A new power is rising: what should Sony do?

A personal article on TheSixthAxis discussing the rise of PC-centric games on consoles, and what Sony should do about fighting back with original games from Japanese developers - the ones that made the PS2 such a success.

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LastDance3807d ago

A unique written article. I whole heartidly agree.

He cleverly hates on the xbox alot in the article, but its done in such a fasion, fanboys probably wont notice.

Horny Melon3807d ago

the bias there could you? It only took up the first four paragraphs.

I play games primarily on the console. Because nothing worth building a new rig has come out for the PC. When I play games like UT3 and Oblivion on the console, I long for my computer and it's limitless mod abilities.

The smut is good too.

Good read.

Fishy Fingers3807d ago

As its source is a PS3 site, bias is to be expected. So it should always be taken with a grain of salt if it contradicts your opinion.

Iamback3807d ago

Sony will make games for both groups. Isnt that what Sony is famous for?
Its not like xbox (and 360) having reputation as FPS console. Sony makes all genres. Just wait and see, E3 and Sony gamers day will blow people away.

Dark General3807d ago

I liked the article a nice bit of satire mixed in with opinion. Good read and i agree with him on some points (IE: SONY shouldn't concentrate as much on shooters as they are doing now).

resistance1003807d ago

They aren't however thats the thing, Sony are only making 2 shooters Killzone and Socom and both are games which were on PS2 as well so its not like they are new franchises.

Other Ps3 shooters, UT3, HAZE, Resistance AREN'T made by Sony.

Dark General3806d ago

Actually resistance is done by sony (by Insomniac the same dudes that does Ratchet and Clank) they also paid for exclusive right for Haze and UT3. Remember last year at E3 they said they made a deal with both devs to get both of exclusive? So yeah i do think they are focusing on FPS's. In the same Vein MS is going after RPG's. Each company is going after what the other company did well last generation as far as game genres.

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