Microsoft backing GTA 4 with Halo 3 scale ad campaign

Xbox Head of Gaming and Entertainment Stephen McGill has confirmed that the platform holder will be supporting the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV with a campaign on the same scale as Halo 3.

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Yi-Long3893d ago

... if they would just come out with an Elite + GTA bundle.

I'm interested in getting a 360, and in getting GTA4... but the only 360 I'm interested in, is the Elite, which is 370 EURO and comes without ANY games here in Holland.

So when the 400 euro PS3 GTA bundle hits, I might pick that on up instead.

I cant believe the Elite is still so expensive and without games here in Europe... :(

predator3893d ago

unlucky dude, here in the UK there are some sweet elite deals which come packaged with two games if you go into the shops

vloeistof3893d ago

you life in holland ?

you should look @ mediamarkt

Yi-Long3893d ago

... but that's only for Halo 3.

When you buy any 360 PLUS Halo 3, you get GTA4 for FREE.

For me, personally, that isnt an interesting deal, cause
1: I already own Halo 3. I bought it when an etailer messed up and offered halo 3 PLUS 13 months Xbox live for 60 euro. I figured I might as well take advantage of that, thus getting a free game...

So for me the deal means nothing. For people who ARE interested in Halo 3 AND GTA4, its a nice deal. Nothing major though.

2: if I didnt have Halo yet, the deal still wouldnt be very appealing to me, as I dont really like Halo.

I really wish they would just release a GTA4-Elite bundle.

kevoncox3893d ago

I think MS messed up. Waiting 1 week before the game comes out is a bit too late. They should have started running ads in March to bring home the fact that it is coming out on 360. By this time....too many pre orders are out there.

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Lookbehind3893d ago

I'm glad I pre-ordered mine on ps3..From what I've been reading and hearing I can't believe people would still consider buying a 360 with all it's problems.

dan-boy3893d ago

if not, the open zone is that way! i would suggest you post your nonsense there mate!

LastDance3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

Edit: never mind dan boy.. i just realised your a joke;)

Bathyj3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

You dont have to go to the open zone to discuss facts. Its documented, well know fact, XB has hardware problems. If you so touchy about it dont blame the people who discuss it, blame the people who made it so.

Dan below me.
I dont think he said anything about which version was better. I think he was saying if you had to buy a console to play this game, given the problem XB has had, he cant believe anyone would choose that.

I understand whats he's saying but I'll go a step further. If I had Neither machine and had to buy one for this game, reliability would be an issue but I'd also say, do I want to buy an XB to play GTA, or for about the same price, with GT5P out, Haze an MGS4 just around the corner, should I get a PS3, that also plays BluRays? Easy decision for me.

Anyway, since I already have both, I just get it for my favourite.

dan-boy3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

well done on making yourself look like an idiot fanboy. and i have to ask if your lookbehind on another profile????lol. i think you are personally!

worst piece of gaming junk, how deluded and sad you are! anyway, i've been gaming since i had an atari vcs2600...which was around before you was even born! look it up on google!

as i said, can you post them links lookbehind/lastdance. what name would you prefer to be known by????

bathyj: i'm not touchy, and am aware of the rrod problem. i love all consoles. i was just asking for the links to prove that the 360 version is alot more inferior to the ps3 version as lookbehind/lastdance was implying!

Hercules3893d ago

the open zone is ----->

the xbox isnt the most stupid thing, it has live, bigger install base, and more games...dont get me wrong, i love my ps3, but right now it isnt up to par with the 360, that doesnt mean i am going to get one i will just have to wait for Sony to step it..the real reason for me not getting a 360 is because M$ does everything half-ass (Xbox, Windows, Zune, etc.) so i dont think i am ready for it yet.

on topic: wtf is M$ doing, its a multi-platform game...dont they have a huge install base? why are they worried, i dont even think sony did AYN advertising, well its on the PS3 site, thats it, but every gaming site i see, it is has a 360 GTA4 banner talking about a live sweepstakes...oh well only two weeks left, im just getting ready to be amazed..

LastDance3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

hahaha... Your hell cool! dan boy.

Edit: Dan boy what are you smoking? your cant even read and your claiming to be older then me.

theKiller3893d ago

this is a link to show 360 problems

and this is the original source but the news was removed but u can still check it from gamespot forum

dan-boy3893d ago

i was asking for link that was highlighting the 360s gta problems compared to the ps3 version? not a rrod forum post. i think we have our wires crossed mate. thanks for the link anyway bud!

lastdance/lookbehind: why did you edit your second post? after claiming that the 360 was the worst piece of gaming junk in history?

Palodios3893d ago


Lookbehind is not talking about GTA, he's just making a random reference to the RROD.

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pp3893d ago

i'm glad i sold my ps3 for xbox360 so many games to choose from and comig out best move i've ever made

heyheyhey3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )


you want a medal or something?

EDIT: what exactly are you people disagreeing with? idiots

Sony sucks balls3893d ago

You've made a wise choice my friend.

gEnKiE3893d ago (Edited 3893d ago )

"crap game not even worth my valuable time downloading.back to my xbox 360"

ummmm... you said this about the Lair demo....How would you dl the demo if you sold your ps3?

brothersimon3893d ago

well done, you made the best choice ever.

Pain3893d ago

sold your PS3 lololololololol u kids r Funny

just tell the truth u buying this For PS3 cuz u scared your xbox will break playing it and u have no more allowance to Rent more xbox live and u going the smart way and playing for FREE with PSN..

Good choice, it nice to see Xbots waking up from the green dream.

Z F1GHT3RS3892d ago (Edited 3892d ago )

i told u. use your sony cum bubble wisley.
u have only got one and that is so far up your ars that u cant see it

install beyond
why send that simon

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solar3893d ago

damn! i wonder if that 50 mil goes along with this advertising campaign? they are throwing a lot of dough around if not....hope it works out for them.

Truplaya3893d ago

i just hope it works out for me