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What Percentage Of Players Will Actually Finish GTA 5?

Surprise, surprise, GTA 5 is a smash hit. It broke day one sales records by a mile, raking in $800M in 24 hours, and critics are falling over themselves to praise the game, and it remains at a staggering 98 on Metacritic. (Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360)

PoSTedUP  +   608d ago
i wont finish it, i only use it for a training simulator so i can kill people better when this game eventually convinces me that murder is the right thing to do.

@Ezz below: nice dude, you should have seen how bad i beat this one guy to death with a dildo after i was done playing San Andreas. we gotta go on killing sprees together soon im already starting to feel it a little. woah Now i know what the media is talking about...
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Ezz2013  +   608d ago
This man gets it
i already have a list of ppl to kill when i'm done with GTAV

i already killed alot when i finished TLOU
i used the machete and a crafted pipe
can't wait to learn more ways to kill with GTAV

EDIT: @nitrowolf2
lucky you
my ps3 copy still didn't arrive yet
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Nitrowolf2  +   608d ago

I learned all my killing from Disney Pixar Up the Video Game.

Real Men kill with Baloons

OT: I've already beaten it, now clearing up the collectibles and then exploring the shit out of the map
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jony_dols  +   608d ago
I prefer to use GTA to hone my 'getting flung off a quad bike face first into a cactus' skills.
Ritsujun  +   608d ago
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showtimefolks  +   608d ago

you sir speak nothing but the truth

those balloons hurt
ArchangelMike  +   608d ago
I'll assume you're being sarcastic there...

Anyway, I fully plan on completing the game, and by that I mean the story campaign. I probably won't chase after that 100% completion score, especially as some of them are online.
PoSTedUP  +   608d ago
"i wont finish it, i only use it for a training simulator so i can kill people better when this game eventually convinces me that murder is the right thing to do"

nah bro dont do That, take me litterally...
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supes_24  +   608d ago
ArchangelMike, you definitently know how to iterate the meaning of assume.
joe90  +   608d ago
Finished it a few hours ago. Amazing game. felt the ending was cut a bit short but loved every minute of the game. i am going to replay it again when it comes to PC.
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Nitrowolf2  +   608d ago

You do know thta there are three endings right? You can even play all of them, jsut go to the replay mission and you cna select the other ones

Honestly, I loved the endings, especially the ones for choice a and B, they made me tear up a bit
3-4-5  +   608d ago
This will be the 2nd one I will finish.

Finished Vice City as well.
s8anicslayer  +   608d ago
I will one day hope to finish GTA V, but with all those side missions and just general things to do I don't think that will never happen. You can virtually live in GTA V it is crazy. But if I am playing Micheal and I walk into my house to find my wife standing on the sofa I'm going to pop a cap in her knees!
blennerville  +   608d ago
just finished it myself. Im dissapointed we didnt get more missions - would have loved more of Trevor.
abc1233  +   608d ago
I did my first killing spree after playing some Mario games. Jumping on people's heads.
MysticStrummer  +   607d ago
I heard Hannibal Lecter was a big fan of Pac Man.
PoSTedUP  +   607d ago

my first violent outburst was running around town lighting people on fire, they never did understand the little paper fairy hanging from my shoulder by a string...
ZombieKiller  +   607d ago
this guy will.
Godlovesgamers  +   607d ago
Hicken  +   607d ago
Hardly. It's a shot at all the morons out there who think video games directly influence violent behavior, rather than preexisting mental conditions.

The argument that games create criminals falls apart because of the sheer number of people that play games like Grand Theft, and yet how few of them go out and do anything remotely close to emulating what's present in the game.

Your moral position on the game's content aside, surely you can understand that it's not the content of the games that causes criminal behavior.
PoSTedUP  +   607d ago
i am sorry my comment did not fancy your taste.
i will strive to be more classy, sit properly, and drink tea with my pinky extended while i give my insight to my fellow gamers in this ever-so perfectly pleasant internet we come to escape from all of the classless people in the real world.
Majin-vegeta  +   608d ago
Pffft you're all weak.I learned my killing from Barney.

Remember gotta kill them with kindness ;).

@Arch Of course they are i thought it was obvious??xD

OT:I still need to pick up GTA V
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Ezz2013  +   608d ago
lol Barney is not always nice and kind though
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ABeastNamedTariq  +   608d ago
Thanks, I didn't want to sleep tonight anyway. :P
Majin-vegeta  +   608d ago
You sir have earned a bubble ROTFLMFAO XD.
kevnb  +   608d ago
the game came out Tuesday...
SlapHappyJesus  +   608d ago
I certainly will.
Just happy to hear it won't be a long wait on the PC version. Was very close to just grabbing it on console and then I saw the article on here.
thelaughingwiseman  +   608d ago
I already flipped my game for Puppeteer. Want a real killing simulator?! Grab a copy of that game. Scissors are the real way to mass murder... everything!
M-M  +   608d ago
I will, but I'm only at like 13% lol.
Stsonic  +   608d ago
i only complete games that can hold my attention for the duration and gta5 is one. the last big game i finished was the last of us excluding indies. this is not to say i dont enjoy other games i jus get bored quite eaily.
Pintheshadows  +   608d ago
It took me just over 50 hours on my first play through and I was discovering new things that whole time. I will go for 100% (at 87% currently) but I wanted to experience it again and i'm discovering more new things. Just sitting on Franklin's couch and getting high in front of the TV and hearing his thoughts is magnificent.
nevin1  +   608d ago
50 hrs? The game just came out Tuesday.
rmatthe5  +   608d ago
Some people got it early ...
Pintheshadows  +   607d ago
I got it at midnight launch and played it almost constantly due to 'holiday days'.
brich233  +   608d ago
I think im going to run people over with my car like i do all the time in GTA V. Thanks Rockstar for giving me the ideas. I might rob a bank too and try to fly an helicopters in to skyscrapers and than parachute out.

In all seriousness, the game is a bit boring but still entertaining but i have to be in the mood to play it.
r21  +   608d ago
I will, currently at 17%! After 9 hours of playing...still a long way for me XD
RE_L_MAYER  +   608d ago
I like to keep it slow-it makes it better if you play just a few missions a day without rushing it
RE_L_MAYER  +   608d ago
I believe 90 percent of people will finish it because unlike some games it keeps giving you different methods and cool vehicles on missions so it does make you want to beat it and for older people like me I also want to see the story through and how it all going to play out in the end
Two reasons I see for few people not finishing the story is it is seems hard to me on some missions (I try not to use special skill) and another well if very young children are playing they just want to fool around and never complete the story
Chucky2003  +   608d ago
I've finished it,its my first GTA game that I finish and the first i really like
tweet75  +   608d ago
myself have never finished every mission in any GTA game. I always get sidetracked in the game...but to me thats the measure of a great game. so far though...in GTAV i love it because the shooting is soo much better than ever before and I love how missions are broken in sections so you dont have to start over everytime. And the missions are funner and more diverse than any other GTA game i might just finish it.
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Goro  +   608d ago
Just see how many people got the "To Live or Die in Los Santos" trophy on PSNProfiles.com to see, it's currently 2.5% but that will increase to 15-20% over the next month
admiralvic  +   607d ago
Yes, but that is at best anecdotal evidence.

Like they're saying 16.5 million copies of GTA V have already sold, so lets say 8.25 million are PS3 side. There are only 1.2 million people tracked by PSNProfiles, which means the total sales at the moment are roughly 7 times larger than all of PSNProfiles period. Of that 1.2 million tracked, only 60,217 people are being tracked for GTA V, so this is a very very small market size. So you're effectively looking at a sum that is well under 1%, which also follows the more dedicated (since odds are you care more about trophies / rep if you're part of a site like that than some level 3 dude who just plays 3 games) to figure out how many people will actually finish GTA V.

To give you an idea, 28%, 50%, and 33% are the precent that actually finished Demon Souls according to PSNProfiles. Does anyone actually think 700,0000+ / 1,720,000 (total sales according to VGChartz) finished Demon Souls?
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Old_Prodigy  +   608d ago
I beat the game 3 days ago.
claud3  +   608d ago
Well, i will finish it when i feel i need to finish it. I will not be rushed
newflesh  +   608d ago
I'm definetely not rushing it. Actually I played already 7 hours game time and just've done about 2 or 3 missions. Because the world is so huge and amazing, I just enjoy cruising around and having fun. For example, yesterday I spent half an hour jet skiing through the ocean, bliss...
Iltapalanyymi  +   608d ago
me. i just completed story mode yesterday. shit was awesome. aiming for 100%
Tzuno  +   607d ago
Kids are happy now.
xxxsiegezzz  +   607d ago
Is this guy saying that games should be shorter, because some 40-year-old gamers cant finish it... It's just plain stupid
ArtificiallyYours  +   607d ago
I just beat it and I've missed around 80% of the side tasks haha.
SharnOfTheDEAD  +   607d ago
I've beaten it, loved the story, now it's time to explore and see what little secrets this game has.
SDIII  +   607d ago
I beat the game two days ago...I was running on energy drinks and 2-3 hours of sleep lol, I just could not stop playing. I would have beat it sooner it if I didn't have school and work.
Undeadwolfy  +   607d ago
Beat the game 2 days ago :X
jakehammer  +   607d ago
Basing game completion on achievements is absurd simply because if the player used a single cheat code during gameplay, they gain no achievements.

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