GTA V's Torture Scene Is Entirely Justifiable

Gaming Union: "It’s that time of the year again, when a Grand Theft Auto title releases and everyone with a soap box and some sort of grudge against the industry declares whether games are (or are not) art and what elements of the medium should (or should not) be allowed. Raising questions into the integrity of the entertainment sector is commonplace, but gaming offers a unique perspective that a book or film cannot. Making a player partake in an intense, if questionable, moment is a unique way to deliver narrative; and when the subject in question is rape, torture, or murder it’s understandable why a few ethical questions would be raised."

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fozzness1703d ago

Completely agree. And great comparison with Heavy Rain... hated doing those freaking trials... also hated having to control the villain upon replaying it.... but alas, that's part of the game *shrug*

Scrivlar1703d ago

I felt very uncomfortable with the torture scene but much like the cut scene with Floyd and his Girlfriend , They reminded me that Trevor is a very dangerous maniac and sadistic murderer. I think it's important to remember that otherwise it doesn't do the character justice.

Pintheshadows1703d ago

I think the whole point is that you feel uncomfortable. It shows just how violent and depraved Trevor is. He enjoys this kind of thing and whilst he could refuse or find another out he doesn't.

Sanrin1703d ago

Exactly. You're not meant to be comfortable with his level of depravity, although if you are perhaps...that's something to be concerned with?

Scrivlar1703d ago

People saying Heavy Rain was worse are wrong in my opinion. You were doing it to yourself but with Trevor you were torturing an innocent terrified man when you knew he would've told you anyway, it was torture for the sake of torture. If the guy was a terrorist and the mission was to torture him for ways to stop a bomb I wouldn't have given a shit.

titletownrelo1703d ago (Edited 1703d ago )

well said man