Metal Gear Solid Online Beta Video

The video that you can watch from in the beta. It shows some of the features of the online team play features

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GODofDOOMS3841d ago

cool can't wait for 21th April i got MGS3 special edition that's got online and been playing on it for a while so im already a pro at it.

kevoncox3841d ago

Dont understand why people are excited about MGSO....the combat has always been the weakest point of the game....

moujahed3841d ago

How could you have been playing the first MGO when the servers been down for almost a year, if not more than that???

iMad3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

Am i right PS3 users should buy another game to play MGS4 multiplayer?
BTW, bad GFX, boring gameplay. COD4 wtf!

Greysturm3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

It comes with mgs4. I like the graphics but to each his own, gameplay is tactical which is different to call of duty and halos run and gun fragfests. It is more reminiscent of Socom with added features such as close quarters combat and expanded weapon options with an enfasis on teamwork through the SOP device that lets you know in realtime the status of your partners and the enemies they are engaging or were hacked. But the fact that i am more intrigued by beside the enfasis of slower teamwork focused battles is the upgradable perk system which if pulled off it sounds much more interesting than COD4s.

liquidsnake3841d ago

Easy now Greysturm, I think that was too much for iMad's brain.
Anyways Im really looking forward to MGO, have waited for ages for something tactical.

spandexxking3841d ago

kinda sounds the same as halo then!

Ben10543841d ago

has been on ps store for months

spandexxking3841d ago

some people will approve anything.

gw4k3841d ago

Has anyone in America tried downloading this?
I have it downloaded there is an update to v1.01.

The download fails and so do the terms and agreements (only half the time). It looks like the servers are being swamped!

What do you all think, is it going to work?

Counter_ACT3841d ago (Edited 3841d ago )

How pointless, I have had this in HD on my PS3 for ages, anyone can download it... but they feel the need to record it with what looks like a mobile phone? rofl

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The story is too old to be commented.