Nearly Six Minutes of Atelier Rorona: The Origin Story of the Alchemist of Arland Footage Released

Hardcore Gamer: The nearly six-minute TGS trailer features pure gameplay captured from the game, showing off quite a bit of dialogue and battle sequences

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dark-kyon1642d ago

nice,rorona deserve his astrid at last is playable.

Ashlen1642d ago

I hope it gets an english release. All the other Atelier games have, so it seems like it should. But so few Japanese games make here I always worry.

Jirachi1642d ago

i don't like these games they have a time limit to beat the game...

Ashlen1642d ago (Edited 1642d ago )

That's a shame, I understand though.

Your not supposed to get the best endings on the first play through though. And without the time limit there wouldn't be any challenge.

Jirachi1642d ago

their are millions of ways to make a game challenging without doing that.
I play rpgs largely for exploration you can't explore if you have a time limit.
if they want to make the game hard add a hard mode where enemies have more hp and deal more damage.

Neckbear1642d ago

I think it adds to the fun and challenge.

BXbomber1642d ago

Is it me or this rpg keeps getting a new game every other month?

Whitefox7891642d ago

Well technically its a remake...

tiffac0081642d ago

The Atelier series from Gust has always had a lot titles per series but the Arland saga proved to be so popular that they ported Totori & Meruru to the Vita and remade Rorona.

I think the remake of Rorona is justifiable because the game mechanics have vastly improved from Totori and Meruru and made the time limit easier.

tarbis1642d ago

And Sterk and Gio are still overpowered. XD
Rorona's new costumes are cute. Astrid must be working really hard for this remake. XD

tiffac0081642d ago

Gio must always overpowered xD

I bet they are going to nerf Sterk like they did in Totori and Meruru. lol!