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Submitted by Abriael 872d ago | video

PS4 Fails to Respond During a Live Broadcast on Japanese TV, Awkwardness and Hilarity Ensue

During a live broadcast dedicated to the Tokyo Game Show on a Japanese TV channel, Sony Computer Entertainment booth staffers found themselves in an awkward situation as the host tried The Playroom on the PS4 under the watchful eye of the camera. (PS4, The PlayRoom)

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black0o  +   872d ago
lol .. sh!t happens
Abriael  +   872d ago
It sure did. It was quite a stroke of bad luck for it to happen on live TV. I'm pretty positive it was the only time it happened too. if they had even just a hint that it could fail, they'd have never done the broadcast live.
Insomnia_84  +   872d ago | Well said
We all know Microsoft sabotaged the live show.

lol ;D :p
bjmartynhak  +   872d ago
Yes, this Play room is being shown for quite some time already, funny to see it happening now.

Random crashes usually affects more PCs then consoles... (at least in my experience)

Now imagine if PS4 had crashed at the Gamescom opening with Shuei. That would be an epic fail!
XB1_PS4  +   872d ago
Unfortunate things happen at unfortunate times. Won't sway anyone from their current console choice, so it's no big deal.
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Eonjay  +   872d ago
LOL it looks like the system/controller paring got screwed up. Love the fact that everyone had a laugh. Murphy's Law in action. We've all seen enough live demos of this to know that it works lol.
Muerte2494  +   872d ago
You guys have seen my post so it's safe to say what camp I'm in. But let's be honest Microsoft wouldn't have gotten a pass like this if it happened to them. Well it doesn't matter because if a Xbox One crashes and nobody in japan is around to hear it, does it really matter?
gaffyh  +   872d ago
@Muerte - You're right, they probably wouldn't have. That being said though, the PS4 itself didn't die, something went wrong in the game. So it could be a game bug or a system bug, can't really be sure. When that video of Ryse leaked, the guy actually said that sometimes you can press the Xbox button multiple times before it goes to dashboard, which is a system bug it appears, but it's not that major, which is why nobody really cares. Software issues can be ironed out at least.
hakeem0996  +   872d ago | Well said
LMAO since it's SONY shits happens if it was the other guy RROD and rushed hardware jokes all the way .
Army_of_Darkness  +   872d ago
That shit better not happen when I'm in the playroom!
Skips  +   872d ago

lol, So true!

...What's funny though is that this is the ONLY bad PS4 news I've heard for months. XD

Xbox fans need something I guess. lol
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bintarok  +   872d ago
50% more powerful is confirmed !
P0werVR   872d ago | Trolling | show
kickerz  +   872d ago
Its no biggie, these things happen. very bad timing though with all those millions of Japanese people watching.
Skips  +   872d ago | Intelligent
@ People disagreeing with me.

I guess you missed this news right?

"Xbox One Suffers System Malfunction At Comic-Con Numerous Times"

"the Xbox One had been having issues with crashing throughout the weekend and that it was decided to shut down the systems until a solution could be determined."

"they had 6 to 7 attempts at meetings each time the hardware was unable to be stable enough to complete the demonstration"

But because a PS4 APP didn't respond. It's the end of the world for PlayStation...

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TeaRunner  +   872d ago
lol @skips for setting up accusations for yourself to answer upon.
Saigon  +   872d ago

I didn't even know that happen to MS... honestly with new consoles, this is expected; but at the same time, this could have been the software freezing.
Muerte2494  +   871d ago
@ Skips,

you made a claim and backed it up evidence supporting it. Not that you need anymore but bubble of for "intelligence". Hard fact are a rare commodity on the internet.
Ritsujun   871d ago | Trolling | show
Xsilver  +   871d ago
@skips u showed evidence that the xone hardware crashed and i bet the xbox fans would quickly dismiss it and then call the sony fans hypocrites smh.
if you read this whole comment section u can really see that xbox fans are just sitting and waiting for something to happen to Sony so they could get a say, i mean seriously playroom crashed once after being showed a lot of times running perfectly and xbots act like the console died on the spot.
ALLWRONG  +   871d ago
"Come on, where are the Xbots...this is your chance fellas!"

That's a Sony fanboy thing. No one else cares to be that petty.
NewMonday  +   871d ago
their is a big difference between an occasional bug that can be fixed and a bad product that will stay average.

what is the point of people coming here and saying" if..if..if it was xbox.."?

what I find idiotic is some take criticism directed at a company personally as if their mothers are insulted, XB1 is getting hammered because it deserved it, not because of a"fanboy" conspiracy, the same as the PS3 in 2007
n4rc  +   871d ago
Are Sony fans having arguments with themselves now? Lmao

Scrolling thru comments and keep seeing all the defensive spinning and talking about Xbox fans.... When none actually commented..


On topic.. Its not a huge deal and it happens.. But we all know how cool youd all play it if it were x1 in the vid
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Death  +   871d ago
Gotta agree. Unsigned code on debug hardware. That's the whole point of having test units. This was normal for pre-release stuff.
thrust  +   872d ago | Well said
Hahahaha. Black if it was the Xbox one that done it you would be beating your drum right now :/
KonsoruMasuta  +   872d ago
Eh, at least it's not like that time a display 360 RROD'd in front of everyone.
aksmashh  +   872d ago
Lol xbox would be getting slaughtered for days!!!!

Reset it for f#$# sake lol
black0o  +   872d ago
the truth, YES i'd .. unlinke sony MS actually promoting the kinect as a selling point and making us pay for it
gaelic_laoch  +   872d ago
Now now thrust no need to bring the xbone into every PS4 related article :) not like it is some sort of RROD!
user7402931  +   872d ago
sony are cool so i dont give a f tbh. and tbh if it was micro i would lol at them cause they deserve it.
thrust  +   872d ago
Yeah am lolling at the ps4 failing on live tv, it's just not stable at all!

If you where out and wanting to remote play and it done this what can you do to fix it?
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gaffyh  +   872d ago
@Konsoru - At the Eurogamer Expo a few years ago, they had L4D2 on show, but nobody could play it because both 360s had RRODed.
corvusmd  +   872d ago
True, he would have been the first of tons of PS fans to jump all over that. You even have PS fanboys trying to justify this by bringing up issues from 2007 on here. It's not a big deal really, these things happen in development, they are still working on the bugs (and since this was on TV you can guarantee they will fix it).
andrewsqual  +   872d ago
Can't happen. Remote Play doesn't work with PS4 camera software. Why would you be out and about and in front of your TV and PS4 looking at yourself? Burned.
Mystogan  +   872d ago | Well said
Except when its Xbox right?

Then we all go like OMG hardware sucks ,RROD2, Xbone sucks! M$ fails.
lastofgen  +   872d ago
That's just the nature of n4g..
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thrust  +   872d ago
I agree
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black0o  +   872d ago
torchic  +   872d ago
but but but, what if it was Microsoft! no fair you guys I'm going to tell teacher!

KonsoruMasuta  +   872d ago
Well, at least we know that they are actually using the system instead of PCs.


Can I say the same about the Xbone since MS is reluctant to actually use it?
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thrust  +   872d ago
Yeah and it does not work :/

No you can't, you answered your own question! Lol
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AbortMission  +   872d ago
But MS does fail and the Xbone does suck (until it gets good games and stops trying to be a Dewrito dudebro cable box, that is) Lol
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andrewsqual  +   872d ago
Its funny the way its only the people who have all mentioned this are the ones who are insecure about something.
The same thing would have happened Sony this time in 2006 when the internet turned their back on them too for delaying their console, in fact it was happening when one store PS3 froze up before launch. This of course was back almost a year after 360 was released to the market in its BETA fat version and Microsoft were still denying 100% their own hardware failure.
MazzingerZ  +   872d ago
Is that the free and optional app?
jr85prix   872d ago | Spam
adorie  +   872d ago
lol. All the time. Also,the article picture is cute. ^_^
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kewlkat007  +   872d ago

Does PS4 co me with the tech guy dressed in black in the box...?

The camera will not sell and will be an after thought. Sony, money can go elsewhere.
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Plagasx  +   872d ago | Well said
Sony Fanboys when PS4 messes up during demo: "Sh!t happens"

Sony Fanboys when Xbox One messes up:

Syntax-Error  +   872d ago
I just said the EXACT same thing without seeing your post. Bunch of f_ckin' hypocrites on here.
NarooN  +   871d ago
That was literally the first thing I thought when I saw that comment, lmao.

N4G, home of the hypocritical fanboys. That's coming from someone who is completely neutral on the system war thing.
SITH  +   871d ago
There is zero argument with your statements. It is disgustingly so true,
Father Murder X  +   871d ago
Damn I was thinking the same thing. Old Skip even pulled up articles to show that the Xbox One has issues. I just don't get these oversensitive Sony fanboys. They act like bitches.
serratos27  +   869d ago
Haha exactly. I don't care for the Xbone and will be getting the PS4 but geez this whole console war thing is a little ridiculous. Whatever happened to enjoying video games rather than arguing over them *le sigh*
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come_bom  +   872d ago
LOL. I guess the PS4 also fails. I hope it doesn't happen too often with the final product.

Well, I'm not buying any console at launch. I'll wait a few months so that the guinea pigs can test them during (and a few months after) launch :)

BTW, if this happened with the X1, oh boy, Sony fanboys would explode...
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pixelsword  +   872d ago
I'll have to watch this later...
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1OddWorld  +   872d ago

Microsoft is the one who caused all the negativity. They are the ones who shipped a console that had RROD issues. They are the ones who tried to change the way games could be shared. They are the ones who have put there foot in their mouth every chance we have given them. They have lost the respect of gamers and now must earn it back. Which means they have to take every cheap shot thrown at them until they prove that they are deserving of that respect.

This is why Sony isn't getting flak from gamers.

FLAK (Definition)
strong criticism.
"you must be strong enough to take the flak if things go wrong"
n4rc  +   871d ago
Red ring or yellow light...

Both systems have failures...
IcicleTrepan  +   871d ago
You're literally whining about a hardware issue that was resolved like 5-6 years ago on the previous gen system. It really is not relevant to the Xbox One nor this discussion.

It's old news, let it die. Everyone knows about the RROD, and nobody cares anymore. It just makes you look petty. You sound like some grumpy old man that one day will be telling his grandkids, back in my day, MS screwed everyone with the RROD. Get a life.
dlocsta  +   870d ago
How many times has MS let the account numbers and email addresses of every single one of there users get stolen? And then lie about it and not tell any one for over a week?
joe90  +   872d ago
Yet no one even mentioned the lag, jesus!

It looked unplayable.
Syntax-Error  +   872d ago
Fake a** people on this site! Let the headline say it was the XBOX ONE that failed on LIVE TV and you would have seen the fanboys come out in droves. Instead you get that nerdy response "SHIT HAPPENS" or "NO BIG DEAL."
Angeljuice  +   872d ago
Same comment made about 15 times, sort yourselves out.
Syntax-Error  +   870d ago
I made the comment before reading through 40 useless ass comments about how IT'S NO BIG DEAL. After seeing the first 5 I was done. You sony sheep make me sick
black0o  +   872d ago
speechless! there are more xbone fans here then Sonyfans and they all are repeating the same exacte thing

simply amazing how coordinated u r GUY, but does a non-responding controller gets all this attention or we are Just becoming drama queens who luv to make a big sence out of nothing
rainslacker  +   871d ago
They do tend to roam in packs. Apparently since one or three people dismiss this issue, all of us are hypocrites. Dunno how I am, as I've never talked crap about the X1 hiccups at E3 or elsewhere, nor have I talked bad about Sony's hiccups either.

I guess it's all they got though, maybe we can all agree to let them have this one for their delicate egos?

On Topic:
This seems to be the state of software development today. Just do the best they can and get the product shipped to fix the bugs later. It's not something contained to any one publisher or console maker either. It's a shame, but that's the nature of the beast called competition. Some developers are better at shipping less buggy products, but there is no such thing as a bug free game...or console firmware...nowadays.
#1.14.1 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(3) | Report
PunisherRevenge  +   872d ago
Yeah unfortunately shit does happen. But lets be real here if it was Microsoft we would never hear the end of it and there would be a hundred articles every five minutes making fun of the X1. Anyway I'm really not that surprised that happened to the PS4 because it was having issues at E3 with running games like Destiny and Assassins Creed. Hopefully there is not a major problem with the hardware of both the PS4 and the X1 because planning on buying both and I don't wanna waste my money.
B-radical  +   871d ago
Im sure thats what you would say if it happened to xbox
THamm  +   871d ago
OK guys, no pretty women in front of the PS4!
shadowst17  +   870d ago
Now if this was the Xbox One everyone would be saying that the xbox one was shit.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
What a pity
DoesUs  +   872d ago
Dat lighting though.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   872d ago
Lol what lighting my friend?
PFFT  +   872d ago
I think he meant the stage lights. Yeah they were pretty bright.
badkolo  +   872d ago
so what,, no biggie, this stuff happens all the time, bugs and quirks get ironed out by launch,, sometimes its some other minor issue. nothing to see here
Irishguy95  +   872d ago
Haha reminds me of the ZElda Skyward sword live demo. The controller just wouldn't work haha
snake_eater  +   872d ago


and yet another sensationalist piece of news...
Abriael  +   872d ago
Why so serious? You do know that facetious and sensationalist are two different things? Do you read anywhere in the post that it's the end of the world? Or you're just making it up because you're mad?

You may want to read it before going all fanboy on it :D
#5.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
black0o  +   872d ago
read before u make a comment

cell989  +   872d ago
here come the xbone people to blast us
XB1_PS4  +   872d ago
Unfortunate things happen at unfortunate times. No big deal really. And I lean more to the XB1 side.
lastofgen  +   872d ago
I'd like to say that this sort of stuff happens, but just imagine the sort of comments we'd be seeing on here if this was the xbox one that had failed to respond instead.
Angeljuice  +   872d ago
The same comment has been made about 17 times now. Do you read comments before commenting? Or do all you guys just naturally follow each others thoughts (like the Borg or something)?
rainslacker  +   871d ago
Or, and I know this is crazy talk, instead of trying to imagine how irrational others are, just be rational yourself.

Up above it's like Xbox fans were waiting to pounce. For as much as they say they are tired of it in X1 articles, it does strike me as odd that they would do the same thing. Lead by example and all that.

I'm also curious, is anyone actually discussing the topic at hand, or is it all about "if this were X1" comments?
#6.2.2 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
ALLWRONG  +   871d ago
PS fanboys are just being defensive because this kinda news exposes their hypocrisy.
#6.2.3 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report
NoLongerHereCBA  +   872d ago
I enjoyed watching it but I am not going to gloat :P Stuff like this can happen to all parties. Just too bad it happened on live TV.
user7402931  +   872d ago
they dont have enough power
gamertk421  +   872d ago
Well-deserved blasting, methinks.
Jazz4108  +   872d ago
Unfortunaley most xbox people left this site along time ago due to constantly being treated like they are always wrong, and constantly being bubbled down and out so unfortunaley the xbox guys left on here have to have thick skin.
#6.6 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
boneso82  +   871d ago
They haven't left this site, they have just left Microsoft. Every other gaming site is the same, they can't have left the Internet all together. They are now just on sony's side instead, trolling their ex-comrades.
Stuntz  +   872d ago
Man PS4 fails all over again lol.. First the assassins creed freeze now this. Console does not seem stable, and you hypocritical bastards go blah blah it happens if this was Xbox One we wouldn't hear the end of it. PS4 blows face it.
Abriael   872d ago | Immature | show | Replies(4)
Goro  +   872d ago
If this was Xbox One we wouldn't hear the end of it" ...couldn't fucking agree more, this site is full of hypocrites biased retards.
I disagree that "the PS4 blows"...Give it a month or two after launch with a few stability patches and it'll be fine.
#7.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(18) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
sourav93  +   872d ago
Aww...that's cute...
Kayant  +   872d ago
Do we really need to start the E3 debate again :/
HeyImBen11  +   872d ago
It already happened a lot of times with the Xbox One, eeehmm Windows 7 PCs. Haha.
Can't even believe im arguing about that right now.
#7.5 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Goro  +   872d ago
That wasn't MS, it was EA
neoMAXMLC  +   872d ago
If this was the Xbox One you'd be first to defend it. Don't act like the fanboys of the "opposing" console are the only hypocrites here.
starchild  +   872d ago
Oh, don't pull that politically correct nonsense about all fanboys being exactly the same. I'm sorry but that is plainly not true.

Nintendo fanboys don't usually troll other consoles' articles. Xbox fans troll less than Playstation fans, the latter of which troll the most of anybody.

Even in this very article you have your proof. The vast majority of Xbox fans are saying this is no big deal, stuff happens, etc. But when it is an article about something similar happening to the XB1 you will get tons of Sony fans bashing the XB1 and saying it is crap.
neoMAXMLC  +   871d ago
"The vast majority of Xbox fans are saying this is no big deal,"

Wow... you must have a very bad case of selective reading. Unless every Xbox fantard here is the same person with a dozen accounts, what YOU say is not true at all.

Take Eurogamer for example, the well known Microsoft fanboys there are quite possibly the biggest douchebags on the entire website. Whenever you see a comment downvoted into oblivion, it's usually from an Xbox fanboy. Oh but now you're probably going to say that it's because all these websites are infested with Sony fans who attack anything and anyone who is pro Xbox. lol Typical nonsense.
rainslacker  +   871d ago
"Xbox fans troll less than Playstation fans"

Huh? I have only seen a few comments that actually relate to the article at hand. Whereas, I see exponentially more comments on "If this were X1, (insert broad generalization here on what everyone does)....PS HYPOCRITES!!!".

And yes, all fan boys(by this sites definition) are all the same.

I do think it is no big deal. Same as I thought when it happened prior to both Sony and MS.
Godoftheweek  +   872d ago
I am getting a PS4 and I find this story hilarious. Amazing that unreleased hardware and work in progress OS malfunctioned, because that has NEVER happened before right Stuntz? /s

I would find it equally hilarious and inconsequential if this happened to the XbOne.
cell989  +   872d ago
you get a cookie for boasting about this and showing your green xbone colors. More games? more features? yeah sure thing dude-bro
GraveLord  +   872d ago
Bubble down. Go make another alt.
Angeljuice  +   872d ago
What an original comment, try thinking outside 'the box'.
boneso82  +   871d ago
It's not the xbone. It's the ps4. And yet we are still "not hearing the end of it"

I don't get your point?
from the beach  +   872d ago
Ah, classic!
Kayant  +   872d ago
Funny :p
Kinda feel bad for her but she kept her cool and remained professional well done to her.
LOL_WUT  +   872d ago
Ouch but like someone else said stuff happens ;)
xKugo  +   872d ago
LOL, this is hilarious.
I love it when shit malfunctions on people during broadcast. That's the only time anything is spontaneous and not practiced over and over again. Love seeing the awkward reactions by people lol. This is too funny, ahahahahaha
#11 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Godoftheweek  +   872d ago
This happened because we took god out of schools, or because gays can get married in some places, or because it's Obama's fault.

Yep, one of those is the REAL reason why the PS4 did not respond. ;-P
Realplaya  +   872d ago
Looks like Sony couldn't copy so their ideas don't work. What a shame really.
Hellsvacancy  +   872d ago
Lay off the crack buddy, it's bad for the brain, I don't even understand your comment, "copy" copy what?

Hold on, hasn't the XBone got a Bluray player now? "OH NO THEY'RE COPYING SONY"

Stuntz comment above should be directed at you, because "you sir are a-" aggghhhhhhh I cant say it, i'm on a final warning
#13.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(9) | Report | Reply
Godmars290  +   872d ago
At least it wasn't a full console crash.
Ksar  +   872d ago
Free ad for Xbox One :)
ZHZ90  +   872d ago
Yeah just like MS made Free Advertisment for KZ:SF a PS4 exclusive game. :D

And MS made another free advertisment by admitting that PS4 is 50% more powerful than Xbone but they used word "faster" instead of "more powerful" but they still admit that PS4 is better. :D

MS made free ads for KZ:SF and PS4. :)
#15.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(11) | Report | Reply
TheRealHeisenberg  +   872d ago
Really nothing to see here. Does not change my purchase decision(s) one bit. I'll take a price cut though Sony if you feel that bad about it.
SonyNGP  +   872d ago
SlavisH2  +   872d ago
SMH i hope all the bugs get fixed before release!
Nakiro  +   872d ago
Cancel all your pre-orders!
Vitalogy   872d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(1)
byeGollum  +   872d ago
so much for 50% more power. . ^_^
HeyImBen11  +   872d ago
My 2600$ Gaming PC crushed yesterday, its obviously too weak then.
#21.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
byeGollum  +   872d ago
I was kiddin', but you know how literal fanboys take every comment. :)
#21.1.1 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(3) | Report
Gamer25   872d ago | Spam
Flames76  +   872d ago
Damn first the PS4 cant run any game at E3 that was played on stage and now this.Glad i pre ordered my Xbox One.I couldnt pay $400 on a system that was rushed and cant handle what its suppose to
HeyImBen11  +   872d ago
Can't believe how stupid you are. Please stop being on this page.
tarbis  +   871d ago
Yeah! I know what you mean. I'm sure Xbone will be much better seeing how they run off their games on PCs on E3 and Gamescon instead of the Xbone hardware itself.
cyclindk  +   872d ago

jujubee88  +   872d ago
Jazz4108  +   871d ago
Nothing to do with this but I did cancel my preorder a couple months ago because I couldnt afford both systems at launch or would have picked a ps4 as this stuff happens to all new electronics. It was funny to watch though.
#24.1.1 (Edited 871d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(3) | Report
jujubee88  +   871d ago
I could cancel mine. But I will wait until the actual day of launch to see if I have the money.

That's all it's really about, whether you have the money or not.
Raven722  +   872d ago
Fanboy logic example:

Demo for something that's free in every PS4 crashes during a demonstration = proof positive that Sony sucks.

Dead Rising 3 having horrible performance issues and Ryse's multiplayer being very choppy with bad collision detection, both about a month ago = MS is perfectly fine and stuff like that is to be expected.

Did the problems with DR3 get ironed out? Yep. Ryse? I think it did. But I'm sure Sony sucks and the actual complete version of The Playroom will do nothing but crash at launch.

By the way, I know that door swings both ways and I think both camps should be checked for mental issues.
rainslacker  +   871d ago
If you travel down the middle of the road, you're bound to get hit from both directions.
Belking  +   872d ago
Greatness awaits right?
Espurr   872d ago | Spam
Skips  +   872d ago
"Greatness awaits...."

#26.2 (Edited 872d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
harbie   872d ago | Immature | show
Goku781  +   872d ago
Fix it Sony! You can't afford to fail remember !
Funantic1  +   872d ago
That's what 50% more power gets you...a 100% rushed console. The PS eye could have bad vision. Who's knows? Ya'll gonna be just as disappointed. Lol. Epic failure!
Nekroo91  +   872d ago
actually its a fail from the app not the console it self.
tarbis  +   871d ago
Indeed! It's far worst than running a game on PC then passing it as running on Xbone.
AutoCad  +   872d ago
lmao fail.
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