VideoGamer Hands-on: Age of Conan

Funcom's fantasy MMO has plenty to distinguish itself from the crowded and samey massively multiplayer market. But perhaps the most intriguing of its unique features is the mounted combat. Picture this - scores of battle-hardened warriors, each one sitting atop a mighty horse, charge into battle in an explosion of clashing steel and seared flesh. Mount and warrior bring the pain as helpless computer-controlled bad guys are tossed into the distance by devastating front and rear kicks. Opposing mounted players, fuelled by PvP blood lust, charge in, steel clashing in brutal jousting death matches. Sounds good eh? Well developer Funcom is aiming to make this fantasy a virtual reality in Age of Conan. scored a trip to publisher Eidos' London HQ to get an exclusive hands-on with a level capped character and his many mounts, not all of them horses, to see how Age of Conan's trump card feels in practice. The results aren't for the squeamish.

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