The Elder Scrolls Online Interview: Everything You Need To Know

Videogamer:Chris Bratt sat down with The Elder Scrolls Online lead gameplay designer Nick Konkle to quiz him about everything imaginable regarding the upcoming MMO.

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thejoker10001707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

i am not f*****g Interested ON PAY TO PLAY SHIT

Mystogan1707d ago

Yup, all I need to know is that it's Pay2play.

spaceg0st1707d ago

The only thing I 'need to know' is when they drop the subscription model, until then I'll pass

qzp1707d ago

no Maria Aliprando? gtfo

sdozzo1707d ago

Still a little ways out. Can't wait to see it in action though.

Red_Devilz1707d ago

ESO: Everything you need to know

1) Its Pay to play

2) It has microtransactions.

3) I am not going to play this game because of 1 AND 2.

Good bye ESO. Waiting for TES6

Red_Devilz1707d ago

If Bethesda/Zenimax think gamers craving for medieval RPG action have no alternative to ESO. Well, they can think again

1) Witcher 3:

2) Dragon Age Inquisition

Wake up Bethesda/Zenimax, Make TESO Buy to play with NO F*KING MICROTRANSACTIONS. >:(

MAULxx1706d ago

Exactly what I'm doing.

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