PS4 Call of Duty: Ghosts Prestige edition bundle appears

If your after Call of Duty: Ghosts and a Playstation 4, UK retailer GAME are currently advertising a bundle for a deposit of £20.

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-Foxtrot1671d ago

It actually gives you a season pass....thats what all Collectors editions should be doing these days

Actually to be honest, they should include a master DLC code to download ALL content. If your paying a lot of money, supporting a dev by buying their CE then you should get all the DLC free...even pre order DLC

Deathdeliverer1671d ago

I agree with you to the highest degree. I haven't been into COD since Modern Warfare 2 so I won't be getting the game or the collectors edition but I do have a question for you fans. How was the Night Vision goggles that came with one of them? I always wondered the quality of it. Hell if I didn't know any better I would thing the developers were making a team of spys or peeping toms. NVG? Check. Remote drone? Check. Now a little recorder to put on said drone? Check. Maybe its a stalker/ rape kit. Chloroform confirmed for the next COD CE.

xKugo1671d ago

No thank you.
Been done with them ever since the good days of COD ended with MW2. My PS4 deserves better.

inforticles1671d ago

This game is realy great the black ops 3 also very best but this version really change the idea

Starbucks_Fan1671d ago

I got this for $120 from Best Buy on pre order, which seems a pretty fair price to me.

neoMAXMLC1671d ago

"If your after"


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