Hands-on with the Vita TV at TGS 2013 | Joystiq

Joystiq - "Right now, the Vita TV has only been announced for Japan, China and South Korea, and that's a damn shame, at least for those of us over in the west. I was able to test out the little box's two main functions (big-screen Vita games and PS4 Remote Play) during last week's Tokyo Game Show kerfuffle, and the (approximately) $100 device did exactly what it says on the tin."

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UltimateMaster1521d ago

Perfect little device.
I think Nintendo must be scratching their heads around this one.
Not only is it more powerful and cheaper than the 2DS, but also gives some competition to the Wii U.
I don't really care since I own both.

jujubee881521d ago

It's not perfect. When it gets Karaoke support for Prince songs, than it will be perfect. ;-)

XisThatKid1520d ago

Hey you know Sing Star is relaunching and free serviced?

XisThatKid1520d ago

I'm glad people are taking so well to this device I wouldn't think people would.