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Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" with The Last of Us

Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" through its presentation of a "non-sexualized" female protagonist in The Last of Us, creative director Neil Druckmann has said.

Druckmann--who became a father during the development of The Last of Us--said it was no accident that Ellie was designed the way she was. (industry, Naughty Dog, PS3, The Last Of Us)

Walker  +   680d ago
They absolutely did that !
dboyc310  +   680d ago
just look at the females in TLoU, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite and then compare it to that chick from MGS. What makes TLoU amazing is how well crafted the characters are and how real their performance and appearance resemble reality. Not only Ellie but also the new Lara Croft, Elizabeth, Jodie etc.
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Yi-Long  +   680d ago
There have been big great games before that featured a non-sexual female protaganist, like Beyond Good and Evil, and Mirror's Edge. Not to mention Metroid of course.

Looking forward to playing The Last of Us. :)
Wni0  +   679d ago
Wait what? Infinites Elizabeth went from being a homely looking female to a gorgeous librarian disney princess over the development, as well as many articles fixating on her breast size. And Lara Croft is still incredibly attractive its just that the developers didnt have that many crawling sections or other exploitive things like the previous installments.
Hicken  +   679d ago
I'm sorry, but I fail to see the point in bringing Quiet up. Yes, the other characters you mention are well-crafted, and that's fine.

But you know- WE know- almost nothing about Quiet's character. Furthermore, you're comparing her to characters in games that lack the over-the-top nature of MGS. How quickly people forget how UNREALISTIC the Metal Gear franchise is.

While we're on the subject, can you point out how many poorly crafted characters there are in the Metal Gear universe? I can't think of any. Why, then, would you expect that of Quiet?

Anyway, Naughty Dog did wonders with The Last of Us, and I'm looking forward to their next outing.

But please, let's not stoop to making BS comments like this.
iamnsuperman  +   680d ago
I don't think they have just yet as we have no idea of the impact of a game like The Last of Us. It may not have any impact at all (which is sad). I don't think The Last of Us is the game that changes how female characters are portrayed. That is naturally happening right now (like dboyc310 said with games like Bioshock Infinite and Tomb Raider which have moved away from over sexualising female characters).
uncharted56  +   679d ago
Lol they already have. Have you noticed that in the last few months game developers have been getting criticized more then usual for sexualizing female characters. Untouchable studios like rockstar and Kojima productions are even getting backfire from gamers for the way they are portraying woman in their games. ND and Irrational Games have already sparked a debate among gamers and developers over sexism of woman through their games. And in the future this issue will only get bigger and get more attention. Gaming industry is maturing and so are the gamers at least some of them.
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miyamoto  +   680d ago
Yeah they did with
Crash Bamdicoot
Crash Team Racing
Jak and Daxter
Uncharted 2
a long long time ago
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Cernunnos  +   679d ago
Crash Bandicoot was my favourite franchise as a kid. Jak and Daxter was one of the best franchises on PS2. I love Uncharted, some of the best games the PS3 has to offer.

And then The Last of Us, a game that has truly changed the industry.

Naughty Dog for president!
Abdou023  +   679d ago
What exactly did they do to revolutionise the gaming industry ?!
This has nothing to do with whether the game is good or not by the way.
kevnb  +   679d ago
great game, but I havent felt any impact on other games just yet. I just wish the ai was as good as they tried to make it look at e3. Soliders running around in circles avoiding invisible boundaries didnt feel right. I never noticed such strange behaviour in the uncharted games.
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TrevorPhillips  +   680d ago
They've changed the industry with Uncharted :)
rhcpfan  +   680d ago
Uncharted is overrated. The Last of Us, however, is a masterpiece.
Nicaragua  +   680d ago
I completely agree
byeGollum  +   680d ago
Actually I think the last of us is overrated, uncharted is the masterpiece.
THC CELL  +   680d ago
This looks like the same people chatting to them selfs, nd games are amazing period
ZodTheRipper  +   680d ago
Both deserve the praise they get.
Abdou023  +   679d ago
Actually both are overrated, people only go crazy about ND games because they have great stories/ character whichdmake them work bettr as a movie, but the gameplay itself is nothing out of the ordinary.
HonestDragon  +   680d ago
The Last of Us is a fantastic game. I believe that the characterization of both Joel and Ellie were great. The story was unique, too. Every PS3 owner should get this game.
user7402931  +   680d ago
up there with gta 5, dark souls, demons souls, fallout, skyrim, battlefield, uncharted, zelda, mario, metal gear, gran turismo.

this game sits with the giants.
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Ohlmay  +   680d ago
I'd say Naughty Dog definitely did a fantastic job when it came to story-telling and character development, but when it came to gameplay, they didn't really do anything that blew me away. TLOU is a 10/10 Movie, but a 6/10 game IMO (Seperate scores)
FlunkinMonkey  +   680d ago
Your subtle trolling doesn't work here buddy... 32 day old account ranting about 'Sony drones' in other articles gives me the impression you are chatting diarrhoea and haven't played it.

Just don't believe you..

6/10 gameplay bahahaha.. Yea sureee,
cyguration  +   680d ago
He has a point and I agree.

I loved The Last of Us but it was essentially a smoother playing version of Silent Hill or Resident Evil.

The gameplay wasn't perfect nor was it innovative but it worked and worked well because the storytelling was innovative and the characters were legit. It also had a sound pace that kept you moving along.

However, if we purely looked at the game for its gameplay, yeah, I would say it was probably a step behind Uncharted 3, but made up for it with the light inventory/crafting system.

It's not trolling to be critical and objective about a game, even when you love it.
Ohlmay  +   680d ago
Subtle trolling? I'm giving my opinion, I even gave it a 10! A 10/10! How is that trolling? I personally thought the gameplay was lackluster. I don't appreciate Sony fans talking about their PS4 on an Xbox One related article, it's not even relevant. I've played the game all the way through, took me around 18 hours, I thoroughly enjoyed it like I said, just the gameplay was mediocre at best (e.g. Shooting mechanics were bad, AI was terrible, repetitive level design, basic stealth mechanics, terrible puzzles (Use Ladder, Use Plank, Use Raft, etc) And much more) If you combine the scores, it's an 8/10, which is a great score, don't get upset.
FlunkinMonkey  +   680d ago
Yea fair enough, valid points.. i just thought a 6/10 for gameplay is steep and there are so many trolls rife on here these days.. wasn't perfect granted, but so far for me it's game of the gen (yet to play GTA5).

Getting paranoid in my hungover state :)
iamnsuperman  +   680d ago
I thought the gameplay naturally blended in with the story. You were not distracted by a good, new, mechanic. You didn't think about the gameplay which is what a lot of games should do. All the gameplay mechanics are natural things which helps the story. They are not too separate things but one combined element.

I think the one thing The Last of Us does differently compared to nearly all games is difficulty spiking. It isn't a slow progression to a harder game just random spikes a difficult moments which really fits this type of game.

We keep looking at gameplay and story as to separate things but they are not and The Last of Us did that perfectly. The gameplay mechanics must feel natural. It is like a controller. The best controllers are the ones you do not notice. Same with gameplay mechanics.

The big theme of The Last of Us is subtlety. Too many games through stuff in your face shouting "look at me, look at me. I have this and that. Please give me credit." Which is poor design and something we need to move away from
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Rhythmattic  +   679d ago
Well Said...

For me the pacing of all the elements (gameplay to narrative) was perfect.
Imalwaysright  +   680d ago
I don't agree that TloU gameplay was mediocre but the game isn't original in any way, just like all Naughty Dog games. ND strenght is presentation and creating great characters (in TLoU) but somehow they manage to fool the fanboys that believe they've made revolutionary games or games that are the pinnacle gameplay wise.

TloU, imo, is a masterpiece because of its storytelling and Ellie. If she was a cliché uninteresting character the whole story would be ruined because I just wouldn't care. In that sense I agree with you, TloU is a better movie than it is a game, but TloU gameplay is far from being mediocre.
showtimefolks  +   680d ago
You have a right to you opinion but you look at how there is real time crafting system and how the stealth system works I am not sure if I call gameplay 6/10 it's more like 8.5/10

The ps4 version will improve alot of things, we have to realize how excellent LOU is on a very old system, the enemy AI alone is excellent

2 games I hope we get on next gen from ps3 are GTA5 and the last of us
Abdou023  +   679d ago
Totally agree here.
Goro  +   680d ago
Naughty Dog is overrated, Uncharted is nowhere near "Game of the Generation" quality as some people say it is.
As for TLOU... Pretty good Story, relatable characters and amazing atmosphere but with mediocre gameplay...nothing that will change the gaming industry from my point of view.
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CEOSteveBallmer  +   680d ago
nor does any MS exclusive game can change the industry and is worth being called "game of the generation".
Goro  +   680d ago
I know, i didn't say they were...never played any of 'em either so i can't judge...
SonyNGP  +   680d ago
I wouldn't call ND overrated. Their games are absolutely amazing. However, they are extremely overhyped to the point where their fans wouldn't stop shoving their love for the studio down ever single person's throats. HURR NAUGHTY GODS!
Awolvie  +   680d ago
Naughty Dog isn't overrated. They are one of this generation's top developers. Even before this gen, they were making games like Jak and Daxter and Crash Bandicoot. Which are looked on fondly by many.

Uncharted combined the giant set pieces that we have come to expect from AAA games with a genuinely interesting story along with graphics that truly used the PS3 to the point where they were brought in to help other developers get to grips with PS3.

TLOU had those things with emotion sprinkled everywhere throughout. The music, the voice and motion capture acting and the story should all have made you either feel something or start to think about what you did in the game. If it didn't, you were playing it wrong.

It may not change the industry but they gave it a good try.

(Sorry for the essay)
Imalwaysright  +   680d ago
I still don't understand why people say that Uncharted's story is great. TloU story is great but Unchated's story imo is worthy of a summer blocbuster. All flair with no substance.
showtimefolks  +   680d ago
Last of us

Over rated I don't think so, if ND were a independent developer I can't imagine what kind of offered they would get from publishers to be bought

Whether its within the developer community of gamers, ND are a very well respect and highly regarded developer even fanboys from other systems admit how great ND are
Cherchez La Ghost  +   680d ago
Hold on there!! The Last of Us is going down as a jewel of the last-gen!! It was a "BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE" for any gamer. AAA game for your collection.
R_aVe_N  +   680d ago
I would say they have done that. The relationship that you build in that game with Ellie is really the first time I have cared for both characters and really wanted them to live.
DeletedAcc  +   680d ago
Mission impossible accomplished
Spurg  +   680d ago
'Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" through its presentation of a "non-sexualized" female protagonist in The Last of Us'

...The title was a bit incomplete
SlapHappyJesus  +   680d ago
Changed the industry?

Not even knocking the developers. They truly make quality game after quality game . . .
But Changing the damn industry?

brave27heart  +   680d ago
Its not just the sexualisation of characters that they changed for TLOU, look at the tropes of the male "good guy" hero and the damsel in distress who cant defend herself and needs rescuing.

The end of winter was a perfect example of taking something we've been accustomed to in games and films and turning it on its head.
Meccanoid  +   680d ago
If the gaming industry continues to have faith in itself that it can achieve being a respected form of entertainment, and divert away from self harming cliche's it will one day achieve it.

It's like this is all forms of entertainment though especially film. There is a tug of war between nervous people who want money turn around, and people who want to have their vision expressed. games like the last of us, are fighting the good fight.
DoctorJones  +   680d ago
Half Life 2 already did that though.
Hicken  +   679d ago
... implying that no other game can ever change anything.
DoctorJones  +   679d ago
No Hicken, I wasn't 'implying' anything. Implying would be a sentence like this -

"Only an idiot would think like that Hicken."

What I did was state a fact, because they said this -

'Naughty Dog wanted to "change the industry" through its presentation of a "non-sexualized" female protagonist'

And I stated the fact that it had already been done by Half Life 2. Nowhere did I state that 'no other game can change anything', implied or otherwise.

Why are you so defensive?
Hicken  +   678d ago
If Half Life had, indeed, done it, then why is there apparently a need for it to be done again? Did the industry forget or something?

Edit: And that's my whole point, genius. If Alyx had been the one to cause the change, there'd be no need for Naughty Dog to have to come back and do it again. Or anybody else, for that matter. There wouldn't be this debate in the first place, had Half Life 2 already changed the industry.

Besides, I think you give Half Life 2 a little too much credit. Yes, it was a great game, but it didn't get near the time in the spotlight that The Last of Us is getting, for example. Or, perhaps, it got the TIME, but the spotlight wasn't as bright.

In either case, the point is that Half Life 2 didn't change it as much as you thought, or it wouldn't even be a subject of discussion now.
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DoctorJones  +   678d ago
Well apparently some people did Hicken because I've pointed it out to you. You seem to find it hard to grasp what I'm saying Hicken or just want to argue for the sake of arguing for whatever reason, please don't talk to me again. Thanks.
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Mr-SellJack  +   680d ago
MGS did that already,most powerful female in MGS3!
Inception  +   680d ago
The Boss ftw \m/
VsAssassin  +   680d ago
My gaming taste and preference actually changed a little bit after playing The Last of Us. it changed somewhat in that I am now looking for games that have more meaning to them. I'd still play games that are light-hearted and just plain fun, but high caliber games will probably need to offer more than just outstanding visuals and nice gameplay.

My expectations have been raised thanks to TLoU. This is why I am most looking forward to beyond: Two Souls, rather than playing GTAV.
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Seafort  +   680d ago
No developer is going to change the industry if they are attached to a publisher. All the publisher is bothered about is making lots and lots of money.

So innovation and "changing the industry" goes out the window.

I can see an indie developer changing parts of the industry for the better but they don't have the resources to make a massive impact on the games industry.
I would put my bets on an indie dev rather than a publishers puppet changing things for the better though.
Ricdog  +   680d ago
Whats TLoU???? Sorry, gotta get back to GTA5. Need to get ready for the awesomeness I'll have on ps network once the online component is released.
XboxDone  +   680d ago
I thought the TLOU's combat was superb. I think alot of these people who are hating on the gameplay either suck at playing the game or are just closet xbots.
jeffgoldwin  +   679d ago
They made a graphicly pleasing zombie apocalypse shooter. Been done a thousand times already. Hardly industry changing. I guess they did change some peeps by making you crush on a little girl, very phedo imo.
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JackStraw  +   679d ago
shooter? lol. how old are you? seriously... this is the problem with the gaming industry. too many kids playing games they don't understand. just because a game has a gun in it doesn't make it a shooter. i guess the walking dead is a shooter too?
SoulSercher620  +   679d ago
Last I checked they were INFECTED NOT ZOMBIES!!! When will people like you get that through your thick skulls? And you killed other people too. Please if you're gonna troll try much harder than that.
hotbeef  +   679d ago
Off topic but after just seeing Prisoners, Hugh Jackman would be a great choice for Joel in a fantasy movie casting. He looked a lot like him in the film and he was battered and broken yet fierce and intense. Kept think of Joel as I watched

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