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Submitted by jackanderson1985 867d ago | interview

Digital Foundry vs. the Xbox One architects

Two months away from the release of the next generation consoles, many have already made up their minds about which machine offers more gaming power before a single game has been released. Compare basic graphics and memory bandwidth specs side-by-side and it looks like a wash - PlayStation 4 comprehensively bests Xbox One to such a degree that sensible discussion of the respective merits of both consoles seems impossible. They're using the same core AMD technologies, only Sony has faster memory and a much larger graphics chip. But is it really that simple? (Xbox One)

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iamnsuperman  +   867d ago | Well said
I feel Microsoft has brought on the confusion themselves getting PR men to talk about technological stuff when you should get the tech guys to talk about that. Look at Sony's method. Cerny talks technical and the PR men talk PR which is for a reason. He knows what the system can do as he was the lead on building it. Microsoft should have done the same. Getting Penello in the GAF forums was a bad idea. He knowledge was shown up.
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majiebeast  +   867d ago
Dat balance.
pyramidshead  +   867d ago | Well said
lol ikr

Balanced weak specs are still weak specs.
NewMonday  +   867d ago
having weaker specs puts the XB1 at a disadvantage with 3rd party multiplatform games, MS can't leverage that like they did with the 360, but the XBone should be good enough to make interesting true exclusive 1st party games that will set the console apart, but MS will need to have a consistent investment to convince gamers not PR.
AsimLeonheart  +   867d ago
lol. MS has been so desperate with PR ever since the console reveal. A company should never lie about the capabilities or features of a product. Lies always get exposed eventually and only result in shame and loss of credibility. MS is trying too hard to win the PR battle. They should accept their console's weaknesses and highlight its strengths instead of outright lying about them just to look better or equal to PS4. Even PR should be based on facts and truth.

EDIT: After reading the whole article, I think it was a detailed explanation. I feel like MS now admits that their console is weaker and that is why they continue to emphasize "balance" whenever figures come into discussion.
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Ritsujun   867d ago | Trolling | show
devwan  +   867d ago
@newmonday "the XBone should be good enough to make interesting true exclusive 1st party games that will set the console apart"

This is maybe more likely if they really get an idea of where the One's strengths lie and designing their games to those strengths, but it will likely take some time to get a truly worthwhile picture of that. So instead of saying "I have a great idea and plan for a game, let's make it" it's be more "I've noticed we get decent performance if we do x, y and z and avoid doing a, b and c, let's make a game that uses lots of xyz and not much abc".

Not ideal, as most people prefer the design of games to be a truly creative process free of tech barriers, but there are a rare few that excel in the confines of hardware limitations.

So I suppose microsoft need to find themselves some of these rare-breed creative programmers.

Of course, most great games don't rely on truly cutting edge graphics and tech tricks, so the whole question is moot :)
torchic  +   867d ago

exactly! like we get it we're all so so happy for you Microsoft, you have a really balanced console but it's still much weaker than PS4!

why can't they just accept that? why would they want to live their lives in such hardcore denial?
vulcanproject  +   867d ago
It's an interesting read. What I got out of it is this: if the developer is incredibly talented and designs the game for this hardware and exploits every small trick and squeezes every design win, the gap will be smaller than you all think. But there will still be a gap.

By implication it confirms my suspicions that in reality Sony's hardware is infinitely more simple to use.

Despite them saying they are mystified why people have claimed their hardware is complex it seems ever more obvious after that article that relative to PS4s superior raw performance it is more complex to extract anything like the systems peak.

PS3 and 360 is case in point. For 95 percent of the time for 95 percent of of the developers and their budgets out there it was easier to extract as much or more performance out of 360. Only a few high budget top end devs could make PS3 sing.

Except this time round not only do you have essentially more complex hardware in Xbox one you have theoretically inferior potential performance on top, unlike PS3 V 360.

You have less, and what you do have is more complicated to exploit. Erk.
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Computersaysno  +   867d ago
The balance!!!

Honestly Messi hasn't got the best right foot in the world but he surely has the best left one and that still makes him one of the greats....

As long as you have it where it counts and Sony do. Where it really matters for developers like ease of use and fill rates PS4 has killer advantages
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nukeitall  +   867d ago
Haven't we learned anything from the past. Remember how Sony focused on bandwidth on the PS3 and decided to have split memory with a VRAM pool with superior bandwidth and general purpose RAM?

Turns out, more RAM was preferential than bandwidth and subsequently the PS3 had pretty poor performing games.

You play the same game now?

Again with the memory bandwidth and of course now also CU, but it turns out latency and CPU matters!

This goes on and on, from the PS3's memory footprint of 48MB of RAM vs Xbox 360s 32MB of RAM, yet can the Xbox 360 can support cross game and party chat to the bandwidth discussed above.

Real developers excited about games KNOW performance is the sum of it's parts, not particular parts.

That said, don't be fooled by carefully crafted numbers and look at the results, but more importantly all the power in the world doesn't make a good game.

All the power of PS Move didn't produce a single title worthy compared to Wii Sports! I had so much fun with Wii Sports, yet Sports Champion bored me to death despite PS Move technological superiority!


"It's an interesting read. What I got out of it is this: if the developer is incredibly talented and designs the game for this hardware and exploits every small trick and squeezes every design win, the gap will be smaller than you all think."

I think that is only partially right, because MS went with a well known design pattern with a small fast cache, just like the Xbox 360 eDRAM.

This is the same team that designed the Xbox 360 that designed the Xbox One so I'm sure they designed it as an equally balanced system.

This in so many ways mirror the PS3 vs Xbox 360. More "cores" (or PPE) and more "memory bandwidth" in the PS3 didn't have the fallout we expected. PS3 certainly got similar PR back in the day.
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JokesOnYou  +   866d ago
Good read. I won't pretend I understand it all but it sounds like microsoft knows exactly how they want X1 to perform in relation to games. I predict when we get the final bench tests the overall performance differences will be marginal at best.
devwan  +   866d ago | Well said
@nukeitall "MS went with a well known design pattern with a small fast cache, just like the Xbox 360 eDRAM. "

Did you even read the DF piece? The MS guys confirmed it's not a cache at all - it's a scratchpad - user managed memory. Any benefits of this setup require careful planning and implementation and that's all down to the programmers, it's not a cache that's just there that makes things run faster using its own hardware magic.

Anything that requires such micro-management and excessive planning to obtain decent results is going to struggle to be universally effective. There are parallels here with the ps3's non-standard hardware requiring new or different programming techniques to obtain best use of resources... the only problem here is the xbox one requires this as it attempts to gain parity with ps4, unlike the ps3's hardest pushed efforts that out-shone the 360.

Basically put, xbox one's esram is not "raw power", it's an addition to offset the system's memory bottlenecks and to be effective will require planning, forethought, skill, time, manpower... jumping through hoops. It's not simply raw power that's there for the taking with ps4.

As for the whole "balance" thing, that's very cleverly worded PR spin that's only there to reassure troubled xbox fans to keep them loyal to the brand...

@Jokes " I won't pretend I understand it all but it sounds like microsoft knows exactly how they want X1 to perform in relation to games. I predict when we get the final bench tests the overall performance differences will be marginal at best."

See - it worked. It's there to hoodwink those who don't know better and reassure them that MKB - Microsoft Knows Best.

"In terms of getting the best possible combination of performance, memory size, power, the GDDR5 takes you into a little bit of an uncomfortable place." - complete damage control technosloblock, Panello couldn't have said it better himself. Really unworthy of a supposed "Technical Fellow".
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nypifisel  +   866d ago
You got a point. "Balance", is just a buzzword. I can't believe DF would be so uncritical. Matte of the fact still stands, the Xbox One will never preform as good as the PS4 and it's actually all down to raw power, the GPU in the PS4 is just that much better in pretty much every aspect (so is the RAM, eSRAM is a cop out to make manufacturing cheaper, nothing else).
gaffyh  +   866d ago
Talk in confusing technical jargon so that nobody understands anything, so you can say "MS knows what they are talking about."

Massive damage control, no real new information, repeating the same thing trying to get people to believe it.
Death  +   866d ago
Are we actually talking a few frames a second as being the 50% increase in power the PS4 has?

Here is my question to all those that believe the PS4 is more powerfull. What is the benefit going to be of all this power? Will the games look better, have more textures, faster frame rate, or a higher resolution? What do you think you will see to justify the arguement?

We had a "weak" Xbox 360 slug it out with the super-computer like PS3 and it's Cell processor along with it's massive Blu-ray drive. GTAV just released with the biggest budget in gaming to date. I'm pretty sure the PS3 version got a very slight edge up on the Xbox 360 version but if you don't run them side by side you might not know which is which. Is this difference we can expect next gen?
thechosenone  +   866d ago
Gaf breaks down the PR spin
tokugawa  +   866d ago
good read

once devs (if they dont aready) have the tools to use every piece of silicon correctly, then they should be able to make some stunning looking games.

@ fanboys. seeing as the ps4 is massively more powerful right? we should see the difference in november yes??

i cant wait to get both myself

edit gaf breaks down the spin rofl..

99% of gaf know f'kall just like here. and just like here there is a huge bias. the difference is only the quality of the mods. it is the fear of the banhammer that keeps gaf readable

b3d would be a better place for a breakdown.
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LonChaneyTV  +   866d ago
I agree specs do matter, I upgraded from a ps4 to two Nvidia 770s, not bothering with such petty technology again. Agni's philosophy tech demo here i come!!
Haules  +   866d ago
HAHA DF are using a HD7850 card as a reference to Xbone GPU.

Xbone uses a HD7790 which is way slower than the HD7850!

What a useless article.
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DigitalRaptor  +   866d ago
@ JokesOnYou

It's nice to stay positive about your purchases, but let's face it, decisions are made for a reason, and wishful thinking is not the answer. Facts are: http://www.computerandvideo...

@ Tokugawa

Since when have launch titles ever been the judge of anything? I would've thought by now that you Xbox fans would've learned to look ahead and judge the long-term, but nah. Nothing's changed.
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tokugawa  +   866d ago

normally i would agree. but, seeing as everyone keeps talking about 50% more power, ease of use, better ram and ofcourse the massive power difference. i think that it is fair to assume that when all that is combined, the difference should been seen out of the gate no??

i think more like it is the droids like yourself that are already preparing the excuses.
dantesparda  +   866d ago

So why is he a droid and you not a bot then? Cuz it seems that all MS fanboys think that only Sony fanboys are "fanboys" and "they" (MS fanboys)are not. The fact is the PS4 is more powerful, period end of discussion. The problem is the MS fanboys cant accept that so they keep coming up with every excuse in the book to try and deny that it, just like how the WiiU fanboys kept trying to deny that the the WiiU is just a current gen system.

You're not going to see the big "50%" difference at launch, especially from 3rd parties, cuz of parity. Now all you MS fanboy need to stop calling the Sony fanboys, fanboys, cuz you's are fanboys too.

Personally I go with whoever has the best system, and so far thats looking like PS4 to me. I bought the 360 in 2005 and jumped ship in 2008 when they started abandoning the hardcore. But honestly, neither system is looking that great technically
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Ju  +   866d ago
See, it's very simple:

"You can use the Move Engines to move these things asynchronously in concert with the GPU so the GPU isn't spending any time on the move. You've got the DMA engine doing it. Now the GPU can go on and immediately work on the next render target rather than simply move bits around"


unless you have a unified memory pool allocating the full bandwidth where switching render targets is setting up a different memory address. No memory move needed at all.

Now, even in layman's terms it should be plain obvious that

a) not moving data is infinite faster than moving data and
b) it is simpler to handle and
c) does not require any power at all (re: power savings using fixed function HW).

This is one example. We would have built something like this 30 years ago (actually, if I think back, that's what the Amiga did when PCs had b/w "graphics").

But today, there is no benefit to such a thing.
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pixelsword  +   866d ago
In time the games will tell the tale.

It seems like the architectural styles of Microsoft and Sony has switched in terms of ram, but if the cpus aren't designed the same, it may have no consequence.

I wonder why Ryse is not 1080p although that may be just a lack of experience on the console; if that's not the case, then Crytek is being honest and turn 10 is not. I'm thinking that's why Ryse isn't 1080p, and it casts doubt on Forza's specs not being upscaled. I don't think that's the case.

In time the games will tell the tale.
kevnb  +   867d ago
Sonys method is, "dat ram!" Xbox one is a cluster you know what.
vigilante_man  +   866d ago
Have got to say that was an interesting read (a bit technical in parts). They should of had this conversation months ago. Not once did they try and say that the XB1 is as powerful as the PS4, just that they balanced their system to meet their multi-purpose needs.

In reality you would expect a pure gaming console that can do social media and TV stuff should be more powerful than a system built for gaming, social media and TV at its core.

Lets praise the honesty of the interview.

Just one thing confuses me: They went for 218 ESRam. Why not higher? I remember Mr Cerny discussed Sony having ESRam of 1,000 but decided to go for the more simple instant raw power. He added that it would take a good few years to unlock the true potential of the 1,000 ESRam but wanted developers to hit the ground running on PS4.

So if Mr Cerny is correct it will take a few years before XB1 starts to make full use of that ESRam and even then they lose out on GPU power. If you are going to go with ESRam go for big numbers in speed like 500 or 1,000 to make the trade-off worth it.
Nekroo91  +   866d ago
@vigilante_man your messing everything up, your mixing esram speend with memory size. cerny said that the 8gb of gddram+ edram would achieve 1000gb/s but that would make the console complicated to work with and devs dont want to waste time with that
Elzer  +   866d ago
Look at apples iPhone 5s today. Its A7 chip architecture is heavily customized that it blows the rest of its competition away. On paper it lacks the raw power. Smartphones today tackle performance based on more ram and more cores. But why is it that the iPhone 5s dual-core and 1gb ram "specs on paper" outshines in most tested benchmarks compared to smartphones with 2gb ram and quad-core processors?
It seems to me that Sony has brainwash most uneducated gamers into thinking that utilization, optimization, and efficiency don't exist...
kevnb  +   866d ago
truth is most people don't know much about specs and are really easily mislead. apple doesnt try to impress people with big numbers, its always been about selling the experience.
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Ju  +   866d ago
Well, if it'll take XB devs years to unlock the ESRAM than it's a little too late. The XBone will need that ESRAM to deliver. It will need to max it if it wants to match the PS4 - from day one.
Parapraxis  +   866d ago
"truth is most people don't know much about specs"
Well, you sure as shit don't.
gaelic_laoch  +   867d ago
"Microsoft should have done the same. Getting Penello in the GAF forums was a bad idea."

May as well of sent a chimp in a lab coat out to explain the inner working of the XboNe!
nukeitall  +   867d ago
The difference is MS has done a lot of tweaks to figure out how to balance their system. How do you explain that to the masses that has the slightest idea of technology beyond use?

It's like a race circuit, more horsepower doesn't mean faster lap times if the circuit has many turns and twists.

Unfortunately the masses has been educated by one side that pure numbers they CAN understand is how it should be measured instead of real engineers tasked with designing said system.

Remember how Intel focused on the Gigahertz and AMD beat them in performance?

At some point people thought more Hertz would yield more performance too!
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n4rc  +   867d ago
Yup... Its marketing 101

Its the people that jump all over the $199 50mp cameras then later wondering why their friends $400 20mp camera destroys it in every aspect..

Using the racing analogy... Power is important.. But tires, weight distribution etc can be seen as bottlenecks that hurt the cars overall performance...

Its why a 200hp lotus elise will completely spank cars with twice the power on a track... Balance is key

My point isnt that x1 will be faster.. My point is people that look at a few specs and think bigger numbers means a better product are uninformed.
Angeljuice  +   867d ago
Sony just built a 300hp Lotus Elise, that's the problem with your metaphor.
WeaseL  +   867d ago
Why people try to compare it to cars is beyond me the price between cars is thousands of dollars not $100
XabiDaChosenOne  +   866d ago
@n4rc " .. Power is important.. But tires, weight distribution etc can be seen as bottlenecks that hurt the cars overall performance... " This statement only proves how much more efficient the PS4 is. Not only does the PS4 has better drivers and a unified archtect but it is also bottleneck free. The same cannot be said about the Xbox one hardware. Prime example: the ESRAM

Your problem is is that you are clinging on to some fantasy that within the Xbox ones complex architecture that there is some treasure chest of power that will exceed the processing power in the PS4. News flash, there isn't. The Xbox one is making the same mistake as the PS3, except unlike the PS3 which was superior to the Xbox360 when programmed for to it's strengths (Uncharted 2,3, The Last of Us etc.) When a developer eventually "masters" the Xbox ones architecture it will only minimize the gap between the consoles a little bit, not close it. And than you have to think about devs on the PS4 side is only going to get better with the hardware as well so essential a handful of devs mastering the Xbox one architecture will only keep the gap from being bigger than it already is.
This is only one of the reasons why the PS4 will obliterate the Xbox one.
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sAVAge_bEaST  +   866d ago
Nukeitall -"The difference is MS has done a lot of tweaks to figure out how to balance their system."

See the problem with that statement, is that Microsoft currently has Crap drivers, (windows OS has always had crap drivers,. That is why Mac's are so popular, for certain tasks, such as Midi control , and Graphics,.. (all graphic artist's use Adobe on Mac's) Sony is way ahead , in fact they built their system to be more efficient, and use better drivers.
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RevXM  +   866d ago
True that you cannot rely on Hz alone, but these two machines are pretty similar.
Not that we know the Hz of the Ps4 for sure, but they both use most of the same core AMD technologies only Ps4 have better numbers and the better RAM setup on paper and probably different secondary chips too handle background tasks but the secondary chips doesnt really play that big of a role when it comes to games I suppose.

Suppose angeljuice is on to something X1 is a lotus elise and PS4 is a somewhat modified lotus elise with a forced induction system would seem like a fair comparison to me.
MysticStrummer  +   866d ago
"It's like a race circuit, more horsepower doesn't mean faster lap times if the circuit has many turns and twists."

That's bad for MS then, because they not only have weaker hardware in the One, but they also made programming for it more convoluted. PS4 has stronger hardware and is easier to program (fewer twists and turns).
Parapraxis  +   866d ago
Well then nukeitall, since you seem to be so "knowledgeable" on the topic, maybe you can explain how the xbox one will outdo the ps4, given the specs available, and the overwhelming agreement in the dev community that the ps4 will outdo the xbox one in every regard.
Of course you will not have a specific reply, if any, to my post, because you wouldn't even know where to start.
Tales from your ass are running thin.
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MrZweistein  +   866d ago
otherZinc  +   866d ago
It sure is funny how you guys never read important articles.

I've said before, "you can't use "Basic Math" when analyzing power of the XBOX ONE".

Forza 5 is running at 1080p "native" @ 60fps! There are ZERO PS4 games accomplishing this.

People interview Mark Cerny all the time. When is someone going to ask him: why are there no 1080p "native" 60fps games at launch!

It should be easy to accomplish, as Killzone:SF doesn't have 2-4four player Campaign Co-op! And, Drive Club always show ghost cars as the AI. Those things are Memory eaters, so, at least they can make those 2 SONY exclusives run 1080p "native" @ 60fps...
iamnsuperman  +   866d ago
This is the problem with your statement. You completely ignore what developers think is more important. It is all about the developers and what they think is the most important. It isn't so much about the systems themselves. A lot of the launch game have much more going on behind the scenes.

A lot of developers (this and next generation) see 720p as fine and 30fps a minimal because they can then pump resoruces into other areas to improve the overal experience. Using your Forza example they have had to compensate for that. There isn't even night or all weather driving in the game. Forza uses "baked lighting" while its competitor doesn't. But that is because that developer thought 1080p 60fps was more important while another developer (its competitor) thought lighting was more important (other things as well)

You can't completely ignore what the developer thinks is important. There is so much more going on than just frame rates and resolution. This generation coming is going to be about who can push the lighting and physics (all that kind of gameplay improvements) more than who can get 1080p at 60fps because of the notion that 720p at 30fps is fine in a lot of developers eyes
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MysticStrummer  +   866d ago
Once again, Forza gets a pass for doing the same thing CoD gets slammed for, omitting things in the name of resolution and frames per second. Humans are funny.
static5245  +   866d ago
Your statement is just wrong all over. Killzone:SF has confirmed 1080p 60fps on multiplayer. Planetside 2 will be running like its on max settings on PC. FF XIV confirmed 1080p 60 fps. I'm not a fanboy. I don't even own a PS3. But a simple search on google you can find these facts.
Ju  +   866d ago
Resogun runs 1080@60fps and only uses 2 cores (or so). Most of the game runs on compute (gpu) - incl. it's mighty impressive physics system.

And, well, and so does Ridge Racer (I mean...a racing game running 1080@60fps on PS3)

On the other hand, which other XBone game actually runs 1080p (I mean native) besides Forza?
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dantesparda  +   866d ago
KZ MP mode = 1080/60
KZ SP mode =1080/30 (maybe higher framerate)
DC 1080/30 (aiming for 60)
Resogun 1080/60
AC4 MP mode = 1080/60
and im sure Im missing a few

Whereas X1
Forza 5 1080/60
Killer Instinct 720/60
Ryse 900/30
Dead Rising 3 Dynamic Res@30fps
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Parapraxis  +   866d ago
"Forza 5 is running at 1080p "native" @ 60fps"
...yeah, lets see if that actually pans out by launch.

protip, the TGS showing of F5 left a lot to be desired.
abusador  +   865d ago
lol hahahahaha u need to recheck ur info about no games on ps4 being 1080p native and 60fps lol and a racer doing it on next gen is not a big feat as it has already been done last gen with racers that do more than Forza 5 :) By the way did you hear that Forza at TGS didnt look as good as before? lol oh myyyyy

Ryse dropping to 900p with framerate issues
Dead Rising being like 720p and just reaching 30fps
Titan fall is like 720 p at maybe 60fps but it should have been 1080p rez/60fps being its only a mp game and Kz Sf mp is confirmed 60fps/1080p
doesnt seem like apowerful console to me

Meanwhile in sony world you have Driveclub at 1080p maybe/maybe not 30/60 fps with dynamic goodness, night/day, weather effects coming, etccccc

Kz Sf is 1080p/60fps mp
Infamous looks like the best next gen looking game!
Resogun is 1080p/60fps

Well you get my point :)
thedon8982z  +   866d ago
After reading this article it just seems to me that M$ did all the costume designing in there tech on Xbone,just to end up making there games perform somewhat closer to PS4 games..Truth be told unless its 1st party game..Developers do not what to go through all these move engines and sh@t just to get marginally better performance which in the end still wont surpass PS4 performance(especially after they really come to grips with its architecture and Sony costume designs).This is crazy if M$ was going to take this route they should have gave developers a real reason to invest resources in figuring out the tech in Xbone, not just to get closer to PS4 performance. 2 OR 3 years down the road we going to see that fake ass "BALANCE" philosophy start showing real cracks in Xbone!!!!
otherZinc  +   866d ago

Forza 5 doesn't use Baked lighting!

Forza 5 use "Dynamic Range Lighting"!

Night racing isn't difficult at all as everything is hidden in darkness.

To have AI Cars with Damage on the track, is FAR More taxing on RAM than night racing:so where are the AI Cars in Drive Club? They only show ghost cars...

Turn 10 has added more in Forza 5 than any racer to date.
corvusmd  +   866d ago
I agree...if you mean by "brought it on themselves", they told the facts to little kids that have no clue what they are talking about, but see one number is bigger than another and assume that means it's better. The problem here isn't really MS telling you how the XB1 works, it's been pretty consistent since the beginning in that regard. There have been tweeks here and there to architecture, but that happens in production phase, and in this case have only been for the better. Games running on both systems look amazing, and anyone saying that games on PS4 look ANY % better clearly haven't been paying attention. Take a step back and look at the bigger picture. If PS4's major advantage is having a more powerful and easy GPU to work with, then why aren't we seeing that HUGE advantage on day one? The whole theory behind PS4's system is putting all that workload on a powerful GPU will make it streamlined and easy to work for (I know cerny said we will see the benefits 3-4 years later, but that's both systems). If PS4's GPU is that much more powerful and easy to work with, the biggest gap should be today...this GPU isn't new to the industry, developers are very familiar with it, that's how we knew it's specs so fast. Not being able to tell graphical differences on day one does not bode well for PS4 being a monster compared to XB1.

Both systems look great, stick to what games you like and what sort of online experience you want. PS fans (myself included) made this same exact mistake last gen of saying that PS was much more powerful, and games still look better on XB360 most of the time.
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beerzombie  +   866d ago
Best answer today; For me its Forza and Halo. I like them both along with the controller. My friends that I really know all play on live also. That's what this is all about the games and the friends not some high end specs. even though higher specs would be awesome nothing changes for me. Sony fans just get ready for the big lie coming.
triforce79  +   866d ago
Benchmarks and exclusives are what prove a consoles capability's not spec numbers,i think wiiu with its edram design basically a memory heavy design will outperform xbox1 and come really close to ps4 in raw graphics just like Shinen said about how they don't see ps4 pumping out much better graphics than wiiu.....

Xbox1 has AMD gpu

PS4 has a 1.8 terraflop gpu

WiiU has a custom E6760 gpgpu with edram on board,remember microsoft saying if they used edram they would have much more power ie bandwidth RAM but it's harder to use...
#1.8.2 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
sonarus  +   866d ago
PS4 is the more powerful console. All this just reads like a whole bunch of damage control.

Honestly there is nothing wrong with that if microsoft is willing to dig deep and develop some compelling games that will be fully exclusive. Titanfall is a start but we will see how exclusive that is. Halo 5 or Halo 6 is just more of the same ol same ol.
#1.9 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Gekko36  +   866d ago

OK, I've just read the whole article and what I've gleaned from this is 3 primary factors.

1. ESRAM is an evolution of eDRAM which means any developer that worked on the 360 will find working on this simple too.

So no difficulty getting to grips with the new architecture.


2. The design of the system and integration of ESRAM will allow developers to use this very high speed process, quicker than GDDR5. Again, Cool!

3. Looks like the enormous void between both systems touted around on N4G isn't as big as they thought and again seems to be an apples and oranges situation again.

So shall I buy an XBOX One?... You bet you hairy arse I will!
#1.10 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(12) | Disagree(18) | Report | Reply
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   866d ago
You apparently can't read than...
mkis007  +   865d ago
Actually no... With the GDDR5 memory they just put it on there, they have to program for the 32mb esram when doing the same thing on xbox1
SegaSaturn669  +   866d ago
Andrew Goosen is saying: multiplats will look as good as ps4!

So, he's playing catch-up rather than making it better. Ominous sign.
UncleGermrod  +   866d ago
I don't agree with that. They never really said the xbox one has more power than ps4, and the only direct comparison they made is when he says that sony also touted the importance of balance. This whole article did nothing more than give better insight to the xbox one hardware and back up previous statements about the gap not being as large. So i think the whole point was to shed some light as to why MS think the xbox one can hold its own..they never said it would exceed. But in the end it will not be like ps2 vs xbox1 say typically at best the ps4 version could have some crisper looking bushes and trees in the background and maybe play 10-12 frames/sec above xbox one. So all the fanboys can sit in front of their computers with their pants down and watch side by side comparisons which mean nothing to either side...have fun with that
imt558  +   866d ago
Another PR bullshit in this article????
gapecanpie  +   866d ago
Both systems are weak and have laughable specs and outdated before they are even released. One tu*d might be better then the other tu*d but that's
not saying much.
#1.13 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
yewles1  +   867d ago
*grabs popcorn* Consider me an... Observation Fellow.

Ohlmay  +   867d ago
First the "Cloud" and now it's "Balance". I'll hold judgement until I see Halo 5, that'll be the game that will push the Xbox One to it's limits.
CRAIG667  +   867d ago
I think 343 are a very capable dev team but we are not going to see anything push next gen consoles within 12 months of release. I look forward to seeing how halo looks but it will not be any kind of benchmark for the x1, even infamous ss will look dated at some point down the line...
Gekko36  +   866d ago

Bit presumptuous don't you think? You have seen any games let alone played them on a production machine.
LordDhampire  +   866d ago
no halo has ever pushed limits, so I'd wait for a different game
Walker  +   867d ago
GDDR5, so good it's uncomfortable.
cyhm3112  +   867d ago
NES is even more balanced, I love that console.
Einhert  +   867d ago
Uh oh, two of the most passionate topics on N4G, consoles and their respective performance.

*Insert obligatory popcorn comment here*
fOrlOnhOpe57  +   867d ago
Better specs is one thing but to know what youre buying into, instead of trying to cut through totally unnecassary crap is something else.
Kayant  +   867d ago
"Just like our friends we're based on the Sea Islands family"

So both the PS4 and XB1 use rebranded OEM HD7000 parts it seems --->

Lmaooo I like how misterx now says the 27th doesn't matter now ---> http://misterxmedia.livejou...

My gosh you guys should read the comments they're unbelievable

Off to neogaf for more drama...
#8 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
pyramidshead  +   867d ago
I've seen a pattern in the misterx fake blog and his fake insider with all of the fake user accounts, all made by the same guy(they all type the exact same way lol). Whenever something is about to happen, let's say like hot chips symposium and this end of September NDA, there is always a heavily damage controlled blog post right before almost as if he knows he's wrong.

As well as having 0% accuracy in his wet dreams about the XB1 we can actually see a time line forming of past damage control milestones, and most MS fanboys swear by it:

Wait until May reveal
Wait until E3
Wait until Gamescom
Wait until Hot Chips Symposium
Wait until *minor events that involve the consoles*
Wait until TGS
Wait until September 30th NDA lift

And NOW all of a sudden, what do we read? Oh shit, that NDA won't reveal anything and now MS are apparently hiding the secret sauce for a full year so the newest entry is:

"Wait until 1 or 2nd year XB1 games" I mean LOL. How absolutely convenient.

Gold stuff on the blog, if anyone wants a decent laugh please give that guy some hits.
MasterCornholio  +   867d ago
" Well, in that case Xbox One will be 1.31Tf console in people minds and sales will be low."

Wow this guy is in extreme denial. I cant believe he actually dedicates a lot of his time to fabricating all sorts of BS. The main reason why sales will be low (if true) is not because of the XBOX One having a 1.3 Teraflop GPU its because of all the confusion that Microsoft has caused around their product.
Gekko36  +   866d ago

Didn't realise I was in the presence of either Nostradamus or Doctor Who.

Whats next weeks Euromillions numbers, gotta beat the french somehow.

Tell me Tell me oh great and powerful OZ
Sarobi  +   867d ago
Hahahahaha... that guy is something else.
ABeastNamedTariq  +   866d ago
"Misterx: Well, in that case Xbox One will be 1.31Tf console in people minds and sales will be low. Games will not make the justice because SDF will crush the media with brainwash and lie articles. If only we will see this level of GFX on Xbox One as in this video(and developers are ready for this level of GFX on PCs and Xbox One but weak PS4 will hold multiplatform back). That for sure will make games do the justice and that could prove Xbox One power without showing specs. But Japan companies and Sony 1st party will draw even better CGIs renders and will present them like real-time gameplay. So no...if MS wants to stop the PR dissaster and sell some Xbox Ones they should amaze people with specs. All other methods will not work."

How was he believed in the first place. 0_o Look at this f***ery.
Flutterby  +   866d ago
Lmao mrx aka elite24gamer , the guy is a complete joke
PrimeGrime  +   866d ago
Do people believe me now that this person is messaging everyone about this crap? God I can't stand Elite24gamer.

I even made a blog about him here, that quote, was from him, saying the Xbox One could max at 4.26 teraflops.. and then when I flat out proved he is making up bullshit. He completely changes everything he said, then tries to tell me the Xbox One can achieve 2.37 teraflops.. Lol.


"grafix processer 1 = 1.95 tflops = orange square( Likely 2 DPUs working together with a cpu core or two to manage 1 probably for physics 1 for straight grafix)

Graffix processer 2 = gpgpu = 1.31 tflops = pink square (jag cores working with 12 cus for gpgpu in main soc)

Graffix processer 3 = 1 tflop= yellow square (Likely 2 more DPUs(dedicated Processing Units) working together, one for 1 rendering 1 for shading, also working with some cpu for management)"

Lol when this is what the diagram actually says.

... Then this..

"The fact is, from the HOTCHIPS presentation, is that the Xbox one GPU is very complex. It has the core GPU & two additional custom blocks built on the same die.

1.3tflop block is the gpgpu. Not the whole gpu as diagramed at HOTCIPS.

GPGPU calculations= textures/particles/shading. 360 had unified shader arch. its was the first prototype gpgpu.

X1 geometry engine block is 1.7billion poly/s. Polys dont have flops now?? not true. 1.7bp/s= 0.97tflops...Fact...GOOGLE IT!

1.3tflop GPGPU + 0.97tflop geometry engine= 2.37tflops for X1 gpu."

Probably is MisterX since that guy can't seem to make up his mind either. That guys blog is beyond any level of stupidity I could ever try to attempt to comprehend. He takes the most random shit and tries to act like as if it has some secret meaning but literally has nothing to back up his claims other than some "insider"..

He even makes up quotes, saying Sony said them but when you search for these quotes.. Lol all that comes up is his blog.

Cool lying is easy. My dad is Bill Gates and I know Steve Ballmer personally, I know for a fact the Xbox One is more powerful cause I am at Microsoft HQ daily, I also have tons of insiders to back up my claims but I cannot disclose their names or any information about this until the 30th. /s
#8.5.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(2) | Report
Nekroo91  +   867d ago
i have no doubt that xbox can balance that raw power gap between x1 and ps4 but in the end devs will use the extra power that sony gave them..
gaelic_laoch  +   867d ago
I honestly wonder what went through the heads of the Hardware Devs up at M$ BS HQ!

If the tools were available to a company that is neck deep in the computing industry to produce a well balanced powerful console why has the xbone been overpowered by SONY's PS4?

Only conclusion I can come to is they wanted to produce the most cost effective product to maximize profits from the get go!
#10 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(25) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
MazzingerZ  +   866d ago
They took for granted gamers when designing the X1, they thought:

x360 gamers already pay today to play online without any extra benefit that cross-game chat, game invites...even during first xbox did they pay for it without any extra feature than going online..they are loyal

They pay for expensive HDD, battery packs, they buy a new console when their old RROD, they believe us every year about great exclusives to be announced at E3 during the last four years and forget fast that we lied

so hey, give them better graphics and they will be happy and blindly purchase our console, create simple HW architecture that delivers nice next gen games but at the same time doesn't cost much, the downside is that games won't be dramatically better during the coming years but who cares, the XBOX brand is strong and people will purchase it anyway, we will make profit regardless

we don't care about our reputation in the gaming industry, 3rd party want money so they will release their games on our platform even if they dislike us, business as usual, we will make money and our gamers customers care more about us making money than they getting great exclusive gaming experiences like the others get at the competition(SONY, Nintendo) our case they get our console so we can make money and sales figures look good...they always celebrate that while the others get games.
gaelic_laoch  +   866d ago
Very well put!

I come on here daily and I do trash talk the xbone alot,something I honestly hand on heart would rather not do had M$ not crouched down crapped out a knock off second rate console with so many strings attacked it could have been made by Jim Henson! I am also under no illusion that SONY are the good guys in the console business, they are just a little more clever knowing that customers want AAA HW without the BS.

M$ got sooooo lucky current gen with the 360 and they should have built on their strengths using the loyalty of their customer base. Instead their entire business model for next gen was based around locking down and cornering off the console market then charging top drawer bucks for features that should be taken for granted as free (and using basic features like NETFLIX etc SHOULD be free!)

The worst thing that has come out of all this is the amount of gamers blindly apologizing on behalf of M$! It shocking really! If SONY pulls the same crap I will be on them like a nasty rash also!
DoubleM70  +   866d ago
Oh yes the object is to make money. Ask Sony have they been raking in the profits lately.
WeAreLegion  +   866d ago
One of the production teams was headed by a man who both loves video games and has an IQ of 184.
#10.3 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   867d ago
Cloud + Balance = Weak Sauce
Statix  +   866d ago | Intelligent
To summarize this article:

Richard Leadbetter (who has shown in the past a favoritism for Xbox) started sweating upon hearing the reports that ACTUAL DEVELOPERS (whom Leadbetter merely chooses to call "unnamed sources;" perhaps to make them sound more dubious than otherwise) are experiencing a ~50% performance advantage on the PS4 over the Xbone. Thus, in his desperate haste, he immediately got in contact with the architects of Xbox to get their damage-control explanations/excuses in effort to minimize the significance of the aforementioned developer reports.

Leadbetter keeps quoting his article of the "only 24% benchmark advantage" of the PS4, but that article has already been shown to be false and incredibly flawed by people who aren't pro-Xbox or biased (e.g.: ). Not to mention contradicted by actual developer sources, using actual console dev hardware, who say the PS4 possesses ~50% real-world advantage.

Btw, Adrian Chmielarz (former People Can Fly developer) is NOT an anonymous source, and he also corroborates the ~50% PS4 advantage, saying that "all the AAA next-gen developers" he's talked to has said the PS4 holds said advantage.

So keep swimming against the tide, Mr. Leadbetter, whilst your credibility continues to erode.
#11.1 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(17) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
NeloAnjelo  +   866d ago
Great little write up there.
Software_Lover  +   867d ago

I, personally don't care about power. I mean its not like we're talking about wii-u vs ps4 specs here. The subtle differences between the games are just for pissing contests for the fan boys.

Edit: games matter. Always have, always will. Even this Gen. I'm not trying to downplay the importance of system power, but we won't know a damn thing until we get our hands on the games. Even then, becoming immersed in your favorite game, you forget about specs and just enjoy what you're playing. Specs come into play when you turn off your game and get on the internet.

Both consoles are using the same apu, just customized differently. I doubt that we see game breaking code on either console. It would have to affect both

Both consoles are close enough that it will not make a big difference. When the consoles start to release their system sellers specs won't matter. Halo will sell consoles. GTAVI will sell consoles. Naughty Dog will sell consoles. Hell, even Mario will sell consoles if Nintendo doesn't screw it up
#12 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
n4rc  +   867d ago
I don't think the games only is the right way IMO either

For all the cool extras like snapping Skype or using kinect etc.. Is that worth a few fps to the user? For lots of people it will be..

I fully expect the ps4 to have some unreal visuals and games... And may indeed have a few fps over thr x1 in multiplats.. But thosr extra features are why.. X1 has tons of power, they chose to utilize it in a different way by offering more options to the user

Sheer performance is what pcs are for..
snp  +   866d ago
Respect your opinion but i disagree. All those 'cool extras' are things i'll happily do on my PC, or through pre-existing media boxes.

I want my console to have sheer performance. In my world 'games' are what consoles are for.
Goku781   867d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
2cents  +   867d ago
Wow, I've got a headache after reading all that! Sound like they fully believe and understand what and why they have built and speced the Xbox the way they have.

Come on 22nd Nov!
WeAreLegion  +   866d ago
This is why Microsoft thinks they can just do whatever they want and they'll get our money.
2cents  +   866d ago

Define "this"

Unless your reply was meant for someone else, I dont understand your comment.
N4realGMRZ  +   867d ago
So the XB1 is a far more efficient machine, Makes sense since the games seem to look and run better. I love all the uneducated comments about PR after the tech team shamed every wannabe in this forum....the "proofs in the pudding" as they say and right now MS's pudding looks argument there!
Nekroo91  +   867d ago
more effecient?! so why cant ryse play at 1080p instead of 900 to reach 30 fps.... i dont call that efficient
n4rc  +   867d ago
Because of the scale and detail of the game?

Do you understand how games are designed? 1080 isn't a cap or standard that must be met...

It can be a goal.. So they will design the game accordingly, keeping the resolution and frame rate in mind...

But if you have a vision for your game that exceeds what's possible for 1080p and a acceptable frame rate.. Then you lower the res or change your vision...

You can do either... Cod isn't even HD (under 720) and most people don't even know or care about it...why is it suddenly so important now?
RytGear  +   866d ago
Exactly, after all the bullshit Xbone fans shitting all over Driveclub only being 30fps.
Its better than having to make a 720p FIGHTING GAME to be able to reach 60fp.

Another thing people forget is that just because its balanced doesnt mean its more powerful, all it means is that all the weak components can run the same.
#15.1.2 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(15) | Disagree(7) | Report
joefrost00  +   866d ago
You do know rise has parts were you play out hundred men battles
KZ multiplayer only is 1080p 60fps
And its a first person shooter which is the easiest genre to get graphical performance from
Even the order which dont come out for a year is native 800p look it up and I doubt it has 100 man battles
Ryse is epic in scale kinda like when you compare ninja gaiden, DMC and God of War
God of War never was able to lock in 60fps because it was big in scale and it was an exclusive
But from what I seen and played as a whole X1 are looking and performing better
#15.1.3 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(16) | Report
N4realGMRZ  +   866d ago
I don't know to be honest, but lets ask a far more sensible question....Why can't DriveClub run at 1080P @ 60FPS like Forza 5 ? I call Forza Far more efficient that Driveclub.... makes sense? :)
nxtgen720   866d ago | Spam
BG11579  +   866d ago
There is worst, apart from the demo at E3, that was running in PC, all of the following videos never had more than 5 characters at the same time on the screen...

Sometimes, there are thing more important than frame/rate and resolution.
#15.1.6 (Edited 866d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
Angeljuice  +   867d ago
No it isn't more balanced at all (that's just the latest spin). Read my comment below.
joeorc  +   867d ago

".the "proofs in the pudding" as they say and right now MS's pudding looks argument there!"

that is called an opinion, one of which i do not agree with..

and this:

"no argument there!"

So you are Agreeing with yourself?

nerdeu  +   867d ago
Clear difference between 900p and 1080p. Also, throughout the different test, the PS4 gets all from 4 to 16 fps more than the X1. It averages about 10 fps difference between the consoles.
flunkers  +   866d ago
Which tests are these? When have both consoles been tested side by side with the same software?
Sevir  +   866d ago
The Tests Ran By Eurogamer on Graphics Chips that replicate a ballpark approximation of the next gen consoles...

The things like 50% more sharers, 50% more CUz and 50% more processing thread, and a more powerful GPU... The benchmark tests showed proved that having all this gave an overall framerate difference of 10-15 frames... So all this actually states that Sony's Console is simply more powerful which has been the point.

This entire interview was honest, I applaud MS to get there technical experts and designers to spill the beans, but they pretty much confirmed that they didn't go for raw power to match the PS4, they went with a cost effective design that will give them decent performance across the board for all of the console's features. They say balanced but it's a response to dodge the already known fact that while the Xbox one is very much balanced and capable, it's weaker than the PS4 and by a 30-40% margin which will show.
static5245  +   866d ago
This is the video I think he is speaking of.
flunkers  +   865d ago
Appretiate what your saying but I'll wait for actual hardware tests rarther than assumptions. I agree the GPU is stronger in the ps4 but thats only one part of the story
Angeljuice  +   867d ago
The trouble is the setup is too complex in an effort to play catch-up. They talk about their 15 processors, but have also said that to improve yields, any of those processors can be redundant and the workload is taken up by the CPU.

This can therefore mean that in any given Xbox One, there could be several non-working processors which kind of screws the whole balance theme. How many Xboxes will run to their full design potential (if any)? What percentage will have several processors crippled at once? Will you have different framerates etc from one machine to the next dependant on how 'lucky' you were with your purchase?

They also make a point of saying that the RAM is no more difficult than the Xbox 360 to program for, however this is a moot point as PS4's is now a lot easier than the X360's ever was. There are some clever 'workarounds' going on in the box, but if they had approached the system in a different way (ala PS4) these complexities would not be necessary in the first place.
Deltaohio  +   867d ago
The reason for the non functioning processors is for redundancy. Something I haven't heard Sony say anything about. Without arguing performance between the two I would say the X1 would be more reliable and probably have less units turning into bricks. There are vents galor. Their chip is huge to disparate heat better and they even have cores for redundancy. The RROD lesson was a bitch.
When I see the playstation I see one vent in the back. And when you take into consideration the "50%" increase in power you have to wonder how well it's gonna stay cool.

Also they did go the same route as Sony. They just chose dif RAM. The eSRAM is an extra piece of the system that can be easily used by those who developed on the 360.

It would be like us having a similar car. Yours is faster. Similar engine except I have a turbo. Is yours more easy to tune? Yes. But to someone who works on cars with turbos it's not a big deal and you can get certain boosts in performance then a similar engine without a turbo. That doesn't mean mine is always better but the difficulty in tuning is relative.
#17.1 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
Angeljuice  +   866d ago
They said themselves that allowing for redundancymeant they could massively improve yields. This can only mean that a lot of Xbox owners will have a gimped machine without even realising.
Ko_Uraki  +   867d ago
The real minus point of the xbox one is its price. The other things are the typical and useless debates about "which is the most powerful hardware" that happen every 5-6 years. The xbox one will be more than capable to face the PS4.
Goku781  +   867d ago
100 dollars more capable?
gamertk421  +   866d ago
Yep. If $100 is a deal breaker from playing the games you want and getting everything else that comes with the experience, then you have the wrong hobby.
Goku781  +   866d ago
@gamertk421 I have owned almost every system since Atari 2600. Money is not the issue, the issue is when a company like MS have a track record of selling people s#!+¥ products, smile and lie about what they are selling you I.E. kinnect was really necessary, the machine had to be always on (the 180 stuff, sorry not lies), their specs (they made it and act like they don't have a clue), being 100 dollars worth more than a stronger system, things like that. But if that's fine with you, you can be my guest and take my place standing in line for that on day one. Enjoy.
Deltaohio  +   867d ago
Never seen so much hatters in my life.
Everything he said went completely over my head but didn't change my view much. All I got was xbox 360 but way better specs.
Yet ppl who are unqualified just wanna hate just for the sake of it.
Angeljuice  +   866d ago
Hatters make hats, haters hate.
Deltaohio  +   866d ago
Well fuck me and call me sue. Good point.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   867d ago
Everything you have heard about the power of each machine is wrong. Everything you have heard is either propaganda and / or corporate PR. It has been delivered by pundits and partisans. It's data that only fools believe because it's exactly what they want to hear.

All the fanboys will tell you the other side is lying, but that only proves their ignorance and further proves my point.

Also one company has a well established reputation for selling their products with lies and hyperbole, and in the end their hardware never delivers the goods.

I consider every disagree vote I receive to be a small victory for the truth, because after all, when you're dealing with fanboys, the truth hurts .

Related video
#20 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(15) | Report | Reply
XabiDaChosenOne  +   866d ago
Do you have any intent of proving the claims in hour first paragraph or are you just venting out of fustration?
Hicken  +   866d ago
Your point is as tangible as the hot air you're full of.


All you've said is, "You're wrong, and if you disagree with me, it proves I'm right." What are you, a politician? Your opinion isn't worth the paper Monopoly money is printed on, because there's NOTHING to back it up.

Par for the course for you, I know, but I thought you'd grown out of saying such garbage.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   866d ago
Toy Story Graphics
Emotion Engine
Reality Synthesizer
50% more powerful!
4D Gaming
Super Computer
Power of the Cell


Liars are always the first to say "oh yeah? We'll prove it!" when confronted with their obvious lies. This is how you know they are lying. They always instantly adopt a defensive posture. The same can be said for the mindless, hostile, insecure fanboy drones who believe these PR lies.
Hicken  +   866d ago
"Everything you have heard about the power of each machine is wrong. Everything you have heard is either propaganda and / or corporate PR."

Then you proceed to list a handful of PR statements, a few true things, and at least one thing that remains to be seen.

What part of the Emotion Engine was wrong or a lie? The Cell's power? The PS4's 50% power advantage? Not sure exactly what you speak of- since you're intentionally vague- but the PS3 certainly was used as a supercomputer(both by the US military and through the Folding@Home project).

You've left out a lot of things, presumably because we don't know how true they are yet, or because they WERE true.

You sound like a paranoid conspiracy theorist... now that I think of it, it's not the first such comment.

Do you immediately assume prosecutors and scientists are lying? That nobody's innocent?

Godlovesgamers scoffed at my claim of being a writer with a lot of projects going on at once, but I can prove it. Of course, he's got me blocked, so he doesn't have to be proven wrong. In the meanwhile, he'll keep spreading the same BS than I'm lying, while having his eyes closed and his fingers in his ears.

Apparently, you're doing the same, as statements from third party developers, system architects, and even parts manufacturers all count as PR bull to you.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   866d ago

Remember what I said about defensive fanboys? When the truth hits too close to home they instantly go on the offensive. What else would you expect from a brainwashed corporate drone?

Folks, this fall I will be enjoying both the PS4 and the Xbox One, and I won't care about the "power" of either system. I will simply be having fun. After all, if power was the only thing that mattered I would play all my games on PC. Listening to people argue about which console is more powerful is like watching children argue about who has the fastest big wheel on the playground. It's even worse when neither side has all the facts.

One last thing, all you need to do to disprove any lies coming from either side is just look at the games and judge for yourself. Even the dumbest fanboy can agree with this common sense logic.
xKugo  +   867d ago
Seemns like Microsoft took a somewhat foolhardy conservative approach to graphical output, set features, latency and system balance. They'll end up paying the price later down the line.

Btw, MisterxMedia is spewing so much BS out of his mouth it's unreal. Somebody should really help that guy/girl.
#21 (Edited 867d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
True_Samurai  +   867d ago
Here we go let's see what the n4g developers have to say
WeAreLegion  +   866d ago
A lot of developers are on N4G. It's a major gaming forum. It's feedback. Many developers are on Reddit, too.
Sarobi  +   866d ago
"we're based on the Sea Islands family" ..BUT...BUT THE NDA!...THE VOLCANIC ISLAND SERIES!??!!? /s
christocolus  +   866d ago
Nice now looking forward to the great games coming out at launch and sometime next year...d4 , sunset overdrive , halo 5, dr3, forza5, ryse ,project spark. by mid next year we will start seeing the next wave of games that will be developed using the consoles full capabilities..personally I'm excited at what rare, 343, blacktusk, epic, remedy, square,crytek,dice, konami , capcom, platinum, lionhead and other talented devs would be able to do with the hardware..this is going to be great..
beerzombie  +   866d ago
Yes it's finally said; the games not some specs to talk about the games and Sony doesn't seem to have any launch games to talk about so they talk powerful specs.
DoesUs  +   866d ago
WOW! surprises, and just what most of us already know. A very nice and powerful machine. But has a number of hoops it needs to go through to get the best performance from. PS4 by contrast, has less hoops to go through to reach its optimal level, which still is the more powerful machine.

Frigid and Elite will not be well after the "shocking revelation" that the gpu is not based on the Volcanic series!

But but the NDA!!!
obelix01  +   866d ago
Well like millions of other people the technical stuff just discussed is something most don't understand. I don't understand it. I understand the ps4 has more power, according to all the hype surrounding it. However that's irrelevant to me. I simply prefer the games X1 has not to mention the superior online experience that has already been established with the 360. In the end its the games & fun factor that does it for me. That's why I'm buying a X1.
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Kuse  +   866d ago
Man everyone on this website is a developer and a programmer! Its the best site ever...

sAVAge_bEaST  +   866d ago
I thought this debate was settled last week,. (except for the secret sauce Believers,, and the NDA -B$ters)

It's ok guys, you still will have a billion transistors, the revolutionary Kinect gimmick, and DA Powaar of da Clowdz!!! ;s
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fyapitt  +   866d ago
All said and done ....still getting one
noloyalties  +   866d ago
Finally a good article to explain and back up MS thinking.

To continue these car analogies. PS4 is a drag racer on a road course, XBox One is now more clearly defined as a Formula1 road course driver.
Hicken  +   866d ago
Um... no. Not quite.

The XB1 is more like a DTM car, while the PS4 is like an F1 with the ease of use of a daily driver.
JohnS1313  +   866d ago
The Xbox 180 is an F1 car that crashed and burned and is laying off to the side next to some bales of hay.
UncleGermrod  +   866d ago
Does everyone realize how lame these comparisons are? spoken like the words of a true virgin....uhhhh my xbox is formula 1 car. Let's just wait and see. Sounds to me like both systems will perform well. Ps4 would seem to have the edge by all accounts but articles like this just back up the idea that xbox one should hold its own just fine. Either way, what difference does any of this flame war garbage make in the end?
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