Lair demo available in Hong Kong PS Store

The Hong Kong PlayStation Store receives a brand new Lair demo. The weight of the demo is around 1919MB and fully English.

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Fishy Fingers3895d ago

Allowing you to use standardized controls may just give this game another lease of life.

sonarus3895d ago

HAHA WTF. So the demo really did exist. It was supposed to come in June 2007 then got pushed back to April 2008 only to debut in the hong kong store. I bet the people in hong kong are scrambling to get download it. Release it in NA and let me give this piece of crap another shot

Vip3r3895d ago

Cool, now I can see if it's as bad as everyone says it is.

techie3895d ago

Hong Kong? Not on Japan store then?

Ben10543895d ago

It Has Metal Gear Online, Warhawk Broken Mirrow and more

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13895d ago

It seems faster as well?(The PSN Store photos)
The photos are coming up quicker for me;)

Iamback3895d ago

Its on Japanese store too.
Any way little to late Sony

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The story is too old to be commented.