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D4, Swery65's Xbox One Kinect game, is wonderfully weird | Destructoid

Upcoming Xbox One title D4 was designed for use with Microsoft's Kinect sensor. Game director Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro made it a point to stress this during our Tokyo Game Show meeting. D4 can be played with a controller, but his personal preference is that you play it with Kinect. (D4, Tokyo Game Show, Xbox One)

Bigpappy  +   589d ago
Has the world gone mad?! I think I just read a very positive preview od a Kinect game by Destructoid. The weird thing is they are not the only ones doing it.

Very weird. This Kinect gimmick, I was told to hate, can not now be this magical experience they speak off. I am so confused!
Baka-akaB  +   589d ago
It mostly got to do with destructoid being in love with Deadly premonition .

They'd love its sequel on even the ds or wii as well .
Bigpappy  +   589d ago
I feel like you am I am reading different articles. I could have sworn when I read it, the guy was gushing over how interesting Kinect was implemented in this game and how well it works. But I will read again to make sure...

Yep. That is what I read. Do you have a link to yours?
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JokesOnYou  +   589d ago
Don't know much about this Swervy guy, his games seem a bit weird for my taste. Still the way he's using Kinect sounds interesting.
edonus  +   589d ago
This is an effect of having kinect come with every console and giving most of the games the option for standard controller input. I predicted this is how they would do it. I am a core gamer that really played kinect games... I gave them the same respect and attention that we all give to Halo and Uncharted and Gears and COD. I can say that it had some really great offerings I have always said that once the masses of the core market actually get proper exposure to kinect they will eventually love it.

MS is just walking them down nice and easy... they have kinect optional games, kinect only games, kinect core games and kinect casual games and kinect enhanced interactions in games.

The big thing is that all of the bias auto hate reviews will go away fast if not never come because this time more people will have played the games and can call IGN and Gametrailers Kotaku and all the others on their BS reviews.
strigoi814  +   589d ago
As much as the console?
SlapHappyJesus  +   589d ago
I love Swery.
If he is really one of the few to make a worthwhile contribution to the Kinect, more power to him.
christocolus  +   589d ago
nice nice nice....d4 may be anothr title for me at launch....seeing how everyones impressed about kinect integration in this game makes me filled with excitment at what shinji mikami, hideo kojima,rare, 343 ,platinum games and other talented devs will be able to do with it in the future...
mhunterjr  +   588d ago
With kinect in every console, and accessible to all developers I expect to see plenty of creative motion control implementations. Sure it's a tough pill to swallow at launch, but kinect will offer experiences that appeal to the core, as seen here.

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