Gravity Rush 2 Confirmed, But at The Last Guardian's Cost?

Dealspwn writes: A Gravity Rush 2 trailer has been spotted on the show floor at this week's Tokyo Game Show. Sony were not disclosing any further details at the time, but it's likely staff from their Sony Japan department are once again working on the cel-shaded floating action platformer.

Does this mean that resources are once again being drawn away from The Last Guardian as Sony recently confirmed that the development of other Sony Japan titles like Knack and Puppeteer had taken priority over the long-delayed title.

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HelpfulGamer1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

I love Gravity Rush and I want the Last Guardian to be perfect.

aCasualGamer1644d ago


Am i the only one who can't stand the fact that no one in the production team is talking to the media about anything even though it's supposed to be in production?!

G20WLY1644d ago

What the?! However, I agree on both points. :)

abc12331644d ago

"Gravity Rush" got changed to "Women"?!

HardcoreGamer1643d ago

LAST GUARDIAN LOOKED AWESOME but im not gonna keel over myself about it not ever releasing.

ANYWAY , i really enjoyed playing gravity rush recently


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Mouktouk1644d ago

As far as I remember, Gravity Rush was developed by Project Siren team (the guys behind Forbidden Siren games), while The Last Guardian is being developed by Team Ico. Both teams belong to Sony Japan Studios, but I don't think the work of one can affect the work of the other team.

guitarded771644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Stop using facts... how can we get hits with you and your damn facts!?!?!

Blastoise1644d ago

Wow no way. I didn't know Gravity rush is by the same people who made Siren Blood Curse. Those guys are pretty diverse!

bggriffiths1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Until recently I thought the same. But Fumito Ueda (LG director) himself said that Knack and Puppeteer were taking precedent over LG, so I guess Sony Japan consists of staff that flip between Team Ico and Project Siren. Would explain why we've not heard/seen anything concrete about LG for a while. Which, of course is a shame. Puppeteer was cool though tbh.

guitarded771644d ago

Doubt it. But SCEJ probably allocates funding to the studios under its belt though. Usually studios have their staff. SCEJ has more of an administrative role.

Hicken1644d ago

Did he say that the staff were flipping? There are other ways for one game to be prioritized over another.

In the end, it IS your conjecture, and it's not very strong, given that we already know the team that made the first game hasn't been working on The Last Guardian, and will most likely be back for the sequel.

ssj271644d ago

You are right and wrong!

Team ico is getting help from other studios including western studios not only the other japon studios, but that doesn't mean that those studios took charge of the game or their priorities can change.

My understanding is that TLG was having development problem that team ico been a very small studio needed help to deliver their goal and the game apparently has now been developed for the PS4 instead of the ps4.

I mean just look at the gameplay!!! It does look way to advanced for the PS3, I mean I bet it can be made for it but it will run very bad, limited and it will not deliver their vision of the game, on the PS4 it will run smooth and the gameplay will not be sacrifice.

DialgaMarine1643d ago

I think the Gravity Rush team is called Team Gravity.

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GrandpaSnake1644d ago

i think this game will be announced during the start of the second year for ps4.

abc12331644d ago

Thought different teams are working on each of those games. Gravity Rush 2 shouldn't have had an impact on TLG's development.

firelogic1644d ago (Edited 1644d ago )

Gravity Rush was made by Team Gravity. Not the same team working on TLG. Separate teams that are all part of SCEJ.

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