Fallout 3: 30 frames a second "is our goal" across PC, 360 and PS3

Speaking to videogaming247 at a London Fallout 3 demo today, Bethesda marketing head Peter Hines has revealed that the company's aim is to have the massively anticipated game ultimately running at 30 frames a second across PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

"Thirty frames a second is our goal, so it's running at 30 frames a second and it's nice and smooth," he said, talking of the PC version.

"Yeah, that's the goal," he added, when asked if the 30FPS target was the same for Xbox 360 and PS3.

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akaFullMetal3743d ago

I sure hope they meet it on ps3 and all the other platforms

Dark_Overlord3743d ago

its nowhere near as buggy and glitchy as oblivion

kewlkat0073743d ago

is the Sweetspot this gen..keep it smooth.pls

TheExecutive3743d ago

I agree 720p 30fps. There will be a few exceptions but I think for it to become a standard to have 1080p @ 60fps it will take new hardware. Next-gen! here we come.

Racing games will be the exception this gen.

yesah3739d ago

Wardevil is suposed to run at 60fps, 1080p.

Grown Folks Talk3743d ago

make a game at 5 FPS. Then, even if the game was only 8 hours long, it would feel like a longer game. = }