Xbox One New Details: Media Files, HTML5 Support, "Developers Loving System SDK and Performance"

Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb talks all about the Xbox One.

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ABeastNamedTariq1524d ago

I wish digital game prices were discounted (on or around launch). :/

BluEx6101524d ago

They kind of are discounted since they don't charge you for sales tax.

Ame_No_Shiryuu1524d ago

XtraTrstrL + 29m ago

"The main difference here is that on PS4 it's the indie devs themselves saying they love the SDK and environment, here it's Major Nelson saying that devs love the Xbone SDK. All credibility goes out the window right away."

thanks XtraTrstrL for pretty much sum this whole thing up...^^

tokugawa1524d ago

lol so, he makes a ps4 comparison comment just for the fanboy response, then says that he doesn't know what the 8gig of flash memory is for....??

the whole thing smacks of trolling imo.

microsoft are upto something....

SilentNegotiator1524d ago


Yeah, it's pretty funny that Larry "Major Marketing Poppycock" Hryb has to tell us that the developers love the Xbox One SDK. It was probably their anonymous "confirmed xbox developer" on reddit that "informed" him how great the SDK was.

gaffyh1524d ago

So that port was a USB B port, wonder what it's used for in development.

donman11524d ago

Not good enough as you cannot trade in a digital version of a game. Digital format should be at least $10 less.

FamilyGuy1524d ago

On a different note

Anyone else concerned about the statement on playing personal media files?

What do they mean "there would be a solution"? Does he mean they haven't chosen all the acceptable audio and video formats yet or that playing your own videos is current not possible and that they are working on it?

I'm pretty sure it's the first but it's weird that the basics on media reading isn't sorted out already. It'll be cool if it turns out to be able to read MKV files for example, subtitle options included. Neither system read them (natively) this gen.

UltimateMaster1524d ago

"However, he stated that, “Developers are loving the system SDK and the performance.” Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features."

So basically, the SDK "Open GL or Direct X11" are basically the same.
But the PS4 is 50% stronger.

Nelson was taking about the kits being the same, not the consoles; read the article.

Xbox One will include Adobe Flash Player.

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Sephiroushin1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

Yeah but not only on or at launch, publishers don't use a single coin in handling /shipping etc but they still charge you it, digital should be cheaper... After 6 months of the release of X game you go to a store and that X game is $30 or less but on the PSN/Live still full price "smh" ... It's also why retail still has so much demand, why must we pay $60 for retail and $60 for digital even after that a game has received a price drop ...

@ BluEx610
Sales taxes has nothing to do with this, the state is the one that charge you the sales taxes, publisher do not spend money on shipping so they should not charge the product like they were spending money on shipping, plastic case and paper hell no...

FamilyGuy1524d ago

PSN is matched with the retail prices most of the time. I recently noticed Ni No Kuni drop to $19.99 at walmart and I checked the digital version on PSN and it was dropped to $20 as well.

I'm not sure about every game (obviously) but that one was very noticeable because of how cheap it is already.

thehitman1523d ago

Its about keeping the retailers happy. Retailers wont be happy if everyone started dling the games instead of buying from their stores. Ultimately retailers could request less and less stock and spend less money advertising the products for them, but that is not an avenue anyone wants to go down.

Ipunchbabiesforfun1524d ago

Give it time and you'll see sales tax on that too. Just like the government is pushing Amazon to do.

Agent_00_Revan1524d ago

Yea, Amazon here in Virginia just started charging tax. I'm pretty pissed.

Sitdown1524d ago

GA started September 1st......and even back taxed my system preorders

nunley331524d ago

just do what i did and change what state you live in in your profile. psn thinks i live in fla where there is no state income tax even though i don't live there. i don't pay any state sales taxes that way. This is especially good if you use psn cards. you get a $20 card and you can then buy a $20 game but i couldn't if i were to put in my real state.

THamm1524d ago

I saw this___Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb talks all about the Xbox One.___ under the heading and knew this was a waste of time

snipab8t1524d ago

I am a huge xbox fan but even I know Major Nelson is a Major Douchebag.

xKugo1524d ago

You and me both. No reason for digital game prices to even be the same cost a retail in the first place. Really makes my envy Steam and what they have going on.

AceBlazer131524d ago

steam isn't that great though, maybe they have good sales but on average games cost more than retail and amazon digital. never understood why pc gamers touted steam over amazon .

nunley331524d ago

There is a reason actually within the first 6 months at least. it's to not not undercut retail partners who sony and ms depend on to sell their systems,games. other products.

avengers19781524d ago

When I click to read an article like this, I kind of expect to see quotes from developers, and questions being asked and answered by different developers, not Major Nelson.

StoutBEER1524d ago

Digital price drops would be crazy. So excited! Barely 2 months to go! Then imma be playin 64 players in BF4. Can hardly wait!

1nsomniac1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

This is the whole problem with digital downloads & why it hasn't & will never fully catch on.

Its all about greed, they don't want to have to pay fees to others for publishing, manufacturing, distribution but then instead of making the game cheaper to match the reduction in these costs they charge equal or even more.

People just arn't that stupid, they know that if companies forced digital only distribution the prices would show a huge massive increase. I could easily see prices going up to £100/$150 per game within the first year.

nunley331524d ago

you make some good points but it wouldn't get that crazy. no one would buy a standard copy for those prices and money still talks. the market still dictates price even in a full digital environment.

1nsomniac1524d ago

If the only place to get it is online then they control the price not us. No one can pick it up second hand or cheap from a shop sale or borrow it from a friend.

It's all greed & it will always be pushed to the maximum if given the opportunity.

Were already seeing the prices of next generation games rise to £60 or £70 digital downloads even though several developers & Sony themselves have also said games should be cheaper as tools & costs are becoming better & cheaper. I would put money on it that before next gen is over digital downloads will be forced to be more common & prices will be at £100.

r1sh121524d ago

yea 100%.
There is no plastic for CD or case and no tax on it, so of course it should be cheaper.
But everyone wants to make the consumers pay even more

JetsFool35001523d ago

Or Atleast give an incentive to go digital like getting it 1 day early

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RiPPn1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )

More "truth" from major douchebag?

ABizzel11524d ago

"That 8 GB of flash memory? Nelson has no idea currently, but will elaborate as his engineers provide more information. However, he stated that, “Developers are loving the system SDK and the performance.” Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features. So developers are probably actually enjoying it."


I'm tickled. There's little to no difference, because the XB1 is the weaker console hardware-wise, and thus they're coding for your console as the LCD (lowest common denominator) when it comes to next-gen versions. On top of that Major Nelson is sharing the details from said developer, whereas developers have come out in masses in support of the PS4. Take a seat sir.

No shade to the XB1, but sunglasses on midnight to Mr. Larry Hryb.

snake_eater1524d ago ShowReplies(5)
AnteCash1524d ago

How can some1 call himself Major Nelson.... so stupid.

Hellsvacancy1524d ago

I've often wondered who thought up that name, I always assumed it was Halo related

RiPPn1524d ago

It's a character from the 1960s show " I Dream of Genie."

Dlacy13g1524d ago

It comes from the tv show back in the day called " I dream of genie. "

Ron_Danger1524d ago

Major Nelson is his twitter name and it refers to a character from the old tv show I Dresm of Genie

jmc88881524d ago

Larry Hagman is rolling over in his grave then.

That major nelson had morals, values, etc.

This major nelson is a Tokyo Rose.

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NewZealander1524d ago

its his gamer tag duh....

AnteCash1522d ago

so you call ur self New"real name"Zealender

NewZealander1521d ago

no i do not call myself New (real name) Zealander.

i was simply answering your original question.

"How can some1 call himself Major Nelson.... so stupid."

its his gamertag...

TomahawkX1524d ago

" Interestingly, the user is working on systems for both the PS4 and Xbox One and has stated that he found “little to no difference on multi-platform titles” with both consoles working well performance wise and having similar features"

hmm so Xbox cost $100 more and there is little to no difference on multiplat games? Guess I'm getting a PS4 and saving $100. thanks


Yes you will be saving $100 but you will be missing out on some cool exclusives.

C-Thunder1524d ago

If you're concerned about exclusives and can only buy one, you wouldn't buy an Xbox.

syne491524d ago

Oh come off it man. Just because you don't like the Xbox One doesn't mean it won't see worthwhile titles. I am buying a PS4 first but I would kill to have Crimson Dragon. If Yukio Futatsugi ends up making his Crimson Dragon rpg I will drop money on a one right there. Its going to be an awesome gen for both sides. Absolutely no need to be negative.

Salooh1524d ago

Most of Xbox exclusives go to pc. And MS have a bad history with exclusives.

That's why i'm not buying it . They are not fooling me again. However , each can make his own decision ^^ . I for one if i want something else then the ps4 , i will go for pc. I still don't see a solid reason to buy X1.


@14 Feb

I do not own a pc I would rather spend that money being a duel console owner and picking up the exclusives for each system plus non of my friends have gaming pcs anymore. Nothing against pc owners it's just my preference.

I just cannot see myself missing out on exclusives for either one of these 2 consoles. And when Nintendo gets more exclusives that appeal to me, I will get a Wii u as well.

Godmars2901524d ago

Isn't the same exactly true for the PS4, only you save $100?

Buy only one regardless, you're going to miss out on something.



Yes, but the way I see it...I would get the xbox first as killzone is the only ps4 launch title that I am interested in, then you have Deep Down and Infamous coming later on. You will not really see ps4 take off until year 2 or 3 when they unleash what Naughty dog and Sony Santa Monica has to offer.

For me, xbox has the heavy hitter exclusives for launch and the first year with games like Halo, killer Instinct, forza, DR3, Ryse and Quantum Break.

Liefx1523d ago

Or he could spend and extra $100 and miss out on some cool exclusives.

It goes both ways.

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ABeastNamedTariq1524d ago

Maybe he doesn't like MS's exclusives? Or doesn't care for them enough to spend an extra $100?

CYCLEGAMER1524d ago (Edited 1524d ago )


Maybe, but that still doesn't mean that he will not be missing out on a few good exclusives.

If I didn't care for/play "the last of us", that doesn't mean that it wasn't a great exclusive that I would have missed out on.

I would let the person speak for themselves instead of speculating his or her potential taste in gaming.

ABeastNamedTariq1524d ago

You have a point. *strokes invisible beard*