SCEJA President Explains that Sony Was Surprised by The Positive Reaction of Gamers to PS Vita TV

At times, when you introduce a product to the public, things go better than expected, and that seems to be definitely the case with the PS Vita TV, as expressed by Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia President Hiroshi Kawano.

Apparently Sony was aiming to grab the casual market with the PS Vita TV, but ended up catching the attention of core gamers as well.

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xc7x1730d ago

this is how i'll play Vita games,i'm not a handheld gamer,plus have a way to play games and stuff on a 2nd tv screen

Abriael1730d ago

Yeah, i'm amazed that they thought core gamers wouldn't care about it lol

abzdine1730d ago

that thing is genious, how can people not be excited about it?

ABizzel11730d ago

For most consumers

Price >/= Brand >/= Technology

The Vita proved it has great tech for a handheld. The Sony brand is getting back to it's PS2 days of success. The only thing wrong with the Vita as the cost of the handheld $199 + a large enough memory card (32GB was $99) + retail games ($40).

Take $100 off the price of the hardware, cut the price of the memory cards and add a larger 64GB, and of course people will bite like piranhas.

ZombieKiller1730d ago

Yeah I'm not a handheld gamer but I AM a gamer so something like this that brings handheld gaming to the TV is an inst-buy for me. Then there's remote play on ps4. again....SOLD

jony_dols1730d ago

It's a great move to encourage devs to create games for the Vita platform.

Which is good for both handheld Vita owners & non-handheld gamers.

Darrius Cole1730d ago

I, too, am amazed that Sony didn't believe that the core gamers would be interested in this.

How could you not want one?

Eonjay1730d ago

VTV is gonna be a hit because it appeals to everyone:

To casuals period
To anyone who wants a cheap Netflix/Hulu/Music/Games player for their TV
To Vita owners who want to play on TV
To non Vita owners who want a cheap system to play vita games
To anyone who wants access to the hundreds of PSP and PSOne titles
To people looking to get their kids their first system
To all future PS4 owners
To people who want to play PS3 exclusives over Gaikai like TLOU but don't have a PS3
And finally, to anyone who travels, packing a game system (that can remote to your PS4 at home) with your luggage just got stupid easy.

ZombieKiller1730d ago

I love how I get a disagree troll that adds a disagree for me talking about what I think is best for MY gaming experience.

Care to tell me what YOU think is better for me that I know troll?

Ju1730d ago

Well, while I am looking forward to the VTV, some of what you said doesn't make sense. VTV+DS ~= $150, PS3 = $199. Gaikai streaming will most likely also work on the PS3 and we'll see what the latency is there - it wasn't too great with those streaming services before. But, well, we'll see about that.

I think the strongest "arguments" are:

- It's a PlayStation
- It's $100 (with hidden costs - but none the less, the magic number)

The rest I agree with. I have a PS3, a Vita and the PS4 on my shopping list. Those additional $100 aren't too shabby. But for me personally it is mainly interesting because I can plug in my Vita games and play them on the teli.

UltimateMaster1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

PS3 quality games day 1 for 40$ with the ability to play PS4 anywhere by carrying something as big as deck of cards.
What's not to love?

At 95$, you can't compete with that.

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Nitrowolf21730d ago

the pricing is right, $100 for a PS Vita. I know we can't play every vita game, but it's still ratehr nice

Deadpoolio1730d ago

Yet.....Once the DS4 comes out it is entirely possible that they could easily patch it to work with the DS4 and the touchpad could be used to implement the games that had touch features....Which I'm sure they'll do after the PS4 releases, it would be stupid not to

Eonjay1730d ago

I'm not suprised at all. This micro console is awesome. Plus, you can stream PS3 games through Gaikai in the future. It is essentially a $99 Vita, PS3, and Apple TV rolled into one. The value proposition is sky high.

1730d ago
Section81730d ago

Also streams PS4 games to another tv. It even streams from a PS4 over the net at your friends house without needing the console there. Hence, remote play fro PS4.

Godmars2901730d ago

They still need to get PSP titles up on PSN.

Eonjay1730d ago

Most of them are there. There are a few glaring omissions though like Birth By Sleep and Star Ocean

Protagonist1730d ago


What are you talking about?

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cyguration1730d ago

It's the OUYA that isn't crap (sorry OUYA). Of course any gamer worth their salt would be interested.

Yes, please... to VITA TV.

PickAShoe1730d ago

It's cheaper than the handheld.

Darrius Cole1730d ago

I'll have to go along with the author and say to Sony, "No S#!t Sherlock". The Vita TV is basically a $100 console. Who wouldn't want a $100 console? By the way, it will allow you to play your PS4 on a second screen without moving your PS4. Everybody that likes games enough to have a PS4 OR a Vita is going to want one of these.

Williamson1730d ago

I really do want one just to set it up in my living room to play ps4 through remote play.

Deadpoolio1730d ago

You understand that it is a Vita without a screen right? And depending on your internet and how it is set up it could work out terribly connecting it to a second tv just to remote play a PS4 game on a Tv in a different room

ssj271730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

Well that's not SONY fault, but is still a very probable option, I want to know how Sony will handle it! Could we just continue the game from that error or we will have to start a new level? Those are the questions I will like sony to answer and I know online is another question and I will not get mad at it, but what about the lag? Will it cause any tipe of online?..

This are legig question! Same questions i will have for gaika. In the end I may just use it for offline play and to stream netflix and the obvious to play vita psp games like Killzone and etc.

Baka-akaB1730d ago

Uh ? If it's remote play in the same house , your internet is irrelevant . Any wi-fi access will do the job fine .

Agent_00_Revan1730d ago

My whole house is wired with Ethernet cable. There is not a chance in the world I will have any issues playing on any tv.

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