC now.

black0o1542d ago

it has nothing to do with the hardware ..

titanFall was demoed on PC

DarkLordMalik1542d ago

"This demo - running on Xbox One - is played through twice by Kojima"


Deadpoolio1542d ago

Cause the "demo" Kojima played certainly couldn't have been done on PC LIKE EVERY OTHER DEMO a Windows 7 PC with Nvidia Graphics cards and a One80 controller

Death1542d ago

They never run on retail units. The consoles haven't released. Debug units are typically used to demo pre-release software like this. Debug units can be the "official" ones that were released not too long ago or they can be the PC's that have been being used for the last couple years while hardware was being finalized.

Anyone that thinks any game they have seen is running on a retail unit is mistaken.

SlavisH21542d ago

Both look the same and look great only fanboy can be mad @ that!

AgentSmithPS41542d ago

People might be mad IF their console's version is NERFED because of another one.

This isn't the PC game "Doom" where the person with the slowest PC set the speed for EVERYONE playing in multiplayer.

SlavisH21541d ago

sorry fangirl but i think Kojima knows how to tap into ps hardware!