A new Gundam arrives

Less than few months after Gundam Battle Chronicle, Bandai Namco announces a new game called Gundam Battle Universe.

New mechs, news skills, new features for story mode are scheduled. Some images are available right now....

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GutZ313718d ago

Hmm, scans do nothing for it, will have to wait and see.

BLuKhaos3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Nice I hope they make a Gundam 00 game for the PSP or PS3.

Tyrael3718d ago

Has there ever been a good Gundam game? I've never played one and i'd like to pick one up...

BLuKhaos3718d ago

Well there was MS Gundam The one year war for PS2 but that game only came out in Japan.

Rain3718d ago

I know two good Gundam games : Mobile Suit Z-Gundam : AEUG Vs. Titans (PS2) and Gundam Battle Chronicle (PSP).

Charlie26883718d ago

Actually Mobile Suit Gundam VS Z Gundam was pretty good too

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