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Playing PS4 through the Xbox One "won't be a great experience" says Penello

Examiner: "The Internet was ablaze with reports yesterday that the Xbox One would be able to play the PlayStation 4 through the HDMI In port. Senior Director of Product Management, Albert Penello was quoted at Tokyo Game Show as saying, "Any application can be snapped to a game...this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that."" (Xbox One)

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ZHZ90  +   795d ago
I guess this might goes for as well playing Xbox One through PS4.
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pedrof93  +   795d ago
Yeah, so its better just get the Ps4 then.

Yesterday I had the impression that Pennelo was trying to get more attention to the X1 using the Ps4.

"Any application can be snapped to a game...this could be the live TV feed, so if you wanted to be playing Ryse and Killzone at the same time, you could snap that."

This make me wonder... Did he simply try to make people think that Killzone is a Xbox game ? I know its unlikely but... we've all seen this.
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P0werVR   795d ago | Immature | show
xHeavYx  +   795d ago
The " Xbox, turn on the PS4" joke became real... SMH
devwan  +   795d ago

Apparently Panello's not that smart, he has a top PR job and came out with this:

"Its also funny to me that this was basically a quick question I was asked after a UI demo, which I answered, but its written like I made a big deal about it"

He should know very well by now that people will write about any little thing you say, whether it's in front of a crowd of 20,000 or to some guy you chat with stood at the coffee machine.
black0o  +   795d ago
I kinda feel sry for him ... the headlines were all about ps4 "play PS4 throw x1 ..etc""

and everything else he talked about was forgotten xD
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Gamingcapacity  +   795d ago
So linking a 360 to it wouldnt work great either?
FamilyGuy  +   795d ago | Well said
He's basically also confirming the snapping to your 360 or and games console won't be all that great. Latency will hamper all gaming experiences.

This guy... LOL
rdgneoz3  +   795d ago
@PowerVR Seeing as MS have accidentally advertised Killzone as an xbox game in the past, you never know if he's "Smarter than you."

pedrof93  +   795d ago

So him mention Killzone its just free publicity ?
Eonjay  +   795d ago
With all due respect, how would he know if it wouldn't be a great experience. If the Xbox One's HDMI pass-through is adequate, as it need to be for any input TV or otherwise, then it should work fine.
stage88  +   795d ago
So Penello is just saying get a PS4 then?
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UnholyLight  +   795d ago
Why is everyone taking what Penello said about Killzone and applying it like he's trying to use it to his advantage??

What's the biggest genre in the North American console market? FPS! What big game does Microsoft make that is an FPS game? Halo!!! What is Sony's big comparable FPS game that everyone knows and loves (and should buy because it's the best Playstation Exclusive IMO) Killzone!

Just thought I should outline that for you all
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wannabe gamer  +   795d ago
no they left off his other comments as he said in the article "I'll get back with a more detailed story, but long story short it won't be a great experience, and I indicated as much in the interview which wasn't included,"
pixelsword  +   795d ago
It just embarrasses the Xbone when all of that power is thrusting through it; the Xbone is thinking:

"how does all of that fit inside of me?"
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kickerz  +   795d ago
or maybe xbox dosnt want PS4 inside of it cause he smells funny and is a little bit sideways.
HammadTheBeast  +   795d ago
Not sure if you intended it, but your comment could be taken out of context way too easily.
Ipunchbabiesforfun  +   795d ago
wow captain obvious...of course it can be taken out of context...
cell989  +   795d ago
Lol!!! Funny bro
Ezz2013  +   795d ago
"how does all of that fit inside of me?"

i heard that with girl sexy voice in my head
For some reason reading this
made me open a porn site
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5eriously  +   795d ago
@kickerz + 3h ago
[or maybe xbox dosnt want PS4 inside of it cause he smells funny and is a little bit sideways.]

You must be smelling the upper lip or at least the hot air rising past the nostrils(wink)
dantesparda  +   795d ago

That's just wrong, lol
catfishhbillyy  +   795d ago
@5eriously it sounds like youre speaking from experience.
Magicite  +   795d ago
''Playing the Xbox One "won't be a great experience" says Penello.''

mistertwoturbo  +   795d ago
He's just talking about latency. There's no trolling from Penello here. Although it could be said the same for any console connected through it.
iamnsuperman  +   795d ago
I am not surprised by this comment. One thing I do not get is why anyone would do this? Having two systems on just to play one game is a little bit illogical. Unless you are desperate to save a HDMI port (TVs tend to have a few anyway) I expect no-one to do this.
wishingW3L  +   795d ago
for the multitasking and combined friend-lists. Like, you could skype while playing Killzone.
HammadTheBeast  +   795d ago
True I guess. Still, pretty niche. But cool feature nonetheless.
Jeedai Infidel  +   795d ago
Speaking of Skype, I never caught it if they said you could Skype across platforms( i.e. pc, phone/tablet). Is it fully functional Skype, or just Xbox to Xbox?

Sorry if I'm off topic, just curious and too lazy to search myself ;-)
Conzul  +   795d ago
Ehh, you should expect PS4 to have its own Skype app that, like the Bone, will be able to be used in-game. The Linux OS upon which PS4 is built is highly optimized for mutlitasking.
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WildArmed  +   795d ago
Honestly I wouldn't be inclined to use any of the consoles as a HDMI In.

The longer you have your console on, the more life you are losing. Why would you want more wear and tear on your console when you are using another console or just watching TV.

I've always tried to minimize the time my PS3 and 360 is on.
BLAKHOODe  +   795d ago
Supposedly, the Xbox One's large size is because it was meant to be an always-on console for 10 years. So, unless Microsoft pulls another 180, if that's true, leaving it on shouldn't be a problem.
Magicite  +   795d ago
any device thats test, can work for a very long time non-stop as long as its in optimal conditions.
KONAAs  +   795d ago
ehh i leave my PS3 on all the time and its been 4 years still working perfectly, if im not playign games im on netflix, hulu, vudu,youtube, or its just turned on
Jeedai Infidel  +   795d ago
@KONAAs can you say netflix, hulu, vudu, youtube 5 times in a row really fast?
Conzul  +   795d ago
PS4 has a low-power sleeplike mode that will let you keep it "on" indefinitely. And software-wise, Linux derivatives rarely ever need a reboot.
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WildArmed  +   795d ago
Sleeplike mode is different, because it will run the console on low profile settings, but keeping a console on is different. You are using Cpu/gpu/ram in good proportions compared to sleep mode.
wannabe gamer  +   795d ago
a lot of people dont know it but putting a console in a entertainment cabinet wit ha closed back and such is one of the worst things you can do. the heat just builds and builds up will the entire space is hot and then it starts getting even hotter in the console and if it doesnt mess up it certainly shortens lifespan
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Godmars290  +   795d ago
Think he's just realizing that what he said was taken to mean, "The best thing you can do with XB1 is use it to play the PS4."

Though really, just sounds like a technophile thing to me. Something that people will do just to do it.

How is it that after all that's happened, MS only continues to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease?
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Kingthrash360  +   795d ago
BG11579  +   795d ago
Well, if Microsoft would actually have a foot in the mouth it would actually be good for them, they would talk less and because of probably be more wise.
AceBlazer13  +   795d ago
Starting to think the xbone is nothing more than a splitter.
Belking  +   795d ago
no, it's like the only wat to get good games on ps4 is to pass it through xb1..lol
stage88  +   795d ago
That makes no sense at all.
HeyImBen11  +   795d ago
What a waste of a bubble..lol
Thegamer41  +   795d ago
I think he meant to say, the only way to get good games on the xbone is to connect a PS4 to it :)
saint_seya  +   795d ago
So you are saying that ps4 games, that will remain the same are going to be good just because they go through xbox one, or its that u wish u had those good games on xbox one, but u can call em good just because they are not in xbox one, so the only way to not feel guilty for enjoying the best games is using a ps4 to kill your fanboy guilty..
Easy to see how much you want to play those good games, but your biased mind wont let you :)
5eriously  +   795d ago
Another 1 bubble troll. Shame its all he can do!

Another bubble down troll although it seems you cannot loose the only one you have!
hardcorehippiez  +   795d ago
i see it more as this is how xbone is finally reaching ps4 level graphics lmao :P
pyramidshead  +   795d ago
Dat belking reaching troll comment. Stretch buddy, streeeeetccchhh.
xKugo  +   795d ago
He should have never made the comment in the first place. It only added to the presumption that PS4 where you want to game. To many ill-advised comments coming from the Microsoft camp in my opinion. Should really just stop talking unless it's specifically about their exclusive games.
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True_Samurai  +   795d ago
Imma have either my DirecTV or Xbox 360 plugged in my HDMI in
TalonJH  +   795d ago
I don't really know why people are down-voting you.

Anyway,hes saying anything interactive wont have the best experience going through the HDMI in so I would assume that that means your 360 as well.
KonsoruMasuta  +   795d ago
Aw, there goes that. But my question is, will I be able to watch videos with my favorite AV idols while I pay games at the same time?

That will dictate If I buy it or not.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   795d ago
It depends on whether you can operate the controller with only one hand.
badkolo  +   795d ago
wow nothing but ahole comment after another
Pancit_Canton  +   795d ago
Playing PS4 games on the Xbone will make the system melt and Xplode then goes Deep Down.
Elzer   795d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(6)
CalamityCB  +   795d ago
So we can run the PS4, WiiU, Xbox 360 etc. through the Xbox One?
This is it Ladies and Gentlemen, the end of the console wars. We can all live in peace, harmony and eat all the toast in the world until the end of time.
feraldrgn  +   795d ago
So now he's had to retract what he said, while damaging his own PR xD

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TheRealHeisenberg  +   795d ago
What exactly did he need to retract? Some always want to believe the worst when it comes to MS, even when it is not deserved.
GribbleGrunger  +   795d ago
Yep, you certainly get the impression that MS are in disarray at the moment.
NoLongerHereCBA  +   795d ago
He didn't have to retract anything really. It was completely taken out of context.
Pancit_Canton  +   795d ago
That 50% advantage of the PS4 is enough to emulate Xbone and all of it's features.
badkolo  +   795d ago
this article has proven what low lives many of you have become, article earlier today the ps4 crashes on a live show and i even defended that,,, and many others said the same thing no big whooppie,, but here comes a article that also isnt that important but regard the x1 and again its one troll comment after another.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   795d ago
I hope you are not surprised by any of this. This is what N4G is all about.
5eriously  +   795d ago
Says one stupid troll to the others!
byeGollum  +   795d ago
hdmi latency issues. The hdmi-in was origininally intended for your cable box. . as he stated, hdmi latency is fine for video feed but not interactivity. Not gonna bother hookin up my ps4 thru ONE then.
solid_snake3656  +   795d ago
ONE? I think you mean Xbone
Ashlen  +   795d ago
I was going to mention HDMI pass though lag on the other article but decided to pass. I have a STB that has HDMI pass though and I thought I could plug my PS3 though it but there was about a half second of lag on every action. It's the same with video recording/streaming, which is why you need a splitter.
jamz4  +   795d ago
How has this become a talking point? Why would you ever do this?
jackdaddy  +   795d ago
Seriously who comes up with this crap lol. I'd put my ps4 thru a shredder before an xbox.
E40GMR  +   795d ago
That sounds like cross plat gaming could be possibly in the future
Milesprowers  +   795d ago
It will add Latency hence Input Lag... Just plug the fucking PS4 straight into the Television.
PFFT   795d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
5eriously  +   795d ago
So many 180's, now even with what they claimed. Sahme on you M$. I guess anything goes for trying to sell more hardware.

I see a disaster in the making. I smell a big rat, a M$ rat but a dead eXB..one
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Nivalis  +   795d ago
So he's essentially saying 'oh and while we said you can play Xbox 360 through it too that also won't be a great experience.
Hicken  +   795d ago
That is what he indicates, though it certainly wasn't his intention to do so.
strigoi814  +   795d ago
The xbox one will just overheat due to the PS4's hidden 50% raw power...

People take his word, seriously grab a ps4 instead why do you want to make your lives complicated
PickAShoe  +   795d ago
what a waste of electric power.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   795d ago
Why did Microsoft even make this a thing? Were they sitting around thinking "Lets bring the ps4 as a selling point to our own system!" WTF o.o
solid_snake3656  +   795d ago
They're desperate lol. They'll do anything at this point. Hell I'm surprised M$ hasn't announced that they'll buy you a PS4 if you buy the Xbone.
TheFutureIsBlue  +   795d ago
Apparently they will let anyone do their pr, lol. This is a nightmare. Smh. It is funny how opposite it is. Last gen Sony had some bad ads, if barely any, while Microsoft had good marketing for the 360. Now look. Just goes to show how things change.
NeloAnjelo  +   795d ago
In other words buy a PS4
quenomamen  +   795d ago
Buy a PS4 and cut out the middleman then ?
jay2  +   795d ago
Oh shut up just cause xbones better in your eyes and you're paid to put ps4 down
ZeV  +   795d ago
Honestly,if you buy a PS4,an XBox purchase is totally useless...It's a sub-console ! Poor specs,poor marketing,poor services if I compare to the PS+...

In fact,Microsoft sucks and the X1 is a great fail at this time.
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