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Time Splitters 2 HD Remake Possible

Free Radical boss Dave Doak says to PSM3 that they are think to remake Time Splitters 2.

No platform has been announced yet

To make sure that Time splitters 2 HD become reality you must send an e-mail to this address to show your support

psm3@futurenet.co.uk?subject=Splitters HD (Culture, PS3, Time Splitters 2 HD, Xbox 360)

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BilI Gates  +   2513d ago
Wii maybe. FR have been talking about wanting to work with the Wii.

Edit: Nvm, Wii = Not HD.
heyheyhey  +   2513d ago
NO IT WASNT!!!! stop spinning the articles

seriously, all it said was that if there's enough interest generated- Dave Doak would do it

which naturally means that i will be living on PSM3's inbox asking for it, signing every single petition i find and make one myself and attempt ot get it on prime-time television

TS2 FTW!!!!! best shooter last gen BAR NONE (well, maybe Halo)

it was just filled with maniacal genius, especially in the challenge mode (i mean have you ever played a game that asked you to smash all the windows in a map with a brick?)

and the way the missions were so varied, and the weapons and the frantic split-screen action- and the controls were so Goldeneye-like which worked out perfectly

TS2 is THE reason im so pumped up for Haze- well that and 4-player co-op

so please people, do your best to make it happen
heyheyhey  +   2513d ago
ok good you changed the title

now lets get e-mailing people, make this happen
Sir Ken Kutaragi 1  +   2513d ago
I got 100% in the game!;-D +TS1 & TS3(F.Perfect) 100% ;)
TS2 is the best ever Console FPS Ever!;-P
(i do like GoldenEye & Perfect Dark tho, made by the Best people who went to FRD) ;)
Can't wait for HaZe to!;-P

(+the TS2 4 player split-screen off-line mode is 1000% times better than Halo)
(Hope i don't get banned for saying that???) ;)
prunchess  +   2513d ago
I totally agree with everything you wrote above.
I really loved that game and Future Perfect. Free Radical are top class when it comes to first person shooters. Can't wait for HAZE!
SickNick85  +   2513d ago
i Think it's for Ps3 because he says this at PSM...but i change because time splitters 2 was a Multi-platform
predator  +   2513d ago
it doesnt matter what mag its in, prob be multi plat which everyone wins.
paul_war  +   2513d ago
Both TS2 & TS4 on one big blu-ray please.
heyheyhey  +   2513d ago
Vip3r  +   2513d ago
I'd love it if they remade all TS games in HD. I'd certianly buy them.
Yi-Long  +   2513d ago
Time Splitters 2 had the weird aiming system, right!?
... I'd prefer a HD remake of Time Splitters (3) Future Perfect.
Ben1054  +   2513d ago
Eu Ps Store has been updated
Eu Ps Store has been updated just to let you know.
sorry for off topic, but im excited i just got MGO and Broken Mirrow
Truplaya  +   2513d ago
Good to hear a new Timesplitters is coming out, but i wish it was a new one, not just a remake, that's lazy
dragunrising  +   2513d ago
How about Timesplitters 3
If there is talk about timesplitters 2 coming out I don't think we can anticipate Timesplitters 3 for a while. Kind of a shame considering many placed the previous versions to death. New is good. Even with HD visuals the age of the game will show. Visuals aren't the only thing that improves with time.
marcellizot  +   2513d ago
Jesus must we have all these remakes? Has the ideas barrel really been scraped dry?

Here's one:

A mad scientist crosses a mongoose with a paper shredder which promptly sets about terrorizing New York. You play square jawed muscle bound simpleton, Dikk Punn, who must track down the abomination of nature and beat it to death with a cucumber.

There, easy.

EDIT: For the record I Like TS2 but if you want to play it again so badly then why not just get your PS2 out of the cupboard?
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Yi-Long  +   2513d ago
I diagree...
... because there have been many MANY GREAT games made in the past, that are now unplayable because of broken consoles, bad graphics, out of date programming, etc... but really deserve to be experienced again by new and old generations.

Think of games like Monkey Island 1 and 2, or Turrican, or Sonic 1 and 2.
I would love to be able to play games like that in gorgeous updated HD graphics!

And slightly newer games, like the PS1 and 2 classics, and dreamcast classics, and xbox1 classics etc. Imagine Zelda or Mario in full HD, or Shenmue... or the first 2 God of War games.

I never owned a PS1 or 2, so there are games I missed out on, and would love to revisit in glorious HD.

If done well, and sold at an affordable budgetprice, I think it's very desirable. Plus it's a good way for studios to give their new young employees a chance to proof themselfs.
TheJBag  +   2513d ago
I freaking hope so
Timeplitters was the one of, if not the best fps series of the last generation (well half life 2 and halo too)

a remake of this classic would be amazing.

although i would have to beat it 100% again
i hope this would implement xbl and psn play!
andron666  +   2513d ago
PSM3 were hoping for a PSN version of TS2....
That would be great. But FR are developing TS3 right now, so I doubt it will happen soon.
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I Call 9MM  +   2512d ago
Ah Timesplitters 2, the game I only paid 1 cent for on ebay (that wasn't my minimum bid, just nobody else bid on it, lol. Well, 8 bucks for shipping so you know the guy put some money in his pocket after that). I wouldn't mind seeing this game come out on XBLA or PSN. touch up the visuals a bit and it could be fun, though I would rather Timesplitters 3 but that is personal preference.
BlackIceJoe  +   2512d ago
I would love to see this on Xbox Live or PSN because then more companys might do this with old games too and I did like Time Splitters 2 so I hope this happens. I know this would be a day one buy.
KyonoRocks  +   2512d ago
I did prefer Timesplitters 2 to TS3, felt a lot more fun.

If this happens on the 360 you better watch out for my Ilsa Nadir + Tactical 12 Gauge + Chinese Level. It's unstoppable :D

(Chinese is the best level designed in any FPS I've ever played)
ghostman123  +   2512d ago
IF this is from PSM3, then does that mean we wouldn't be seeing this on 360?

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