How the PlayStation Eye connects your hands and voice to the PlayStation 4 HD

When the PlayStation 4 launches this November, the PlayStation Eye camera will enable you to sign into the console using just your face. Unlike its Microsoft counterpart, Kinect, the Eye won't allow much more control of the system. At least not initially. "At the time of launch, first the face recognition is for the purpose of logging in," SVP and Division President of Business Division 1 at Sony Computer Entertainment Masayasu Ito told Engadget in an interview this afternoon.

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Rageanitus1701d ago

I am actually glad they did not include the PSEYE as a manditory peripheral. I know I will not be using it just like the original PS2 EYE, PS3 EYE, or kinect.

JoGam1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

Honestly I use the eye toy and had the PlayStation eye day one. For those who don't remember that was before kinect. Anywho, I welcome those features with open arms because they was fun to use. I always felt MS just took the idea and ran with it and birth kinect. I also love the fact that it's not and never was mandatory by Sony. I'm grabing the PS4 Eye day one because I'm constantly on video chat with friends and family around the world and we all are upgrading to PS4 day one. Our Friday night parties via vchat are crazy. Everyone has a house full with people and it just amazing to see everyone coming together.

PoSTedUP1701d ago

thats what i mainly use it for, videochat, and a mic, itwas good with that poker game but thats about it. the games were bad, fun at first, but they didnt really support it. i couldnt Wait to see what more they had for the eyetoy... nothing... i gave up waiting after a couple of years and crowned it a webcam. i showed my lil cousin a game and he was thrilled, i was like "yep, that's about all youre gonna get outta That thing.." and unplugged it, never to be played with again.

ps4 eye camera games look really great tho. ill be getting it for web chat and a mic mainly. glad its not manditory, cuz i dont want it right away.

Eonjay1701d ago

Those controllers are beautiful

Ittoryu1700d ago

I thought the Kinects was cool at first then it just got old screaming at it and re calibrating it every two days. The only thing I find cool about Kinects now is what hackers are doing with it outside of gaming like Skin touch etc.

Aery1700d ago


Sounds like you got a lot of fun!
That's the spirit !

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KwietStorm1701d ago

I'm glad they didn't include it so that the price wouldn't be unnecessarily inflated, and so more people would find the purchase easier to make, but I will be using it just like I did with the PS3 camera. Video chat, live streaming, homegrown porn on the big screen, and the chance that motion implementations are actually worthwhile. It could actually work well in horror games like Outlast or Slender.

JRH77831701d ago

Homegrown porn huh?????? Thought I was the only one. LOL... The new camera should capture video better.

insomnium21700d ago

LOL I never used the PS camera with my wifey. I enjoy pov better with traditional camera. Pov with 2 vacant hands spreading all kinds of interesting places wide open is the way to go.

eplusr1701d ago

To be honest I actually ended up preordering the new eye for the PS4 whether I end up using it or not is another story entirely.

However I like knowing I've got options be it video chat or the controller functionality that is said to be coming with it.

Developers of the third party variety may or may not support it since the install base won't be as high as say the Kinect. Still I can see Sony first party studios making use of it but I guess only time will tell.

theXtReMe11700d ago

I bought Kinect day one and used it for about two weeks with the bowling game, which my wife and I really enjoyed. Once we played in a while, it became more hassle to start it up and use it then it was worth and it went right in the closet where it has stayed since two weeks after we bought it.

Sony made the right decision in not including it and raising the price for no reason. Microsoft last generation brought it out and as they do with all of their add ons, supported it very little. The wheel, flight stick, Kinect, Retro Arcade, etc...

Microsoft never follows through with their ideas. I had 100 friends with the retro arcade, buying everything they released... Then, they simply stopped supporting it, or when they did... It was with games nobody ever heard or cared about. Just one of many great ideas they had that died on delivery. Im shocked they even brought Kinect to the next gen. I guess they feel that they still have a lot of investment to make up for, in buying and marketing the technology. I guarantee that very little third party support will bless Kinect... And when it does, it will be nonsensical and unimportant to the experience.

As you can tell, Im not a huge fan of motion controls and Microsofts lazy approach to their brilliant ideas. I am actually switching from Microsofts brand to Sonys this gen, because I like Sonys dedication to games and gamers. I feel Microsoft is totally dismissing the core gamers who made the Xbox brand, to chase after the neon rainbow, that is Apples multimedia empire. I want to play the best version of the best games and the extra power in the PS4 will ensure that. Not to mention Sonys unbelievable first party offerings.

I cannot wait for this next generation and a fresh new start, with fresh new ideas from Sony and the PS4.

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abzdine1701d ago (Edited 1701d ago )

PSeye will bring a + to the gaming immersion, FOR THOSE INTERESTED!
i am gonna get one because i am a Move fan as well.. i also love good experiences like wonderbook, EyePet and any other augmented reality games.

scott1821701d ago

I love how good the move conrtollers work with sports games, there is so much control it's great. Knowing that my move controllers I have will still work with the PS4 is a huge plus for me also. Definitely getting the camera.

PoSTedUP1701d ago

i like how they implemented AR into vita games. look around the map, play tennis in first person view. just kinda proves VR is on its way. i think its gonna happen this gen. i really do. and im talking from sony, better than the OC rift.

shoddy1701d ago

Cool more hidden features Sony didn't even brag about

ALLWRONG1700d ago

Why would Sony brag about the things they copy?

Mr_cheese1700d ago

Your username says it all

ALLWRONG1700d ago

Yeah because Sony has an infrared 3D camera with voice control... Oh! they do now.

That = copy

Try again

sigfredod1701d ago

no gestures or voice commands for me, i will use my DS4 thx

Deadpoolio1701d ago

Thats the nice thing it's optional, they would like you to use it but are not forcing you to use it....Unlike some other company that wants to cram it down your throat.....I'm getting the camera just because I ran out of PS4 launch things to pay off and liked the move on PS3 hopefully it gets more support for those of us that choose to either try it out and take advantage or try it out and move on

ShinnokDrako1701d ago

Always been interested in those kind of peripherals, but since i don't use them so much i don't know if i'm going to get the camera. Glad they didn't insert it in the console, it would be a waste in my case (and camera included would mean bigger price too). Mabe later, if they make a particular bundle camera + game with good price i could think about it.

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