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GameCloud: "Honestly, Killzone Mercenary is a fun “Killzone Experience”. However, it is also strung together by a forgettable plot that is unjustifiably short, and complemented by a multiplayer mode that has less life than a ghost town. Fortunately, there is a Contracts Mode that will provide additional challenges, and this does help to justify at least some sort replayability, and naturally, it’s also an undeniably great demonstration of the Vita’s power. However, if portability isn’t that important to you, I think you’re probably better off waiting for Shadow Fall. Unfortunately, we can only recommend to enthusiasts."

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abzdine1826d ago

i have a blast everytime i play this game.. the single player campaign is far more interesting than KZ2 and 3.

PoSTedUP1826d ago

sony is owning with killzone franchise. mercenary is a 9.0 on metacritic user score. not that we need it to enjoy the game, but im glad we're hearing nothing but pure excellence coming from the gaming community, as myself have been playing this game extensively, every day for hours, since it launched. i dont do that with many games anymore.

a review without a review, i give it above a 9. maybe 9.5. i cant find many flaws taking into account this is a console experience on a handheld, and it's only $40 new $35 DD.

Insomnia_841827d ago (Edited 1827d ago )


This game is the reason why I have not purchased GTA5 yet. This game is all I've been playing since I bought it. While I agree that the main story is short, the game has a lot to do on every mission or chapter and because of the way they have to be done, every time is a different experience and the same Contract or "chapter" never feels the same.

Each chapter consists of four different contracts: Primary, Precision, Covert, and Demolition. Each contract requires different loadouts to complete and different objectives.

The Primary contract is the main single player story and along the way you can collect intel on every chapter and in any other contract on that same chapter too.

The Presicion contract requires you to complete the mission and the objectives in a certain amount of time, missed one objective? Time to complete the mission run out? FAIL! no money! Restart from last check point or back to the beginning of the mission if needed.

The Covert contract has more of a stealth approach and mostly requires silenced weapons and the Ghost Van-Guard to achive certain amount of kills without being seen with a certain silenced weapon, going through an area without being detected and that sort of objectives.

The Demolition contract speaks for itself, in this contracts the objectives are usually destroying things like a certain amount of drones, camaras, airships, etc and using explosives, shotguns and all sorts of heavy weaponry.

The objectives on each contract are different depending on the mission, chapter or area.

So that's four different contracts with different objectives for each of the nine chapters in the game, each time being a different experience because you have to approach the field and the enemies in a different way to complete the objectives. The replayability level in this game is HIGH!

Add to that the addictive multiplayer which runs smooth and there's always people to play with. The writer mentions having trouble finding people to play online, I believe it could be his location, Australia, I'm in the US and find people to play every time and even late at night 3am 4am. Oh and trophies! How to forget the trophies!

I have put 23hrs 38mns total between SP and MP gameplay. I finished the main story but I have done all four contracts in only two of the nine chapters. I still have some intel to collect and 5 Valor Cards to complete the full deck. I'm rank 24 of 45.

This is by far, the best HOME CONSOLE gaming experience ON A HANDHELD DEVICE! This game achieved what every hardcore gamer ever wanted and that is having the same experience from your home console wherever you go in the palm of your hand. To me this game is a 9 out of 10. Definitely not a 6. $39.99 worth every penny.

I'm getting GTAV this week.

Edit: I think this is the most I've ever wrote on any site ever! lol

TiberusX871827d ago

Hi Insomnia_84!

Thank you for that feedback, I really enjoyed reading your perspective as it was quite different to my own. I'm really glad Killzone: Mercenary has an audience!

I definitely recommend to enthusiasts, and it sounds like you're having a great time with the game. Hope you continue to enjoy it as well as GTA V. :)

DA_SHREDDER1827d ago

Imagine if this game had a better controller to play with like a DS4? The next one will be awesome cause of Vita TV

TiberusX871827d ago

Absolutely! Personally, I'm really keen for the Vita TV!

Although, in regards to Killzone, Shadow Fall is what I want to play most of all. It seems to be pushing the series in a new and exciting direction.

0ut1awed1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

Yea, I also really have been enjoying KZ Mercenary and have to respectfully say I think the review is a little off.

Killzone 2 was one of my favorite games of this previous generation (Top 3% in MP 8D ). Now I have been limited to a PC for gaming over the past two years after deciding to sell my consoles. Killzone has been the one console game I really miss. Mercenary seems to satisfy that. It's everything Killzone should be on a portable device. It feels like the generic Killzone experience yet it's all happening in the palm of your hands.

The single player is very generic when looked at in a strictly single player sense. It's not designed in that manor though because of the valor and ranking system. Whether you like it or not, it's designed to be ground through over and over again. Honestly I think that is a very valid tactic to work with on a portable device, especially with the Vita's snap in and out states. I assume that's why Borderlands 2 was such a popular choice that became a reality.

I kind of view it as a nice addition on top of multiplayer since it is designed hand in hand.

I have been playing it since launch and I'm still choosing daily to play my Vita over say Arma 3 on my very capable PC. Granted that might have something to do with me being two trophies away from platinum now haha. Either way it's still very much fun.

MastaMold1827d ago

Lol at the haters approving this review.

Sent from my Sony Xperia Z

TiberusX871827d ago

Hi MastaMold,

I don't hate the game at all, I just recommend for enthusiasts. 6.5 is not a bad score, it's just a bit of a mixed review. And of course, my own opinion as well.

I'm really glad you're enjoying the game! :)

joeorc1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )


is the game really worth a 65% score point? that's a grade of D or D- or a C or C+ if its curved depending on which grading system you go with.

Im only asking this for the simple fact on a mobile handset what other FPS would ever or has ever shown not only the fidelity or control functionality for a FPS ever to come close to what Killzone has done on any handheld game console before on a dedicated Mobile handheld. I mean this is more about playability than just graphic's, and to my experience none has even come close to killzone on the PSVita.

if so what other FPS on a dedicated handheld even comes close, so if so what grade would you give any other FPS on a handheld? if the very best Mobile dedicated handheld fps shooter to ever be done on a handheld sofar, and with what you wrote being its grade is a C or D- than what ever FPS could ever get above that, because sofar not one handheld fps shooter even on a nintendo handheld or PSP has even come anywhere near killzone on the PSVita, not even playability or on the graphic's front let alone story also.

Im not saying your Opinion is not viable, im just pointing out that by your very own opinion you are saying that the best FPS made to date on any handheld game system EVER made SOFAR is only getting a grade of a C to a D-.

I mean what would it take to get above that grade or if its even possible at all?

TiberusX871826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@ Joeorc

Based on the review scale for our site, I would reference this section:

6.0 - 6.5: "Games that score an overall within this range have certain positive qualities about them, but the negative may be a problem for some players. Approach cautiously."


I understand it's a handheld platform, but the fact is they're claiming to deliver a console experience on a handheld, and that means the game's design is subject to the same scrutiny as it's counterparts. It's a decent shooter with some good qualities, and I commend them for their delivery on the platform. I think if you read the full review you'll see what I mean.

Ultimately, if you're enjoying it, then it's a win for the platform and I'm very happy about that as I really like the Vita. I hope you keep playing!


Apologies, I just saw your added remarks. What would it take for the game to have scored higher? Sure. That's a fair question.

To be honest, it all comes down to design, and the FPS genre more than any other is suffering from fatigue. The basic design is ultimately recycled from game to game with the core focus being placed on writing unique scenarios that will help keep the player engaged. There are no true innovations with the way you play, and more so variations in the games appearance and set pieces. It's a problem with the "FPS" as a whole, and that's why you'll be seeing games such as Destiny trying to do new things next generation.

It's still a good Killzone Experience, and I think the core fans will be happy.

JoGam1826d ago

@ Tiberusx87.... You say its your opinion but your site has a scale which you claims Killzone Mercenaries falls in the 6.5 slot. Thats cool. However if thats how your site is ran and scores games I no longer trust your site. You are misleading. I understand its your opinion but I rather follow a site where they have the same views as mine. Killzone Mercenaries is at least an 8 for the entire package. Good day!

TiberusX871826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

@ JoGam

I'm sorry you feel that way, and I respect where you're coming from.

To clarify, if not for the short campaign length, an average narrative and a ridiculous 1GB patch to fix some serious game breaking bugs, I would have rated it a point higher. If you see, all my reviews are based on a collection of individual scores for different categories. I don't just make up a final score, I rate each aspect individually as I write the review plan.

Also, the online environment was almost empty for me when I was trying to review, and what good is multiplayer if nobody is playing it? Perhaps it was just the Australian servers, but I can only review by what I experience, and MP was supposed to be a big part of the value in the experience.

I think with all things considered, had the above problems not been a factor, I probably could have scored closer to an 8.0. Either way, It's still a decent game, and I thank you all for your feedback, even though this particular review has received a lot of disagrees on N4G. It had to happen one day. :)

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Einhert1827d ago

lol at the fanboys angry over opinions

b-dash1826d ago

This is handheld FPS with exquisite balance.
We don't have to purchase Modern combat anymore.

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