MGSV: Cardboard box returns, exclamation mark almost did not

Alert! Kojima actually considered scrapping Metal Gear's iconic exclamation mark!

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no_more_heroes1429d ago

Not really a huge MGS fan, but I definitely know about the carboard box and the exclamation mark (with sound effect). Would've been odd for an MGS game not to have it.

Nyxus1429d ago

Agreed. Some things are just icons for the series and shouldn't be changed.

Batzi1429d ago

INB4 David Hayter comments.

Neo-Axl1429d ago

Personality, that's what it is. Resident Evil flung Herbs, safe rooms, & typewriters out of the window. Which murdered everything after the drastic game play change.

After watching the TGS game play (Daytime) I was rather impressed, personality intact, game play evolved, it should be great!

xHeavYx1429d ago

Now they need to bring back the rations

titletownrelo1429d ago

The scene in "Wreck It Ralph" where he pulled out the exclamation point and it made the sound effect was great!


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GrandpaSnake1429d ago

You guys dont even know, using the box on someone in metal gear online is priceless, it actually works.

Welshy1429d ago

I miss MGO =(

I hope MGS5 brings MGO back bigger and better than in MGS4, because i was so gutted when those servers closed, the day that patch popped up and removed the option to even open MGO... a tiny bit of my heart died that day.

But nostalgic rambling aside, yes it was brilliant to actually use a box and have it work on a real human being xD

If they removed boxes, exclamations AND David Hayter... MGS or no MGS, i woulda been hell'a pissed.

trenso11429d ago

the best was hiding in a box in the middle of a street next to other boxes and watch people walk right by you.*

DEEBO1429d ago

yeah most people would run pass you in the box.

Omar911429d ago

I would of been pissed if they removed the exclamation marks. It's an iconic symbol that MGS has had for years.

ZeV1429d ago (Edited 1429d ago )

Kojima makes bad moves on bad moves in MGS V...He decide to ruin his game !

Welshy1429d ago

KEEPING iconic features is a bad choice?

MGS without cardboard boxes and exclamation marks is like COD without guns or Gran Turismo without cars.

You don't just remove the things that people identify your franchise by, keeping them was a good move.

titletownrelo1429d ago

or like Mario without the shrooms, flying turtles, and green dinosaurs...

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