The 50 Best Game Series on iOS: World of Goo

STP - "Today featured game is World of Goo, which may not be part of a major series yet, but it should be. World of Goo is an original combination of puzzles and platforming, where you can combine gooey critters together to create bridges and fuel giant machines. After it launched, one of the developers helped create Little Inferno, which feels like a spiritual successor to World of Goo, even though the mechanics are completely different."

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princejb1341637d ago

Lol it says 50 but it only shows 2 games
World of goo and little inferno

Yodagamer1637d ago

it does say series. So it will probably be a daily thing.

s8anicslayer1637d ago

@prince If you at least read the first three words in description, your comment would not have been made.

Yodagamer1637d ago

I loved world of goo :), it's a shame we haven't seen a hd version on either the wii u with touchpad control or ps3 with ps move support