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Submitted by Liam2382 874d ago | opinion piece

Japan……be more Japanese

When I was growing up, everything good about video games seemed to come from Japan. It wasn’t just videogames either, technology wise, Japan, or more specifically, Tokyo, always felt like another planet. The bright lights, the tech stores, the arcades, it was the stuff of dreams. Those days are arguably long gone, but a return to the glory days of Japanese video game development isn't unthinkable. (Culture)

ritsuka666  +   875d ago
Japan is lagging dangerously behind the West in regards to video game development'

Well, welcome for 2006.
redwin  +   875d ago
It's always been back and forth with everything. First it was us that were better then they were better and now it's us again. They'll comeback. We learn from each other .
Hufandpuf  +   874d ago
Japan needs to step it up. But also too the Japanese gamers need to show their support. The biggest market for games there is handheld and mobile games. In turn Japanese Devs have trouble finding a market to sell new IPs and risk losing profit because their audience just isn't there.
Heisenburger  +   874d ago
They have the right to play whatever they wish to play.
SegaGamer  +   874d ago
The only problem i have right now with Japan is SEGA, they need to show more respect to their fans.
Hicken  +   874d ago
I would say Capcom over Sega. And Square Enix hasn't exactly been on the A-game recently, either.

The problem is that, suddenly, the things that made Japanese games unique are suddenly being seen in a negative light. Not by Japanese gamers, but by us here in the West. The hallmark quirks of Japanese titles are now "old" or "perverted" or any of a dozen other adjectives meant to make the games look bad.

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