SNES Controller for Wii Ships

Nintendo of Japan have shipped a gorgeous Wii-compatible SNES controller for classic games.

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GutZ313809d ago

"5,000 yen", roughly $48 USD, and god, thats alot for an "Add-on" that is considered 3 generations old(if not older).

Spinner3809d ago

Good old Nintendo.

Microsoft and Sony get reamed for having $50 controllers. Yet when Nintendo brings out this POS, it's "amazing" and "must have"

Nintendo's sh!t never sticks, eh.

rbanke3809d ago

Finally a good controller for the wii, the standard classic controller sucks imo

GutZ313809d ago

Best console and controller ever.

G4drake3809d ago

finaly i can play in old school style

PS360WII3809d ago

wow I'm sorry but the classic controller is the same thing plus analog sticks and only 20 bucks

gungnir133809d ago

it seems a little expensive for its use. If they reduce the price some, it's a definite buy for me.

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The story is too old to be commented.