4X Space-Strategy Game Horizon Enters Beta: New Trailer/Screens

Iceberg Interactive has just announced that L3O Interactive’s Horizon 4X space-strategy title has just entered beta, and can now be played via Steam’s Early Access program.

Fans of deep strategy games will surely appreciate the level of control that Horizon offers burgeoning Galactic Commanders. Gamers will be tasked with discovering new planets, colonizing them, and then using its newfound alien technology to turn the newly formed colony into a galactic center for trade. This is only part of the Horizon puzzle though. Gamers will also have to defend their colonies and trade centers with massive fleets of space faring vessels with ship-to-ship tactical combat.

To learn more about Horizon and the changes that its beta introduces, head on down past the break. You can also view its latest trailer and a few new screenshots.

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