Grand Theft Auto V sales set record -- why are we surprised when virtual violence becomes reality?

What do the mass shooters from the Navy Yard, Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora, Colorado movie theater and Columbine all have in common? They're all target demographic buyers for the world’s best-selling videogame. A game that released the day after the Navy Yard shooting and made $800 million in its first 24 hours on the market.

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Snookies121543d ago

All I had to do was see the title of the article. I instantly knew it was Fox spewing garbage.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx1543d ago

All of this Video Games linked with violence is a bunch of bull. Should little kids be playing games like GTA, of course not but criticizing ALL gamers who play these games?

Video games do LOTS of good too but these are all overlooked.
Want some? Look at this article-

But no.. Fox news they love to be the center of every controversy and for the most part they have a big lack of evidence to back up the claims they spew. The only link they can come up with is something like (Oh he or she played video games so it must be the culprit!) Sorry to say fox but video games are just as popular as many forms of media these days so I could say the same for those who watch movies.

cyguration1543d ago

WTF happened that Fox News is now so prominent in our gaming culture? I find it ridiculous that every other day they seem to be spewing some vitriolic fanboy BS that you would find on the forums.

However, I'm being a bit hypocritical, because I do submit some of their articles because I know Fox News = flamebait = easy heat.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1543d ago

All mainstream media spews the video games cause violent crime garbage

Boody-Bandit1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

This is just the typical deference debate (no, no, don't look here, look over there). Let's not debate the real issues. Let's look for a Unicorn. That's all this is. As soon as you say, "but what about all the other countries that have violent video games but don't have this level of real life violence?" *crickets*

lastdual1543d ago

Fox is an easy target, but it's not as though CNN and other networks haven't been singing the same song. Not to mention that politicians on both sides of the isle have repeatedly called for censorship of games (the libertarians are about the only ones who haven't).

News is a business, and that business thrives on controversy, whether real or manufactured.

I don't personally have any problem with people complaining about excessive violence in the entertainment we consume. They may very well be right. What does bother me is singling out games while giving a free pass to other forms of media, or holding onto an outdated attitude that "games are for kids."

Those ratings are there for a reason. A game like GTA shouldn't desensitize kids to violence, because kids shouldn't be playing that game in the first place. If parents acted like parents, this wouldn't even be an issue.

Bigpappy1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

They are doing this because they are terrified of someone coming to take their guns. 12 people got shot to death in Washington DC. So Fox needs to get on offence to say it's GTA that cause the guy to buy the gun and shoot the people. This even though GTA was released after and there has been no mass shooting since.

Wow, the fact that all these guy lost their minds and had easy access to lethal weapons means nothing to Fox News. Got to be the games that teach them. The Sand Hook kid mom use to take his crazy arse to the shooting range an trained him to be more effective.

SilentNegotiator1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"What do the mass shooters from the Navy Yard, Sandy Hook Elementary, the Aurora, Colorado movie theater and Columbine all have in common?"

Mental health issues ignored by the police and other authority figures capable of getting them committed, likely preventing the event from ever happening?

But nah, the lack of following of laws that we actually have isn't the problem! It's "We need to ban/restrict guns!" or "teh videogames!"

Army_of_Darkness1543d ago

I confess.. .. gta made me stealth kill everyone in hitman absolution.. .. .. Ohh we are talking reality?! Well in that case gta made me enjoy stabbing my pumpkins to death after Halloween.

Underworld1543d ago

As a regular viewer of Fox News, I can tell you that the majority of presenters and hosts do not feel video games are the cause. Violent video games have been discussed on there in the last week or so, but the majority state they don't feel it's the cause, and that there are millions of people who play them with no problem. Some have said that violent games, and violent media in general may push already mentally unstable people over the edge and to act out. That's it

Most media outlets discuss this issue, and some people from all sides just blame violent video games. Not just some from Fox.

There is nothing wrong with Fox, and if some took the time to actually watch it they'd see. So tired of the shots people take at Fox News and Fox viewers. Because the Mainstream media is just so great?

Go on, vote me down. God forbid someone watch Fox and think it's good.

bohemian 231543d ago

@underworld Are you telling me you don't think Fox News is "mainstream media"? Lol I'm sorry but fox is for the right and cnn for the left, I would think most people would know that by now. I think either way you get mostly bullshit, and a little truth from them both though.

Hitman07691543d ago

lol @Underworld: "Go on, vote me down. God forbid someone watch Fox and think it's good."

Kill it with fire...

Ares84HU1542d ago

Guys, guys, guys.....

just calm down and do what I do.

Click +
Than, WTF
Than, NO

That's it. Problem solved.

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LOGICWINS1543d ago

Dude who wrote this is a bible nut..surprise surprise.

Dirtnapstor1543d ago

So someone who identified that this type of violence is not appropriate for young kids is a "Bible nut"? Really? Think for a moment... your username conflicts with your thoughts.

Hitman07691543d ago

@Dirtnapstor his logic is on point quit crying and go worship the bride of christ or whatever you bible nuts think is the thing this week.

Dirtnapstor1543d ago

Actually no. He is associating Bible thumpers with condemnation of this medium. I too could be considered a thumper and I embrace this medium...and am not crying! Lol!

animegamingnerd1543d ago

seriously someone needs to shut down these idiots from saying stupid crap without doing any form of research

lastdual1543d ago

No. Fighting censorship by calling for more censorship isn't the answer.

It's an opinion piece on the opinion page - basically a blog. I may not agree with it, but calling for people to be silenced only makes us look like the unhinged wackos that many in the news media would like to paint us as.

PoSTedUP1543d ago

Rockstar: "loooooool" *counts money*
gamer: "hahhaha" *continues playing gta5*
realist: "smh" *spreads truth on important issues*
serial killer: *goes down into basment to play with mutilated body*
media: "it's video games, i tell ya!" *ignores real world issues*
journalist: "oh boy! reason for hits"
feminist: "i have nothing else impotant to do anyway *yap yap yap*"

Stsonic1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

I have bubbled you for inelegance, smartest thing I have read all day and sums up what I have been thinking with all this bandwagon controversy train coming from GTAV.

The one that bugs me the most is the feminists who don't like the way you play in the strip club but at the same time cry out for a female protagonist. Don't seem to mind the violence, theft and all the other bad stuff in this 18 rated game.

I remember a time when you could play gta games in peace without all this crap being spewed left right and centre. Most of it coming out of social network sites like youtube and facebook where everyone has an opinion and feels the need to shove it in your face.

PoSTedUP1543d ago

thanks pal. the feminists, yeah me too. they should realize this game is about reality. not agreeing with it isnt gonna change anything, in this case. boo hoo. i mean of course they arent going to feature a female in the biggest, one of the most voilent and controversial games centered around men, targeted for men, made by men, in an industry where the majority of hardcore gamers are men (or grown ass boys, like mysef). the whole series has been a hyper testosterone playing field from day one. the hardcore female gamer is PLAYING IT RIGHT NOW. so we know that the controversy isnt comming from where rockstar will lose Any fanbase if they dont change anything.

abc12331543d ago

Weazel News. Confirming your prejudices.

ricochetmg1543d ago

Anyone find it funny how they will blame video games and still defend the right for anyone to own a gun. Republicans act as if they look out for big brother but they are big brother and democrats want to take guns from people and leave them in the polices hands. They shoot more people then anyone.

SilentNegotiator1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"act as if they look out for big brother"

Government oppression doesn't have to be IMMINENT in order for citizen firearm ownership to make sense. A government should fear not serving its people and having a monopoly on firearms would give them perfect reason not to.

All of the recent big time shooters had major warning signs ignored by the police, which should have resulted in them being admitted and their firearms being revoked along with their right to purchase more.

Underworld1543d ago

They don't defend the right for anyone to own a gun. They believe mentally unstable people should not be able to buy guns! Stop spreading lies.

ricochetmg1542d ago

Underworld we are all mentally unstable.

Parapraxis1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Here, have his twitter

Send your love guys!

JsonHenry1543d ago

Pretty sure killing hookers, selling illegal item/substances, murder, and crazy people existed thousands of years before video games were invented.

DoctorJones1543d ago

Another over the top article from Weazel News.

lav_s1543d ago

I was thinkin the same

kevnb1542d ago

this is a country who sat around and watched iraq get bombed with a smile on their face, America loves violence.

DogtagDuke19921542d ago

Just look at some of the more impoverished countries that don't have video games at all and look how high their violent crime rates are...explanation?

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iamnsuperman1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

"Like other best-selling games today, Grand Theft Auto V trains millions of young Americans to walk into public places and shoot innocent people. "

Just no. Idiotic to think this. You know what, I thought our Daily Mail was bad but this is something else. Well done Fox News

Also this "But those who sell and profit from these games know their hundreds of millions in sales dollars are mostly coming from young adults and minors." is not there flipping fault. It is the parents or guardians who buy this stuff for them. Blame them

M-M1543d ago

This is why I stopped watching the news years ago, nothing but misinformed people.

iamnsuperman1543d ago (Edited 1543d ago )

Not all news. The BBC has to be impartial and actually report news and not this stuff(as we pay for it). I assume there are some others out there to (but I just stick to the BBC)

WeAreLegion1543d ago

The BBC is great, except that 9/11 report they did. Really?

Pintheshadows1543d ago

The BBC is supposed to be impartial but they rarely are. They try bless them, but most of the time they lean to one side or another.

JsonHenry1543d ago

Foxnews leans right, CNN/MSNBC/CBS/ABC/BBC all lean left. You want the truth? STOP watching all of the above and go to the actual people doing the journalism and read their blogs/reports.

ricochetmg1543d ago

BBC just reported 9/11 before it happen ? Right

animegamingnerd1543d ago

fox news is just being idiots again nothing new to see here

ABeastNamedTariq1543d ago

This is a lot worse then when I was watching CNN (flipping channels) a while ago. Some 'psychiatrist' on there said "Grand Theft Auto... Edition..87 or whatever just made a tremendous amount of money when it premiered Tuesday, something like $84 million. [Goes on to talk about guns and stuff.]"

The uninformed misinform, smh.