Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Review | Nova Crystallis

Nova Crystallis weighs in on Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - citing it as one of the best entries in the series in a long time.

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MoneyMeng1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE! FF14arr doesnt do anything innovative or amazing for the mmo genre. If youve already played any mmo before, youve played ff14arr. The game is solid, doing everything decently, but also comes along with its annoyances.

For example, from lv1 1-50 you will find yourself grinding repetitive/boring "fetch me" quests or "go and kill this for me" type quests.

Mounts are extremely slow, honestly about the speed of a players sprint just infinite. This is a major annoyance because more than half your time spent online, you will find yourself either running or riding a mount to get to a destination, still square decided to make mounts just slightly faster than people sprinting without mounts, making objectives consume more time than they actually should. However, there are teleport stations but using these stations penalize you with fees for using them.

Right now there is no pvp, so when youre online all youre basically doing is leveling your char or jobs or if you happen to get bored, run instances.

The game can be fun, but just because a game is fun doesn't mean its great. FF14arr is like Jeremy Lin, fun(to watch), but only a mediocre player hyped up by the media!

Honest score is:

7/10, 7.5/10 ATMOST!

Biggest1730d ago

You're completely wrong.

It's a MMO. If you don't want to "grind" you should find a new genre, MoneyMeng.

They are mounts, not high speed rail cars. If you don't want to run or ride a mount you can always teleport.

While PVP is on the way in the near future, there is plenty to do otherwise. If you're done leveling the jobs you want to level there are Primals and Bahamut Coil runs.

It sounds as if MMOs are not your bag. That's cool. Your review is like Antoine Carr. Fat, slow, and wears sunglasses indoors.

MoneyMeng1730d ago (Edited 1730d ago )

I've already covered teleport stations. Also what are the purpose for mounts if they only run as fast as a person in sprint mode? Appearance?

And Primal battles award you with nothing for completing them until you are level 50 and have unlocked hard mode.

So basically what you are saying is, you have to put up with all the annoyances like the repetitive grind for me quests and farm fates all day to hit lv50 so you can do primals that will only award you with a weapon if you are lucky.

Also if I am completely wrong, please address to me what this game has done that no other mmo has done to justify a 8-10/10 rating.

It's a hypefest, an average mmo with beautiful graphics.

NexGen1730d ago

Sprint runs out and has a cooldown, a mount does not. Don't play if you don't like it, but to come here preaching on a crusade is weird. The game is not as you depict it, but enjoy doing what you do.

Biggest1730d ago

A chocobo is faster. Period.

The first primal battles are a part of the main story. The hard battles give weapons and the ability to upgrade to a relic weapon (like my newly acquired Artemis).

Every MMO has grinding. As NexGen says:

enjoy doing what you do.

MoneyMeng1730d ago

I am still waiting on a valid response that explains where I am wrong. All I seem to get back as replies are responses like, "You are wrong," or "Then don't play the game." Statements that hold no credibility whatsoever with no valid reasons to prove their point. All I am saying is, if I am wrong, then prove me wrong.

9/10, 9.5/10s are extremely high scores and signify something on the lines of greatness.

So I'm asking,"What in this game excels or is done with a spectacular fashion that others seem to fail at?" "Is there any innovation in this game?"
"If an avid mmo player misses this game are they missing out on anything special?"

If not, then like I said, this is just your average mmo hyped up by ff fanboys, 1st time mmo players, etc(aka the media).

Frodosmugins1730d ago

Its a Final fantasy mmo and its actually really good!
I couldn't quite get in to FF11 when it came out but this is for a FF fan it has everything and more to come with every patch!

Every average gamer that plays games has played a FF game sometime in there life and 9 out of 10 they enjoyed FF!

Now if this was not a FF game but same everything then I get your point!
as a gamer FF is part of our history of playing games and now we can actually play together in a FF world!