European Playstation Store Updated

European Playstation 3 owners will be happy to know the that Playstation Store has now been updated.

The new update includes the highly anticipated Metal Gear Solid Online Beta which can be downloaded for free, along with a new add on pack for Warhawk and Lair.

*update* There is no Resistance 2 Trailer on the European Store, I have personally checked 5 times.

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wotta3891d ago

Im downloading the beta now.

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13891d ago

+It seems Faster the PSN Store(the photos coming up faster?) ;-P

Ben10543891d ago

doesnt go live till 21st,
it says when you start it

Fishy Fingers3891d ago

No resistance trailer? Ah well the MGS beta more than makes up for it :)

Hour till I finish work and counting!

diefor3891d ago

There is to Resistance 2 Trailer

Fishy Fingers3891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

Wait? It IS on there? Can you confirm that, as the article makes no mention of it?

Sorry, so many questions.

EDIT: Thank you diefor, +bubble for your time. Also kind of shows this article is wrong and perhaps we should wait for a more official list.

sonarus3891d ago

Nice. Was hoping for a couple of demos but this will do

diefor3891d ago

The Resistance 2 trailer is in the European Store.

Hulligan853891d ago

Im Looking at the EU store right now, while the mgo beta downloads, and there is NO resistance trailers.

EU Updates are :

Metal Gear Solid Online Beta
Warhawk : Operation Broken mirror Expansion
Liar Deadly Dragons Pack
GTA4 "Everybodys a Rat" trailer.

Nothing else. Nada. Die is lying.

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pandabear3891d ago

I expected a much better store update as we were promised a massive update - but I guess everything else would be wasted this week as the only thing people are interested in the the MGO Beta.

I thought we already had the GTA trailer - or was that the US store?

Rattles3891d ago

do you think if i made a EU account it will let me in the beta???

diefor3891d ago

I think no, because of the IP's question.

callumcrippler3891d ago

MGO!!! OMG OMG ~OMG!! i think i've just died, wait resuscitation pill!!

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The story is too old to be commented.