Collector's Corner: Mass Effect Limited Collector's Edition

Mass Effect was released in 2007 for the Xbox 360, and would later appear on other platforms as well. Aside from a standard release, a limited edition was also made available, in the US as a pre-order at certain retailers, and in Europe as a standard release.

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FRAKISTAN1545d ago

Is it Available for PS3?

Nyxus1545d ago

I don't think this version is.

ForgivenZombie1545d ago

Mass Effect was an awesome game, I was so upset when the ending in ME3 ruined the series for me. I played the original at least 10 times, I loved that game. Good times, Good times.

Nyxus1545d ago

I liked ME3 but the ending was pretty stupid.

Nyxus1544d ago

@ FRAKISTAN: I looked it up, I think ME 1 is only available in the trilogy, or digitally for PS3. So not this edition.