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Submitted by Abriael 800d ago | news

Sony Japan Vice President on PS3 Games Streamed Via Cloud to PS Vita: “It’s Really Amazing”

Sony Computer Entertainment has talked a lot about the upcoming PlayStation cloud service that will launch in North America next year, allowing gamers to stream PS3 games to PS4, PS Vita and PS Vita TV. But how does it work on the small PS Vita? Amazingly well, according to Sony Computer Entertainment Japan and Asia Senior Vice President Hiroshi Ueda. (PS Vita, PS3)

ABeastNamedTariq  +   800d ago
I can't wait for remote play.
pedrof93  +   800d ago
It means that the hardware doesn't make a difference ?

This could be the very future of gaming.
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abzdine  +   800d ago
is this done via Gaikai? or just via a software update?
GribbleGrunger  +   800d ago
Gaikai is a service, like Netflix for games. It will be rolled out on PSVita, PS4, VitaTV, laptops, pads, phones, TVs or Blu-ray players.

Just to clarify because it seems that some people are still confused by this:

Gaikai: streaming a games library of PS1/PS2/PS3/PSP/PSVita/And at some point PS4 games to many different devices, like Netflix streams movies. Everything is calculated and run server side and piped to you via the internet.

Remote play: Remote play for the PS4 uses Gaikai technology. It streams data between 'local' devices OR via the internet FROM one device to another. It doesn't run games server side. You require the hardware for this to work.
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Conzul  +   799d ago theoretically, I could play TLoU on my Vita (when I get one again).

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strifeblade  +   799d ago
Sony says its really amazing guys. There we have it we just got an honest oppinion guys this is amazing!

Next up deep down gets reviewed by capcom! Wonder what they will say? lololololol
ABizzel1  +   799d ago
I don't get how people are so confused by how Gaikai works. The servers were still up when Sony was trying to purchase them, and people who were interested should have tried it then. Not being aggressive, I just don't see how people are missing out on this great service.

Here's how it use to work

And 2 years (2014) it will roll out to the PS4, PSV, PSV TV, and PS3 and let you stream PS3 games to any of those devices. Simply click on the game you want to play and it'll be streamed just like Netflix.
UltimateMaster  +   799d ago
I'd much rather have Remote Play my PS3 on my Vita.

There is a hack for it, so why not make it happen?
FamilyGuy  +   799d ago
Gaikai is definitely a possible future, it all has a reliance on your internet setup though.

Theoretically, Gaikai could release exclusive games that are above the technical specs of the PS4. This would mean you could play future games without ever buying a new console. If your connection is good enough you could play PC games, streamed through Gaikai, that never released on a PS system or high-end PC versions of games with more options turned up.

It's just like how you'll be able to play PS3 and PS4 games on the Vita, the system will be the thing doing all the work.
It's very futuristic and the reason why other game streaming services have been trying to come out and be successful.

Come to think of it, this is just another one of Sony's Trojan Horse tactics. PS1 played CDs as a bonus, PS2 Dvds, PS3 bluray, PS4 will have the bonus of being a game streaming console. Both to the Vita as its server as well as from Gaiksi as its receiver.

Hopefully it all works out nicely.
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The_Infected  +   800d ago

He isn't talking about remote play. He's talking about cloud gaming. Where you stream games from cloud gaming servers not from local hardware.
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badz149  +   799d ago
This is THE reason Vita TV will be a must have console for gamers. Portable PS4 and GAIKAI device you can play anywhere with internet connection. Even without internet, you still have a Vita connected to your big screen. $100? SCORE!
nosferatuzodd  +   799d ago
indeed Sony just keeps putting on the pressure
PoSTedUP  +   800d ago
but im almost positive nothing will touch my PS2 socom days...

this sounds so Epic. ps3 and ps4 games on the vita. 'came a long way since the gameboy amd gamegear, man :' ).
cell989  +   800d ago
10 years ago, this was nigh-impossible on a gaming portable device, now look. We started from the bottom now we're here, we started from the bottom now we're here......
Pancit_Canton  +   800d ago
*Powah of Teh Clouds*

*Calls Nimbus*
AbortMission   800d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
Software_Lover  +   800d ago
Yes, we have come a long way, but why aren't they talking about price yet?
CocoWolfie  +   800d ago
i think the streaming capability will be implemented with the consoles, i couldnt see it costing anything, more like a feature.
Conzul  +   799d ago
Bundled with PS Plus, I imagine. They might add another tier for it though, like 10/mo or something. Hope not though...
M-M  +   799d ago
Probably free for local, PS+ feature for streaming over the internet.
MasterCornholio  +   800d ago
Now this is the cloud I'm looking for ( game streaming)

Nexus 7 2013
cell989  +   800d ago
suddenly the Vita has an immense gaming catalog, PS3 games included
Kingthrash360  +   800d ago
so true....just think of th amout of people who will trade in their ps3 to buy a ps4 now will basically have tha ability to play their ps3 games on the toilet....awsome things to look forward to
Conzul  +   799d ago
2 seconds later...
*trophy DINGLE!

another 2 seconds....MINDF@CK
SharrySteve  +   800d ago
That's good news for the game enthusiasts and Sony itself. The question that how it works on the small PS Vita is pretty simple. It works amazingly well with small PS Vita, according to some Sony officilas who told on condition of anonymity.
gamertk421  +   800d ago
I guess the cloud is only good when Sony uses it, huh?
abusador  +   800d ago
No its only good when the company is honest about it, not selling theoretical bullshit. You tufts kill me with these comments and are such fanboys. Microsoft claimed cloud computation would make the xbone mite powerful in terms of visuals yet turbos not the reality and Sony has never claimed that. Your comment wasn't cute or smart.
gamertk421  +   800d ago
Sorry, just heard a bunch of white noise when trying to read your SDF "rebuttal."
nosferatuzodd  +   799d ago
troll much lately... you guys always take things out of context and spin it like a spinerrack web spider why must u xbox fanboys be like this
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Studio-YaMi  +   800d ago
This has NOTHING to do with Microsoft's approach of the cloud.

Sony is letting you stream your PS3 games over to your Vita by cloud streaming,Microsoft claims that their cloud approach is gonna affect the quality & AI of their games on Xbox1.

VERY different approaches,are you that much insecure ?
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5eriously  +   800d ago
A troll is a troll no matter how you look at it. Then there are stupid trolls!
tarbis  +   799d ago
Unlike M$. They don't spout nonsense like making your game much faster through cloud. 'Coz if that's really true then online mmo games won't have any lag, fb games won't crash or freeze, and you will not need to buffer streaming videos.
demonddel  +   800d ago
It's not done in right in gaming unless Sony does it #I<3Sony forever witches
dethpuck  +   800d ago
How much will it cost though? And how well will it actually work. I've been burned by remote play before
ZeroX9876  +   800d ago
one awesome way to play PS3 games on PS4 would have been to insert your PS3 disc in your PS4 and since it's a bluray drive also, just authenticate the copy via the network and whenever the disc is in the drive while online, you can play it via cloud since your copy is authenticated.

I know the process of authentication isn't just bluray disc being compatible, but I think sony should be able to figure out a way to do this. it's not the most convenient way, but at least we could play our disc games on our PS4. just dreaming :)
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hkgamer  +   799d ago
definitely a great way for this to work.

However, sony probably don't want to do this because they want to make you pay for the game again.

think a lot of your ps3 collection won't even be on gaikai anyway.
GirlOnFire  +   800d ago
I can't wait either! Gaikai is going to be an awesome new type of Sega Channel. PS4TW
abusador  +   800d ago
Best features hands down between any of the next gen consoles is remote play and Gakai games being streamed on any device! Show them how to do it Sony.
GiantFriendlyCrab  +   800d ago
but you will not be able to stream ps4 games via gaikai
Protagonist  +   800d ago
Actually Sony already said it will be possible down the lane.
coolasj  +   800d ago
And people were complaining about this generation not bringing anything new to gaming. Having everything everywhere is going to be insane.
5eriously  +   800d ago
blackblades  +   799d ago
Being Able to stream the games you download, since you have prof you bought it. Retails disc probably won't let you stream them to vita or whatever.
palaeomerus  +   799d ago
It's amazing in the sense that it's what Onlive offered three years ago on any streaming device.
Godlovesgamers  +   799d ago
I want know if I'm going to be able to remote play my PS3 through the Vita TV with my PS Vita outside of my home network. I would be so pleased.
Deagle  +   799d ago
I hope this works with retail copies in your ps3. Could this mean with could play GTA V on the vita?
CyrusLemont  +   799d ago
This would be awesome, if Australia didn't have such f**k off bad internet.
SegataSanshiro  +   799d ago
Why so angry m8? At least you have the option to play aonline with people of your area
CyrusLemont  +   799d ago
Most houses including mine get max speeds of 5-6Mbps and pings of 300ms+ lol. We were supposed to get this new national broadband infrastructure which replaces all the lines with fibre optics to deliver speeds of over 100Mbps and up to 1000mbps with minimal ping. But the wrong party led by the biggest, sexist and most prejudiced dickhead in the world got into power recently so it's being canned for some dud version where they just replace the nodes to companys with fibre. But the nodes to houses remain copper essentially keeping the same freaking speeds we already have.

For once, there would have been something decent worth paying some extra tax for.

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