Time Splitters 2 HD Remake Possible

Free Radical boss Dave Doak says to PSM3 that they are think to remake Time Splitters 2.

No platform has been announced yet

To make sure that Time splitters 2 HD become reality you must send an e-mail to this address to show your support

[email protected]?subject=Splitters HD

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BilI Gates3841d ago

Wii maybe. FR have been talking about wanting to work with the Wii.

Edit: Nvm, Wii = Not HD.

heyheyhey3841d ago

NO IT WASNT!!!! stop spinning the articles

seriously, all it said was that if there's enough interest generated- Dave Doak would do it

which naturally means that i will be living on PSM3's inbox asking for it, signing every single petition i find and make one myself and attempt ot get it on prime-time television

TS2 FTW!!!!! best shooter last gen BAR NONE (well, maybe Halo)

it was just filled with maniacal genius, especially in the challenge mode (i mean have you ever played a game that asked you to smash all the windows in a map with a brick?)

and the way the missions were so varied, and the weapons and the frantic split-screen action- and the controls were so Goldeneye-like which worked out perfectly

TS2 is THE reason im so pumped up for Haze- well that and 4-player co-op

so please people, do your best to make it happen

heyheyhey3841d ago

ok good you changed the title

now lets get e-mailing people, make this happen

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13841d ago

I got 100% in the game!;-D +TS1 & TS3(F.Perfect) 100% ;)
TS2 is the best ever Console FPS Ever!;-P
(i do like GoldenEye & Perfect Dark tho, made by the Best people who went to FRD) ;)
Can't wait for HaZe to!;-P

(+the TS2 4 player split-screen off-line mode is 1000% times better than Halo)
(Hope i don't get banned for saying that???) ;)

prunchess3841d ago

I really loved that game and Future Perfect. Free Radical are top class when it comes to first person shooters. Can't wait for HAZE!

SickNick853841d ago

i Think it's for Ps3 because he says this at PSM...but i change because time splitters 2 was a Multi-platform

predator3841d ago

it doesnt matter what mag its in, prob be multi plat which everyone wins.

paul_war3841d ago

Both TS2 & TS4 on one big blu-ray please.

Vip3r3841d ago

I'd love it if they remade all TS games in HD. I'd certianly buy them.

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The story is too old to be commented.