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Xbox One New Details: Media Files, HTML5 Support, "Developers Loving System SDK and Performance"

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb talks all about the Xbox One. (Xbox One)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   795d ago
I wish digital game prices were discounted (on or around launch). :/
BluEx610  +   795d ago
They kind of are discounted since they don't charge you for sales tax.
Ame_No_Shiryuu  +   795d ago
XtraTrstrL + 29m ago

"The main difference here is that on PS4 it's the indie devs themselves saying they love the SDK and environment, here it's Major Nelson saying that devs love the Xbone SDK. All credibility goes out the window right away."

thanks XtraTrstrL for pretty much sum this whole thing up...^^
tokugawa  +   795d ago
lol so, he makes a ps4 comparison comment just for the fanboy response, then says that he doesn't know what the 8gig of flash memory is for....??

the whole thing smacks of trolling imo.

microsoft are upto something....
SilentNegotiator  +   795d ago

Yeah, it's pretty funny that Larry "Major Marketing Poppycock" Hryb has to tell us that the developers love the Xbox One SDK. It was probably their anonymous "confirmed xbox developer" on reddit that "informed" him how great the SDK was.
gaffyh  +   795d ago
So that port was a USB B port, wonder what it's used for in development.
donman1  +   795d ago
Not good enough as you cannot trade in a digital version of a game. Digital format should be at least $10 less.
FamilyGuy  +   795d ago
On a different note

Anyone else concerned about the statement on playing personal media files?

What do they mean "there would be a solution"? Does he mean they haven't chosen all the acceptable audio and video formats yet or that playing your own videos is current not possible and that they are working on it?

I'm pretty sure it's the first but it's weird that the basics on media reading isn't sorted out already. It'll be cool if it turns out to be able to read MKV files for example, subtitle options included. Neither system read them (natively) this gen.
UltimateMaster  +   795d ago
"However, he stated that, “Developers are loving the system SDK and the performance.” Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features."

So basically, the SDK "Open GL or Direct X11" are basically the same.
But the PS4 is 50% stronger.

Nelson was taking about the kits being the same, not the consoles; read the article.

Xbox One will include Adobe Flash Player.
Sephiroushin  +   795d ago
Yeah but not only on or at launch, publishers don't use a single coin in handling /shipping etc but they still charge you it, digital should be cheaper... After 6 months of the release of X game you go to a store and that X game is $30 or less but on the PSN/Live still full price "smh" ... It's also why retail still has so much demand, why must we pay $60 for retail and $60 for digital even after that a game has received a price drop ...

@ BluEx610
Sales taxes has nothing to do with this, the state is the one that charge you the sales taxes, publisher do not spend money on shipping so they should not charge the product like they were spending money on shipping, plastic case and paper hell no...
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FamilyGuy  +   795d ago
PSN is matched with the retail prices most of the time. I recently noticed Ni No Kuni drop to $19.99 at walmart and I checked the digital version on PSN and it was dropped to $20 as well.

I'm not sure about every game (obviously) but that one was very noticeable because of how cheap it is already.
thehitman  +   794d ago
Its about keeping the retailers happy. Retailers wont be happy if everyone started dling the games instead of buying from their stores. Ultimately retailers could request less and less stock and spend less money advertising the products for them, but that is not an avenue anyone wants to go down.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   795d ago
Give it time and you'll see sales tax on that too. Just like the government is pushing Amazon to do.
azshorty2003  +   795d ago
Yea, Amazon here in Virginia just started charging tax. I'm pretty pissed.
Sitdown  +   795d ago
GA started September 1st......and even back taxed my system preorders
nunley33  +   795d ago
just do what i did and change what state you live in in your profile. psn thinks i live in fla where there is no state income tax even though i don't live there. i don't pay any state sales taxes that way. This is especially good if you use psn cards. you get a $20 card and you can then buy a $20 game but i couldn't if i were to put in my real state.
THamm  +   795d ago
I saw this___Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb talks all about the Xbox One.___ under the heading and knew this was a waste of time
Jeedai Infidel  +   795d ago
Yet, here you are.
snipab8t  +   794d ago
I am a huge xbox fan but even I know Major Nelson is a Major Douchebag.
xKugo  +   795d ago
You and me both. No reason for digital game prices to even be the same cost a retail in the first place. Really makes my envy Steam and what they have going on.
AceBlazer13  +   795d ago
steam isn't that great though, maybe they have good sales but on average games cost more than retail and amazon digital. never understood why pc gamers touted steam over amazon .
nunley33  +   795d ago
There is a reason actually within the first 6 months at least. it's to not not undercut retail partners who sony and ms depend on to sell their systems,games. other products.
avengers1978  +   795d ago
When I click to read an article like this, I kind of expect to see quotes from developers, and questions being asked and answered by different developers, not Major Nelson.
StoutBEER  +   795d ago
Digital price drops would be crazy. So excited! Barely 2 months to go! Then imma be playin 64 players in BF4. Can hardly wait!
1nsomniac  +   795d ago
This is the whole problem with digital downloads & why it hasn't & will never fully catch on.

Its all about greed, they don't want to have to pay fees to others for publishing, manufacturing, distribution but then instead of making the game cheaper to match the reduction in these costs they charge equal or even more.

People just arn't that stupid, they know that if companies forced digital only distribution the prices would show a huge massive increase. I could easily see prices going up to £100/$150 per game within the first year.
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nunley33  +   795d ago
you make some good points but it wouldn't get that crazy. no one would buy a standard copy for those prices and money still talks. the market still dictates price even in a full digital environment.
1nsomniac  +   795d ago
If the only place to get it is online then they control the price not us. No one can pick it up second hand or cheap from a shop sale or borrow it from a friend.

It's all greed & it will always be pushed to the maximum if given the opportunity.

Were already seeing the prices of next generation games rise to £60 or £70 digital downloads even though several developers & Sony themselves have also said games should be cheaper as tools & costs are becoming better & cheaper. I would put money on it that before next gen is over digital downloads will be forced to be more common & prices will be at £100.
r1sh12  +   795d ago
yea 100%.
There is no plastic for CD or case and no tax on it, so of course it should be cheaper.
But everyone wants to make the consumers pay even more
JetsFool3500  +   794d ago
Or Atleast give an incentive to go digital like getting it 1 day early
RiPPn  +   795d ago
More "truth" from major douchebag?
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ABizzel1  +   795d ago
"That 8 GB of flash memory? Nelson has no idea currently, but will elaborate as his engineers provide more information. However, he stated that, “Developers are loving the system SDK and the performance.” Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features. So developers are probably actually enjoying it."


I'm tickled. There's little to no difference, because the XB1 is the weaker console hardware-wise, and thus they're coding for your console as the LCD (lowest common denominator) when it comes to next-gen versions. On top of that Major Nelson is sharing the details from said developer, whereas developers have come out in masses in support of the PS4. Take a seat sir.

No shade to the XB1, but sunglasses on midnight to Mr. Larry Hryb.
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AnteCash  +   795d ago
How can some1 call himself Major Nelson.... so stupid.
Hellsvacancy  +   795d ago
I've often wondered who thought up that name, I always assumed it was Halo related
RiPPn  +   795d ago
It's a character from the 1960s show " I Dream of Genie."

Dlacy13g  +   795d ago
It comes from the tv show back in the day called " I dream of genie. "
Ron_Danger  +   795d ago
Major Nelson is his twitter name and it refers to a character from the old tv show I Dresm of Genie
jmc8888  +   795d ago
Larry Hagman is rolling over in his grave then.

That major nelson had morals, values, etc.

This major nelson is a Tokyo Rose.
NewZealander  +   795d ago
its his gamer tag duh....
AnteCash  +   793d ago
so you call ur self New"real name"Zealender
NewZealander  +   792d ago
no i do not call myself New (real name) Zealander.

i was simply answering your original question.

"How can some1 call himself Major Nelson.... so stupid."

its his gamertag...
TomahawkX  +   795d ago
" Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features"

hmm so Xbox cost $100 more and there is little to no difference on multiplat games? Guess I'm getting a PS4 and saving $100. thanks
MELMAN26  +   795d ago
Yes you will be saving $100 but you will be missing out on some cool exclusives.
AnteCash  +   795d ago
no he wont...
C-Thunder  +   795d ago
If you're concerned about exclusives and can only buy one, you wouldn't buy an Xbox.
syne49  +   795d ago
Oh come off it man. Just because you don't like the Xbox One doesn't mean it won't see worthwhile titles. I am buying a PS4 first but I would kill to have Crimson Dragon. If Yukio Futatsugi ends up making his Crimson Dragon rpg I will drop money on a one right there. Its going to be an awesome gen for both sides. Absolutely no need to be negative.
Salooh  +   795d ago
Most of Xbox exclusives go to pc. And MS have a bad history with exclusives.

That's why i'm not buying it . They are not fooling me again. However , each can make his own decision ^^ . I for one if i want something else then the ps4 , i will go for pc. I still don't see a solid reason to buy X1.
MELMAN26  +   795d ago
@14 Feb

I do not own a pc I would rather spend that money being a duel console owner and picking up the exclusives for each system plus non of my friends have gaming pcs anymore. Nothing against pc owners it's just my preference.

I just cannot see myself missing out on exclusives for either one of these 2 consoles. And when Nintendo gets more exclusives that appeal to me, I will get a Wii u as well.
Godmars290  +   795d ago
Isn't the same exactly true for the PS4, only you save $100?

Buy only one regardless, you're going to miss out on something.
MELMAN26  +   794d ago

Yes, but the way I see it...I would get the xbox first as killzone is the only ps4 launch title that I am interested in, then you have Deep Down and Infamous coming later on. You will not really see ps4 take off until year 2 or 3 when they unleash what Naughty dog and Sony Santa Monica has to offer.

For me, xbox has the heavy hitter exclusives for launch and the first year with games like Halo, killer Instinct, forza, DR3, Ryse and Quantum Break.
Liefx  +   794d ago
Or he could spend and extra $100 and miss out on some cool exclusives.

It goes both ways.
MELMAN26  +   795d ago
Why wouldn't he??
ABeastNamedTariq  +   795d ago
Maybe he doesn't like MS's exclusives? Or doesn't care for them enough to spend an extra $100?
MELMAN26  +   795d ago

Maybe, but that still doesn't mean that he will not be missing out on a few good exclusives.

If I didn't care for/play "the last of us", that doesn't mean that it wasn't a great exclusive that I would have missed out on.

I would let the person speak for themselves instead of speculating his or her potential taste in gaming.
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   795d ago
You have a point. *strokes invisible beard*
Nik_P757  +   795d ago
It's funny how 80% of the time I hear that "developers are loving the X1" it's someone from Microsoft saying it. HTML5 support is dope though I guess.
Bzone24  +   795d ago
How is that any different than a random, anonymous, possibly made up developer trashing it?
Nik_P757  +   795d ago
I don't think I made the statement that it was. I could point out that there is a lot of known developers to come out and say the PS4 is better though. I've yet to see a developer that doesn't work for MS say the X1 is better. I honestly could care less what's more powerful. I know why I'll be buying a PS4 first and getting an X1 later on too.
lifeisgamesok  +   795d ago
Microsoft is getting some good press

Things are definitely turning around for them

gaelic_laoch  +   795d ago
"Things are definitely turning around for them"

Is it?

Time will tell when the sales figures come out compared to PS4! Cannot argue with the pre order numbers as it is!
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BX81  +   795d ago
"Is it?" ...... Yes. Everyone can say ms keeps doing 180's but when u reveal things that the majority of gamers don't want then you better do a 180. I can't wait for both systems to drop.
OrangePowerz  +   795d ago
Well it's a statement from an employee of the company that makes the console. I believe it when such comments come from devs.
jmc8888  +   795d ago
Since when is it 'good press' to have your spokesperson go out and say something nice (and incorrect) about your system?

This just in, the Marlboro man say he likes Marlboros.

This just in, Ronald McDonald says he likes Happy Meals.

Actually Major Nelson's words are lies, and come from the company itself....so it's not really good press, when it's an employee, who's lying through his teeth.
nunley33  +   795d ago
Keep looking for independant xbone good news,ms pr speak isn't a credible source of news. html5 is the new standard that is replacing flash everywhere.It wasn't too surprising but good to know they know it's 2013 but i fear they still have a bleak 1984 vision they would love to implement.
XtraTrstrL  +   795d ago
The main difference here is that on PS4 it's the indie devs themselves saying they love the SDK and environment, here it's Major Nelson saying that devs love the Xbone SDK. All credibility goes out the window right away.
jmc8888  +   795d ago
Meanwhile the actual devs really are saying the ESRAM is a 'pain'.

Remember, the guy can't lie...he's a real major. Oh wait....
Bzone24  +   795d ago
Which developers are saying it?
MarkusMcNugen  +   795d ago

You know how it does. One anonymous dev says the eSRAM is a pain. Then some reads it and says somewhere else "some devs say the eSRAM is a pain," which then turns into "theactual devs are saying eSRAM is a pain.

Its like fox news and there "Some people say" crap. Its always either a person fishing for something thats not there, or a journalist being lazy and not doing there job.

Just ignore jmc8888. He was one of the "OMGZ!!! KINECTZ 2 IS A SPYBOX" guys.
Kryptix  +   794d ago


"...a platform-agnostic development build can run at around 30FPS in 1920×1080 on PS4, but it’ll run at “20-something” FPS in 1600×900 on Xbox One. “Xbox One is weaker and it’s a pain to use its ESRAM,” concluded one developer."

3 days later...


"Ryse: Son of Rome has been confirmed as running at native 900p on Xbox One, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg has clarified, after yesterday stating that it ran at 1080p."

The Edge article is credible since it states that if the Xbox One uses it's "full power" with no optimizations, the test resulted in a 900p resolution as the max. 3 days later, the best looking game on the Xbox One has been clarified to only run at a native resolution of 900p. If you connect the dots, then the ESRAM statement is true since the developer was spot on with the 900p resolution. What is there to gain for lying? The developer was just giving out the facts as requested by Edge, a reliable gaming magazine business in UK.
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DEEBO  +   795d ago
all i know is.MS has given gamestop some type of deal or plan.i don't know what's it about but we are having a meeting on the 29th of this month about the x1.it's mandatory to be at the meeting too.there is nothing i don't know about the system but if MS is paying gamestop employee's to attend a meeting.more power to them.stupid meeting is too early for me.7:20a.m
Flutterby  +   795d ago
It's probably that thing they are doing where they are going around training the shops assistants on how to properly use the xbone features.
Dlacy13g  +   795d ago
I wonder if MS is announcing a U.S. game bundle deal? That or some special promo with Gamestop.
DEEBO  +   795d ago
didn't get into details but i know the meeting is about the x1.
AceofStaves  +   795d ago
That's what I'm thinking. I can't wait to see what the deal is, if there is one.
Derajcan2  +   795d ago
Longest two months of my life, all this good xbox news excites me
Flutterby  +   795d ago
What good news lol seriously the only ppl praising the xbone are MS pr guys or the MS pr guys saying someone else said it , on the other hand devs are actually saying theses things about the ps4 and Sony doesn't need to say anything.
Derajcan2  +   795d ago
Hate all you want, your loss.
jmc8888  +   795d ago
So pointing out facts and noticing that a paid Microsoft propaganda spewer, or the equivalent of being a gaming Goebbels, says something 180 degrees different then all of the other devs who have compared the two, and it's hate to point this poignant #truthfact out?

What's he losing? Xbox One is going to offer the 3rd best version of multiplatform games to purchase. So unless he's only capable of gaming the 4th best version Wii U, then what exactly is he missing?
MarkusMcNugen  +   795d ago

Yes. Lets ignore the Xbox One exclusives and any features the Xbox One has.

Ive seen so many people saying "But the devs... they say the PS4 is 50% faster." However I have yet to see any developer actually put there money where their mouth is. All Im seeing is "Some anonymous devs" on every article.

Ill believe it when impartial devs will openly say it, or benchmarks are produced for both systems.
Caleb_H  +   795d ago
Microsoft says the devs love the xbox one, the devs say they love the ps4. Who would you believe?
#11 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
Kuse  +   795d ago
What Devs? The "anonymous" ones? Come on man...lol
STANK08  +   794d ago
Naughty Dog Sucker Punch MM are the Devs he's referring to. Sony first party studios.
Ohlmay  +   795d ago
I'm getting both consoles, but HTML5 support and developers loving the system, great news!
Sarick  +   795d ago
Are the HDML5 features are behind the pay wall? What point is having a bunch of features behind a pay wall?

If you've bought the console why is it okay to pay by renting the rights to use basic features that should be given freely? Think about it most features are behind their Live subscription pay wall.

If you don't subscribe to live exactly what features aren't behind the pay wall? Think about it closely. It's okay to enjoy a product/features but they aren't all free.

Don't get me wrong. I just want people to realize that simply owning the console isn't enough. You need to keep subscribing to maintain most of its core functions.
shadyiswin  +   795d ago
um,you buy a system to play games first and foremost right? so why complain about pay walls? There's a reason why xbox is never hacked,updates quick and fast and just an overall smoother experience. Pay walls is why xbl is as great as it is,if you can't afford $5 a month then maybe you reconsider gaming or play on ps3 we won't miss you,but you wont,you will buy xbox live cause you know its the sh*t,on top of that ive had xbox live for 10 yrs and never have payed more than $40 for a year.
Gasian  +   794d ago
But the pornos though ;)
Sarick  +   794d ago

I'm a customer. I enjoy games. It doesn't matter if they was made in 1985 or recently released. If I don't like a game based on what I see I'm not going buy it. That doesn't mean I'm poor it just means I have a sense of subjective value.

It doesn't matter what company ruffles my feathers! If they appear to be exploiting me as a customer then I'm no ones B&(%h. I'll speak with my money and opinion.

When I look at the competition is see more customer friendly policies/practices. Does it matter what I think as a single entity? As an intelligent customer I choose not to support some business practices with my wallet. It's a personal choice that I feel is best suited to my moral standards.

I'm not wrong by pointing out most services are behind a paywall. Even the non-gaming ones that are being pointed out as bullet points as the system features. I don't see consoles as cheap toys. I see them as an entertainment investments.

I feel that If I pay hundreds for a console I should be allowed to use all services that are available for free on other multimedia devices without a paywall. If they can't do then they aren't getting a penny from me. This is just my choice. If you don't care about my reasoning then pay no attention to it.

The gaming community has the power to make or break the industry. If we as gamers throw our cash around like idiots companies will gobble it up and still want more. The moment we're less compulsive and start voting with our wallets is when the market thrives for us not the companies who wish to exploit us.

On a last note.. Xbox not/never been hacked? Umm. I'll let someone else talk about that. I'm no expert but from what I've read on the internet that's not entirely true.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   794d ago
We welcome you to the PSN then, friend. The water is lovely, and remember "keep it classy".
Goku781  +   795d ago
So let me get this straight, if many people in the gaming/ development community say PS4 is better to work on we aren't supposed to believe it. But if Major Nelson says devs love XBox One and there is little to no difference we are supposed to believe everything he says? Come on man, really?
Ohlmay  +   795d ago
Kojima and the ex head of Naughty Dog came out and said the differences between the two consoles are nothing and both perform great and Kojima backed up it with MGS5 working on the Xbox One and looking no different than the PS4 version, should we ignore that?
Goku781  +   795d ago
So 1 + 1 is purple, if you hear from the right person telling you what you wanna hear is what you are saying? Ok.
Salooh  +   795d ago
Why argue about this?. Just wait for both consoles to prove them selfs in that subject. Then buy the platform you like. For me i never cared about which one have better version because both looked almost the same to me even though i know 360 had most of the time better versions. What matters are the exclusives to me. The only game i'm interested in is quantum break which hopefully will come to pc.
shadyiswin  +   795d ago
microsoft is a software company,developers will love the xbox one,you will see this as more and more multiplatform games perform better on xbox and over xbox live,it's a given.

The news more or less is that sony isn't playing hardball anymore and are develop friendly,microsoft always has been so its a giving,anything on this site to make xb1 look negative,no one wants to talk about sony's boring ass tgs showing,with once again no new games,what has sony showed since e3??? wtf did they show at e3??? the ps4 wont be a legit system till 2015
Ketzicorn  +   795d ago
Any one in the gaming industry that MS doesn't pay want to comment on this?
WeaseL  +   795d ago
lol @ "The Xbox One will be launching worldwide on November 22nd across 13 territories."
worldwide = Extending or reaching throughout the world
There are 193 countries in the world and 13 is less than 7% of the world
TheFallenAngel  +   795d ago
While I agreed about the 13 countries are not "world wide". Those 13 markets are in the top 20 biggest economies of the world. Where ms is most likely to sell more xboxs.
shadyiswin  +   795d ago
worldwide is the same as saying all around the world,it will be launching all around the world on 11/22.

Not in the U.S.A on 11/15
Europe 11/29
and japan 2/22/14

would only need to launched on 3/7 continents to be considered world wide
sAVAge_bEaST  +   795d ago
Still waiting for that "truth" to be dropped on us M.N. or is this it??? because this is Major Bull5hite.-Other wise known as Marketing Propaganda. (since all the devs in the last couple of weeks, have said that the Ps4 has a more advanced Software Development Kit)
#16 (Edited 795d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
PFFT  +   795d ago
I think the only ones that dislike the XBO are the Sony fanboys and Developers on Sony pay roll.
Rhaigun  +   795d ago
Yes, because no one is capable of their own opinion. Such as you and your conspiracy theory.
PFFT  +   795d ago
Most negative opinions towards the XBO come from Sony fanboys. No if or buts about it.
Rhaigun  +   795d ago
That's not really a revelation. I could say most negative PS4 comments come from MS Fanboys, and it still holds true.

How about this though? I bought the 360 first, and love it, but I hate what the brand has become. Therefore, I will not buy the Xbox One.

Proof of my Xbox allegiance, Gamertag: Rhaigun
Kryptix  +   794d ago
Gamertag: Kryptix7

74 games played on Xbox 360

^Proof that I own a 360 and experienced Microsoft's side of console gaming.

It's not just the Sony fanboys, it's a large percentage of gamers. Back when the polls ran after E3, PS4 dominated with a 75% against the Xbox One's 25%. Xbox loyalists love to live in their own world where Microsoft is perfect no matter how bad it is in the real world where everyone lives. The problem is, Xbots would take everything in and always point the finger into misinformation or don't look back at history. Weaker graphics? Point the finger at MisterX's blog filled with always changing, inconsistent BS or Microsoft's PR. You say it will have better exclusives? Microsoft hasn't supported the 360 very well after the release of the Kinect, 3 years since then.

Here's the difference between Sony fanboys and Xbox fanboys. Most Sony fanboys back what they say with logical facts or they won't say anything. Most Xbox fanboys believe in everything positive and nothing negative. I seen a lot of Xbox fanboys scrape off the negative like it was nothing. "Oh, the developers say the Xbox One is weaker than the PS4. Oh it's fine, cause games are still going to look better than the PS4." Like, how idiotic and stupid is that? lol I prefer the Playstation, but I'm not going to pretend that facts are lies. And so far, the PS4 is looking like the console to get if you want a true next gen console from start to end with better support by developers and Sony with their consumers.
mkis007  +   795d ago
Not true, Ms does plenty good at creating their own negative opinions.
Sarick  +   795d ago
It doesn't matter what company I choose. I have my own opinions. Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft all ruffle my feathers. I'm just one person and always choose the lesser disdain towards all.

Seriously, after what Microsoft tried with DRM licensing on XB1 and Windows 8 metro can you honestly with a straight face look at people and call them fanboys? There is some very well documented practices and policies that shouldn't be ignored. Ignorance of history is no excuse.

Microsoft isn't your friend. They're in it to make money. Sony and Nintendo are also in it to make money. There is little difference when you look at the big three.

The company with the most aggressive/exploitative strategy is the one with the highest negative public opinion. This is a subjective outlook created by action and the lack of respect not stupidity or simple arrogance.

Look at it like popularity in a social world. If one constantly attempts to exploit their friends for personal gain they start losing them. The reason so meny people may have so so much bias is because they feel betrayed and exploited.

The customers have spoken up. "WE are no ones Bi_RHch" The famous quote from William Congreve comes to mind as I write this comment.

"Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned, Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned,"

So the next time you declare no confidence in opinion look at the moral reality behind the stern bias some people have.
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mochachino  +   795d ago
Funny how when PS4 is being praised, it's by developers but when xone is being praised it's by MS employees.
wishingW3L  +   795d ago
once both consoles are out and we see real performance differences between the 2 the bubble will burst. On favor of who? I'm not even gonna give an opinion on that, let the games do the talking.

Neither console have exotic architecture so there are no excuses now when it comes to multiplat development.
christocolus  +   795d ago
im happy for ms..they just need to keep focusing on making the console even beter.looking forward to launch..and im also happy about crimson dragon and d4..d4 especially .cos after reading the previews of d4 im so glad the kinect was included in the box....imagine what other devs can achieve with it.
Belking  +   795d ago
We all know MS always provide kick ass SDks. Just one more week to go and we will probably find out eve more stuff about this awesome console.
timotim  +   795d ago
HTML5 AND FLASH! This is great news! The best browser in the biz is being ported over just as I hoped. That means damn near every site on the web will be compatible...mix that with X1's ability to snap apps and multitask and it will be the ultimate entertainment device.
azshorty2003  +   795d ago
Wait, this isn't a satire article? I thought it was a joke at the point of not being able to play personal media files, no digital codes at retail, and the comment made about the RAM.
yellowgerbil  +   795d ago
can people stop linking to sites that have nothing but popup ads. This site is terrible
medziarz  +   795d ago
"Developers loving the system" - a blatant lie.

The truth is exactly the opposite, as one Ubisoft employee stated on twitter, that he's been working on next-gen for some time and hates Microsoft's platform because it's a terrible mess - went as far as to say that he wishes them death.

Add to that the fact that no 3rd party developer has ever publicly complemented X1 - everyone is generally mute about it.
AceBlazer13  +   795d ago
know what would be great? if sony and micro put their best devs on a team and have them make a game for the 2 consoles and the game maxed out their respective platforms then we could put this console war to rest.
LoTuZ  +   795d ago
Developers are loving the performance? I should hope so.
condemmedman  +   795d ago
Sony fan boys will come running to trash talk the Xbox they have nothing better to do with their sad lives. When the ps4 launches you won't have time to come on here as you will need 50 % more time to play those 50% more powerful games ha ha ha. Yeh right!
Empire X  +   795d ago
It was the same way with x box fans bashing the ps3. Funny how things have changed. Now both sides know what it feels like.
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condemmedman  +   792d ago
Just grow up and get over it.
voodoogts  +   794d ago
Hmmm someone mention numbers.... I wonder if this will get Sony out of the four year that company has not made any gains...
bromtown  +   794d ago
Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb... *closes tab*
FAT MAN GO BOOM  +   794d ago
Larry "Major Lying His Pants off Nelson" Hryb

Opens his mouth once again only to have more BS fall out...

Nothing this guy says can trusted. Nothing but lies on top of lies. The king of used card sales men in a suit.

Gamers will be better once this meat brick is retired and off the scene of the gaming world...

MS brand will be much better off with out him...

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