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TrevorPhillips3410d ago

woow it has evolved alot. Rockstar is the best for these kinda games :) THQ good luck competing with Rockstar

belal3410d ago

thq is allso good at games but rockstar is GOD

edhe3410d ago

All footage so far is from the lead platform?

ie.. not the ps3. So isn't the title a misnoma ?

NIN643410d ago

And the flame war carries on. . .

Fux4Bux3410d ago

360 isn't the lead platform and yes they've shown both versions. Early reviews are even saying the PS3 version runs better.

happyjimmy3410d ago

Id you think GTA IV's graphicws are last gen you can suck my d!ck!

bakasora3410d ago

The video is blur, I can't see the differences.

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